Tablet "Beeline" - the world's first brand from a mobile operator


Tablet computers entered our life withlightning speed. At first, these devices did not predict anything good in the mobile technology market, but as it turned out, they became much more popular than laptops and gained great success. Initially, it was promoted by Apple, but a little later began to develop tablets and other enterprises, and with a fundamentally different operating system. This state of affairs opened up great opportunities for mobile operators, who sought to create a brand-name device of their own manufacture.

tablet beeline

It should be noted that the "Beeline" tablet appeared onmarket much earlier than other branded devices of other operators. And not only in Russia, but throughout the world. At the same time, the device of MTS company was to appear, but it did not manage to solve the issue of its timely launch. Therefore, tablets "Beeline", the price of which at the time of issue was 13 thousand rubles, immediately began to enjoy great popularity. And given that the peak of sales fell in 2010, its layout was quite successful.

However, there is a small drawback thathas a "Beeline M2". The tablet is attached to SIM cards of the mobile operator, and for its unlocking it is necessary to go to the company salon or call to a certain phone number. Although for knowledgeable people such an action will not be difficult.

beeline m2 tablet

The parameters of the device, most likely, can be attributedto the budget class. It has a 600 MHz processor and a resistive screen. At the same time, from the flash memory, the user is provided with only 130 MB, which by today's standards is quite small. However, the "Beeline" tablet has its positive qualities. It is equipped with a fairly successful WI-FI-module and Bluetooth, which makes it much higher than some budget models. At the same time, it is able not only to receive Internet data via a SIM card, but also to distribute it using the functions of a router.

Another advantage that the tablet has"Beeline" is the presence of A-GPS and a camera at 3 MP. This number of additional functions makes this model very functional, and if it were not for a budget processor and a small amount of RAM, it could be called one of the best Russian mobile devices.

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Separately it is worth noting that the device hasa back cover that can be easily removed. In this case, the "Beeline" tablet provides access to the battery, which is made in a removable version. This is very convenient for long-term circulation, since it allows you to make a replacement.

It is important to note that user reviews of thisthe device is positive even in our time. The fact is that due to the large number of additional functions and the ability to work in 3G mode, it is often used for switching several tablets or computers through the WI-FI system. However, the lack of speed of the processor makes it obsolete and impractical, because it causes frequent hang-ups and failures. At the same time, considering its current price, the Beeline tablet feels fine in the category of budget mobile equipment.

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