Dirk Nowitzki: career, family, sporting achievements

Sport and fitness

Dirk Nowitzki - a successful German basketball player,which became famous for the whole world performances in the NBA. Born June 19, 1978 in the city of Würzburg, which at that time was part of the FRG, and now belongs to the Bavarian region. Currently, Dirk Nowitzki has the status of the best author of three-point shots in the history of American basketball among white players.

early years

Dirk Nowitzki rise
Dirk Nowitzki grew up in a sports family. His sister and mother played for German basketball teams on a professional level. However, at first, the young guy preferred to play handball and tennis. True love for basketball Dirk was able to instill his first coach - Holger Geschwinder, who revealed his best qualities.

Dirk Nowitzki - basketball player, which received the statusa professional player already at the age of 16. At this time, the player made his debut in the game for the club from his hometown of Würzburg, who fought for the championship in the second division of the FRG. In less than a few months, Dirk was in the starting lineup. At the end of the first season, the player was awarded the title of the most productive author of shots from a long distance. Much thanks to the achievements of the young playmaker in the 1997/1998 season, the club from Würzburg managed to move to the Major League.

Starting a career in the NBA

Dirk Nowitzki
At the end of 1998, Dirk Nowitzki receivedan invitation from the American club "Milwaukee Bucks", who at that time spoke in the National Basketball Association. Later, the management of the team decided to make money on a young talent, selling it for a decent amount in the Dallas Mavericks. Here Dirk Nowitzki was offered the first long-term contract, calculated for 6 years. In the subsequent agreement between the player and the team was repeatedly extended. Thus, Dirk Nowitzki to this day remains one of the old-timers "Dallas Mavericks" and the most successful player in the history of the club.


Dirk Nowitzki, whose growth is 213 cm,is an extremely active, multifaceted player of the attack line, which looks amazing for a basketball player with similar dimensions. Equally effectively, he plays on the positions of both the ramming striker and the point guard.

The percentage of realization of various shots from Dirk Nowitzki is as follows:

  • three-pointers - 38.0%;
  • penalties - 87.5%;
  • two-point - 47.5%.

According to statistics, on average for the match Dirkearns for the team more than 25 points and makes about 10 rebounds. A personal record in terms of performance player established in the match, "Dallas Mavericks" against "Houston Rockets" on December 2, 2004, celebrating with 53 points. At the moment, Nowitzki is on the list of the top 25 scorers in the history of the NBA.

National team appearances

Dirk Nowitzki wife
Career in the German national team began for Dirk Nowitzki at the European Basketball Championship in 1991. It was here that the player was able to fully demonstrate his hidden "sniper" talents.

In 2002, Nowitzki was awarded the title of the bestplayer of the World Championship, and in 2005 - European Championships. This allowed Dirk to become a respected sportsman in Germany and get the right to be the standard-bearer of his Olympic team at the Beijing Olympics, which took place in 2008.

Personal life

To part with a free bachelor lifethe player decided in 2012. Whom did Dirk Nowitzki choose as his chosen one? The wife of the German superstar - Jessica Olsson, has Kenyan roots. Then the 31-year-old girl was the deputy director of the Dallas Art Gallery. Currently, the pair is still together.

Player's talents

dirk novitski basketball player
Nowitzki is a basketball player of the universalRole. It would seem that with his growth the player should be exclusively on the position of the center. However, an impressive muscle mass makes it possible for Dirk to win in the power struggle from the enemy, being in a three-second zone.

As already noted earlier, Nowitzki possesseshigh accuracy when performing shots from a long distance. For this reason, the problem of any coach who has to develop a strategy for playing against a basketball player is his neutralization on a three-point arc. In practice, Dirk is able to freely receive even the most difficult balls on the outskirts of the opponent's ring in almost every case, if the player acts against him a few centimeters below.

The center "Dallas Mavericks" with equal efficiency performs throws half-hooks from an average distance and turns on 180about when you are at the opponent's shield. At the same time, Nowitzki, without any problems, gets the upper hand over the oversized opponents of the same growth due to the high speed of movement on the site. All this is supplemented by confident dribbling, the ability to perform complex technical elements with both right and left hand.


Dirk Nowitzki is a player who owes hissuccess to huge diligence. This is his pedantic "German" attitude to the matter. Thanks to a set of impressive muscle mass, the basketball player is one of the most successful talant forwards in the NBA, while remaining an extremely productive player in performing long-range shots.

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