Russian swimmer Sadovy Yevgeny Viktorovich: biography, family, records

Sport and fitness

From a guy who grew up without a father, no one's nothingspecial did not expect. In his 18 years, Zhenya receives 2 gold medals in Athens, in 1991, swimming at a distance of 400 m and relay 4 x 200. So, among the great Soviet athletes a new one - Sadovy Yevgeny Viktorovich. Swimming for him was the meaning of life. He beat records, received medals and impressed the public with his endurance until the end of his sports career. Sadovy was born in the small town of Volzhsky in 1973. The boy had a very weak physique, so it was decided to give it to a swimming circle, where he could become stronger and stronger.

garden eugeny Victorovich

Way to success

Sadovy Yevgeny begins to visitswimming pool from 6 years. In 1981, he and his mother moved to the city of Volgograd. From the first day in school, the guy is enrolled in a local swimming club, where the children begin to win in the pool, who are already studying the basics of this sport for 3-4 years. It was at this point that he noticed the famous Soviet coach Viktor Avdienko, who begins to deal with Zhenya. Garden simply struck with his endurance and easily won the famous champions of swimming in the territory of the Soviet Union. Already in 19 years, Eugene Viktorovich is a member of the team of athletes at the Olympic Games in Barcelona. The victory was very difficult, but Zhenya rose to the pedestal on a par with such well-known names as Christina Egerszeki and Nicole Heislett. But this was not the main achievement either. On this day, the record of Cyrene Perkins, whose portrait adorned the hall of fame in Australia, was beaten by Sadov. It was a real miracle, Eugene beat Cyrene at a distance of 400 meters for as much as 1.47 seconds, that in the world of sports - a very large gap. After that, Yevgeny Viktorovich regularly climbed the national pedestal, leaving far behind his rivals.

Russian swimmer

"Krol" in a new way

Viktor Avdienko not only developed his abilitiesGarden physically, but also invented a variety of "tricks" that would allow him to win. And the so-called "sliding technique", which was coined and mastered by Eugene and Viktor, became a visiting card of the athlete. A new "crawl" or, as it was called at that time, a new "world crawl" allowed Eugene to overcome the length of the pool for 33 strokes, while other athletes did it for as many as 56 strokes. Without a doubt, this had a very strong effect on the final result. Garden Yevgeny Victorovich won using the technique of the new "world rabbit", even with the condition that by the standards of swimmers, he had a very small growth of 1.88 m, but this still did not prevent Sadovoy from achieving success. Over the next few years, swimmers from all over the world gradually began to master the Sadovoy-Avdienko crook.

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Health problems

Exhausting training did not pass unnoticed. Sadovoi developed a syndrome of Kenyan runners. It is due to the fact that the heart simply does not feel the load and does not speed up its work. This could lead to a loss of consciousness due to hypoventilation. Eugene could even spend a day swimming in the pool without fatigue, but, unfortunately, the productivity of the results fell. A signal to the fact that it's time to leave the sport was the new year of 1996. Then Zhenya met the New Year in the family of Denis Pankratov and his wife Olga Kirichenko. And, as the sportsman himself says: "I did not want to fall asleep and miss the New Year celebration, so I drank a cup of coffee" - the weakened heart of the Kenyan runners syndrome could not stand a large dose of caffeine, and that same night Viktor Avdiyenko called from the hospital department, reported the fact that Evgeni Viktorovich is in serious condition. It is for this reason that the athlete did not get to the competition in Atlanta, where, he said, he could easily win.

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About Phelps

Sadovy Yevgeny Viktorovich himself understood perfectly well,that he trains much more persistently and "better" than many of his compatriots. But what was his surprise when, at the World Cup in Moscow, the swimmer saw how Michael Phelps trains, who literally swam about 30 km in training mode in just 2 days. Such stubbornness and stamina was not seen even by the Garden. Russian swimmer Yevgeny Sadovy began to study the methods and tactics of Phelps' work, and significantly improved his performance. And although for a long time he was tortured to convince him that Phelps accepts "magic pills" as they were called in the USSR, the Soviet swimmer knew perfectly well that this was the result of training, balanced nutrition and correct regime. But, unfortunately, it was already not so important, because the end of the career of Sadovoy was not far off.

Coaching activities

After the doors of the big sport were closedbefore Eugene, he did not drop his hands and continued to walk into the pool, but not as a swimmer, but as a coach. Since 1996, the team of Volga swimmers has started training, but it lasted a very short time, since in 1998 Sadovy receives the highest coaching category, after which he begins to train athletes from the Russian national team, prepares them for world-class competitions. He works in tandem with his coach Viktor Borisovich Avdiyenko. Under their leadership, world-famous swimmers such as Sergey Ostapchuk, world-class master of sports, silver medalist of the 1993 Olympic Games among boys, Ekaterina Kibalo, also a master of sports of international class and bronze prize-winner of the 1999 Olympics.

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Sadovyj Evgeniy Viktorovich: records

It is necessary to agree that the most successful yearfor the athlete was 1992, namely the Olympics in Barcelona. There, the Garden not only took the gold on several swimmers, but also broke many records. Some of them are not beaten today. It is worth noting and the swimmer's eagerness to win. Even after a heart attack in 1996, he comes to his senses and tries to start back his sports career, but, alas, Evgenie's health again leads. Despite this, the athlete does not regret for a second that he chose this path.

garden eugeny Victorovich

Sadovy Yevgeny Viktorovich: family

In any source, you can easily findinformation about the athlete himself and his achievements, but that is closed from outside eyes, so this is the personal life of a swimmer. After Eugene leaves the big sport, he opens his small business. But this business and has not started to bring stable incomes, since his mother - Irina Sadovaya, becomes a victim of scammers and starts lending big sums of money to solve this problem. In this connection, the ex-sportsman sells his part in business and pays his bills. And only after this incident, Yevgeny Sadovy agrees to the proposal of Muammar Gaddafi to become the coach of his swimming team. Shortly before that, he makes an offer to his girlfriend Svetlana, who becomes his wife. In 2001, when Eugene coached the Libyan national team before the next competition, he was informed by news, which simply dumbfounded the coach - he had a son, whom David's family would call Davyd. Now David is 15 years old and he is swimming, just like his father. Say something more about the Garden family can not, they live exactly the same as most of the Volgograd families.

That's how the Russian swimmer Eugene ViktorovichGarden for his short sports career entered the history of world sports. Athletes swimmers from all over the world were equal to him. The man devoted himself to sports and became truly great.

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