Albert Azaryan. The life path of the 11-time USSR champion in gymnastics

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In the world of sports, there are many stories about heroes. Those who repeatedly won the coveted pedestal, became a legend. Films were filmed about them, and everyone knew their names. Dizzying success is a great service. Exhausting training, a dynamic lifestyle without rest and rest - only in this way you can achieve high results. The name of Albet Azaryan is heard by everyone. He is a man who managed to win not only gold at the Olympics, but also the hearts and love of many people. The interesting fate of a great athlete deserves attention.

albert azaryan

Merit and awards

The hero of the article you can see in the photo. Albert Azaryan managed to achieve a lot in his life. Before you, his merits and awards:

  • The period from 1952 to 1962. - eleven times champion of the USSR (eight times of which in exercises on rings).
  • 1954 - world champion.
  • 1958 - world champion.
  • 1954 - Honored Master of Sports of the USSR.
  • 1956 - champion of the Olympic Games.
  • 1960 - the champion of the Olympic Games.
  • 1966 - Honored coach of the Armenian SSR.
  • 1967 - Honored Worker of Sport and Physical Culture of the Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic.
  • 1970 - a judge of the international category.
  • 2000 - according to the version of sports journalists - the best Armenian athlete of the 20th century.
  • 2004 and 2008 - the flag bearer from Armenia at the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games, which took place in Athens and Beijing respectively.
  • He received a well-deserved award - the Order of the Red Banner of Labor.
  • He was awarded the Order of the Badge of Honor.

At present he is the head of the Gymnastics Federation in Armenia.

Albert Azarian gymnast

Albert Azaryan: biography

Many know the name of Azaryan Albert. His path was not easy. Honor, worldwide fame and respect came to him for a reason. His life began in the small village of Gandzaki. It was there that on February 11, 1929, a great gymnast was born. However, the family did not stay in this village for a long time and soon moved to Kirovakan. Due to vital circumstances, this place also had to be abandoned soon, and in 1947 the Azaryan family moved to Yerevan.

Childhood of the boy passed in crossings and constantadaptation to new places. As a teenager, Albert lost his father. The boy was only 15 years old when the breadwinner of the family left the life. To live, the family needed money. And since the head of the family was gone, the young man had to get a job. A heavy burden was placed on his young shoulders by a young man. At that time there was no easy work. Every adult had to work hard and hard. As for teenagers, it was extremely difficult for them to find a job. However, Albert Azaryan did not despair and got a job in the smithy. He was taken as an apprentice. Work took the first half of the day, and the second he went to school with evening training. Apparently, the hard work of the assistant blacksmith made itself felt. The boy had a good physical development already since adolescence. After all, it was such loads that allowed Azaryan to become physically stronger. Already in his teens, the boy became interested in wrestling and weightlifting.

In 1947 the All-Union parade of physical culture in the capital of the USSR, Moscow, started. Young Albert Azaryan took part in it. The sports theme has taken hold of the mind of the future gymnast, and he decides to tie his destiny with the world of sports. After reaching the age of 19, Azaryan enters the technical school of the physical culture. However, this is not enough. A couple of years later, a new school opens in Yerevan, the Yerevan State Institute of Physical Culture. It seems that fate itself favors the future Olympian. In it, Azaryan does. He graduated from this educational institution Albert in 1956.

photo Albert Azaryan

1955, London

Albert Azaryan is a gymnast who climbedcareer ladder deserved and confident. International competitions, held in 1955, became the next page in the history of the success of the great gymnast. However, not all so simple. Albert was worried and worried. Any competition he perceived responsibly and with excitement.

The trainer of the gymnast, knowing that because of thisAlbert can give slack, decided to go to the trick. Before the performance, Albert heard from him such words: "Well done Azaryan! You liked our consul. So you will go to competitions in Frankfurt. You do not have to worry about today's competition. Just show the audience how you can, and please us with a good performance. " Such words inspired the gymnast with self-confidence, and the unrest receded into the background. Cheered and strengthened in spirit, Albert took the honorable second place. The secret was the fact that no consul existed. And to go to Frankfurt could only those athletes who would take the first and second places. Clever coach was confident in the victory of Albert, so I decided to go for a trick that, as it turned out, helped bring in the treasury of the gymnast London silver.

