Ball games in nature - benefit for children and adults

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When summer comes, the long-awaited time of warmth,sun and picnics, people try to take advantage of the opportunity to spend time outdoors in a good company or just to relax with the whole family. But, going for such walks, and even more so with children, it is important to plan not only eating shish kebabs, but also exciting ball games that will decorate leisure and make it unforgettable.

ball games
Just imagine, what a pleasurechildren will get it, playing together with adults. It will be a real holiday, full of positive emotions and memorable moments. Do not forget that mobile ball games are almost invaluable to the health, intellectual and physical development of not only the younger generation, but also adults. Activity of this kind develops coordination, eye, wit, skill. Plus, during the movement of a person working absolutely all groups of muscles and the body as a whole is activated. Holding the ball in the process of the game, grasping it or moving, develops orientation in space, the speed of reaction, the force is regulated. Ball games contribute to the increased work of such important organs as the lungs and the heart, improves metabolism.

A list of the benefits of such pastimeImpressive, is not it? Therefore, going to once again spend time outside the city, do not forget to take the ball with you, but for now you can think about what kind of games with the ball will be of interest to you and your children.

sports ball games
First of all, remember your childhood and the fun that delighted and amused you the most. Surely these memories still cause only joy, nostalgia and warmth.

For example, volleyball. The game is suitable for absolutely any age, and you can get pleasure from it either on the beach or on a forest glade. All participants form a circle, and then throw the ball to each other and beat it with their hands. Who could not or did not have time to catch, he, according to the rules, is eliminated from the game. If very young children also want to participate, it is better to simplify the process and not to beat the ball, but just to throw and catch it.

No less popular game has always been and will befootball. And the lack of a gate on the nature is not an excuse to abandon this game with the ball. In the woods, trees growing everywhere will serve as gates, and on the beach you can think of any conditional restrictions from improvised materials.

mobile ball games
For the youngest activists,entertainment called "Edible and inedible", which develops attention and expands the child's vocabulary. The driver must throw the ball in turn each player and call any word. If it indicates something edible, then you need to catch the ball, and otherwise discard it. During this game, even adults can have fun from the heart, because sometimes you can "eat" a car or a neighbor, but give up cake or sweets.

Any entertaining, mobile and sportsball games will bring adults and kids a lot of fun and positive, a lot of impressions. Above all, do not forget to bring the necessary sports equipment! And the presence of the camera during the rest will make bright and unique photos, which you will revise with warmth even after many years.

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