Fraction on a hare. Success depends on training

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Hunting for a hare is interesting and quite affordableoccupation. The cost of the tour is small, a smooth-bore gun is suitable for hunting, the habitat is so wide that the animal can be found practically in any region of Russia.


What shot to shoot a hare

Even in Soviet reference books for hunters and innotes to the cartridges indicated the most suitable number of fractions per hare, but materials change, conditions of hunting and weapons capabilities change. Each hunter, depending on his experience, develops rules for himself.

In accordance with the handbook, the most effective use of fractions from 1 to 4 in autumn and winter on a fox, raccoon dog, capercaillie (young), hare, black grouse, duck of all breeds and sizes.

what shot to shoot a hare

Many prefer a smaller fraction and multiply chargeda gun to take a hare at a greater distance. Hunters, who slaughter cartridges, use various tricks to increase the accuracy of the fraction. The most well-known method is a polyethylene sleeve with a concentrator and a large shot (not smaller than No. 2), strewn with starch. Nevertheless, ruthless statistics say that from a distance of more than 55 m, either a podrenka or a miss is obtained.

Hunting for a hare in different seasons

The opinion that hares are not strong on the wound, has a lotfollowers. But even a hare, not fully dressed in a winter coat, with the hit of a pellet in the heart can run a few tens of meters until the heart breaks. It's better to leave it alone, and then go on the blood trail.

In the autumn, hunters prefer the top threehare, the average version of the range of combat and penetration. In the winter, however, opinions differ radically, they are used from one to five. A fraction of a rabbit No. 1 and No. 2 produces a dubious effect, not all pellets will reach, and two or three beasts will be able to carry away in themselves.

12th or 16th caliber

In fact, this is not so important. Whichever time goes hunting, no matter what fraction of the hare you are more accustomed to, shots with 15-25 m of a half-hock or a cylinder will be effective. Chok is a certain design of the gun barrel. It narrows or expands in its length, to reduce or increase the scatter of the fraction. To determine initially what effect this or that trunk will give, it is not possible. It is necessary to check the weapons on the stand.

Fraction on a hare

Hare - the animal is very fast and shuganoe,Young animals can still be caught almost at point-blank range, but adults do not get to that much. Semiautomatic machines will not give much advantage, more than two shots can be made rarely. Enough bifurcation, the second charge will finish off the podrank. But a fraction of a hare is not even half the success

Technique of shooting on hares

The correct number of fractions per hare is notwill provide the result. You can have excellent eyesight and the most expensive gun, but regularly smear on the hunt. Hunters write off their mistakes on weapons, on the conditions of shooting and only in the last turn think about their technique. But the observance of several simple rules will greatly simplify the process of hunting, and the fraction on the hare is the last in this list.

  • How comfortable it is in the hands of a gun.
  • Which eye is the main one, right or left.
  • It is necessary to shoot a gun to know the power of bestowal and use corrections to the sight.
  • The weight of the gun and its dimensions should correspond to the hunter's complexion.

As fast as the fraction of a rabbit flew, remember,that in this short period of time he will have time to move to 1-1.5 m. Shoot is ahead of the curve. If the hare runs to the hunter, then the shot is produced in the legs of the animal, if you are flanked, the sight is slightly ahead of the head. When the hare leaves, the shot is made by the ears, between, the so-called slingshot or Roman number V.

number of a fraction per hare

What shot to shoot a hare, in the end, you decide. In winter, even a nouveau is used for a hare. But as long as there is no experience and not enough of your own observations to draw a conclusion, use a small fraction on the hare. Small and beats further and is quite capable of penetrating the skin of the eared, 5-6 pellets stop both the bird and the small game. The smaller the fraction, the more certain the success, especially if you do not have a hunting dog, the likelihood of a porn is high. The hunting dog greatly diversifies the process of hunting, because he sees and hears what is inaccessible to man. If you still do not have such a true friend - think about it. Do not ruin the game for nothing. After all, even a wounded hare can get into the weeds so that without a dog it will be impossible to find it.

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