film rings of glory Albert Azaryan

Amazing competitions in Frankfurt

The competitions held in Frankfurt werestriking. Albert could surprise himself and surprise the whole world. The fact is that Albert, throughout the championship lagged behind the leading positions. Even the organizers of the championship were sure that Albert would not be able to see the first places. Relying on these speculations, the medals that were to be handed to the top three prize winners were prepared in advance. Even engravings with the names of athletes were pre-painted on them. However, everything went wrong! Azaryan, who previously occupied a tenth place, unexpectedly for all at the last moment took the leading first. This surprised not only all spectators and the judging staff, but the gymnast himself did not expect such a thing from himself. Apparently, at the last moment all the hidden opportunities and talents of the gymnast were activated, which allowed to reduce the distance and wrest the victory from the hands of others.

Roman Winner

The 1960 Olympic Games took place in Rome. It was a triumphant performance! The audience whistled and cried with delight. Thousands of voices congratulated the great athlete. His performance made a furor in the sports world. After all, he showed by his example that there is no limit to the development of human capabilities.

However, this might not have been. Before the start of the performances, a team of Soviet athletes trained in Sukhumi. Azaryan in the qualifying competitions could not score a single point. After such a blatant failure, he stopped his training. Trainers, puzzled by this behavior, decided not to send an athlete to the competition. "You could not type a single point here. What can you get in there? Do not be in the team of our Olympic team. "

Such words touched the pride of the gymnast, and in spite ofHe decided to show everyone that he can do much more. "I will score 57.5 points, and I will return the lost points." Such confidence was justified. After all, the gymnast confirmed his words with deed. The next day he dialed the numbers. This allowed him to snatch a trip to the competitions in Rome. And then there was a triumph. Two gold brought the Soviet team a legendary athlete.

albert azaryan biography

"Rings of Fame" - gold rings by Albert Azaryan

Heroes love to praise and chant. And this is not done for the sake of flattery. Such heroes as Azaryan, serve as a worthy example for all generations. Great strength of spirit, excellent physical preparation, hard work and endless training - the path of the great Olympic athlete. We, his fans and followers, can only admire and be proud of such a wonderful person. The name of this gymnast-virtuoso entered the history of world sports.

In the cinema they decided to capture in their own wayglory of Azaryan. In 1955 it was decided to make a film about the fate of Albert. Yury Yerzhinkian expressed his wish to shoot the picture. Such an idea was to my liking, and in 1960 the film "The Rings of Glory" was released on the screens of Soviet TVs. Albert Azaryan personally played the main role in it. The film was loved right away. After all, it was a tape not about a fictional super-hero, but about a real person. Biographical tape reflected all the way to the success of the legendary man.

The film became a hit. The name of Albert Azaryan was heard by everyone. People who had nothing to do with sports were admired and proud of the gymnast. Many admired the tight and beautiful figure of the sportsman. People named him the career of a well-known actor, because the appearance allowed Azaryan to become the favorite of the female audience. But such fame was alien to him. He was attracted not by shooting and films, but by gymnastic rings and training. Therefore, after the completion of his career, he remained in the sport, but already as a coach.

albert vagharshakovich azaryan

A rich heritage

Albert decided not to stop there. After the end of his career, he decided to help the children and opened a sports school in Yerevan. It still exists and continues to function. Any children can be trained in it. The most important thing is the desire to work. Many sportsmen came from this school, who achieved good results in the world of sports. Famous sportswoman Sofya Ghukasyan won the gold of the Olympic Games more than once. She became a master of sports and a deserved athlete in artistic gymnastics and acrobatics. Currently holds a position of coach at the school. Azaryan.

Total in this school were sports trainingmore than 8000 thousand athletes. And every year this figure is growing. A lot of worthy people came out from under Azarian's wing: Eduard Azaryan, Honored Master of Sports of the USSR, Norayr Sarksyan is a master of sports in the international class, and many others.

albert azaryan


The name of this man was not only an example inworld of sport. He is an example of patriotism. During his career, Albert Vaharshakovich Azaryan visited 49 countries of the world. At one time he worked for three years in Holland. But my heart was drawn to my homeland. Despite the persuasion, he returned to his native country, where he lives to this day.

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