Broadband PC speaker system: best models, review and feedback


Work, play and watch movies fora personal computer without acoustics is boring and uncomfortable. Even the owners of laptops sometimes think that the home speaker system will be very useful. The computer market is pretty dense with columns and all sorts of music gadgets, so the choice is not always obvious.

broadband speaker system

Let's try to designate a list, which includes the best 5.1 speaker systems. When compiling the rating, the opinions of specialists of this sphere and the responses of the usual owners of equipment were taken into account.

The best speaker systems for a computer:

  • Sven IHOO T100U;
  • Logitech Z906;
  • Microlab FC 730.

Let's consider each model in more detail, noting the main advantages and disadvantages of the system.

Sven IHOO T100U

This broadband speaker system looks likeuniversally and traditionally. Engineers did not become wiser and use some kind of know-how, but simply built shells from high-quality plywood. It turned out simply, but it is quite acceptable, especially since such a simple design fits into the interior of almost any room.

Home Speaker System

Home Speaker System "Sven" is equipped withconvenient remote control, from which you can control the main parameters, including adjust the high and low frequencies. The system also has additional functionality in the face of the FM tuner and music player with the ability to store data on a SD card or USB stick.

Equipment characteristics and owner opinions

The total power of the speaker reaches150 W, and due to this the sound at the output turns out to be very loud, and without any whistle or cacophony. The number of speakers provides the system with excellent panning, but for effective sounding, an accurate placement is necessary in the right places.

Advantages of the model:

  • universal column design;
  • good power;
  • possibility of connecting a SD card and USB flash drive;
  • FM tuner;
  • A clean and detailed sound.


  • too high price for the brand on home speakers.

Reviews about the model are left mainly inpositive key. Owners appreciated the high power of acoustics and the excellent sound at the output. Some, of course, complain about the cost of equipment, but experts convince us that the balance of price and quality is sustained in full.

Estimated cost - 15 000 rubles.

Logitech Z906

Logitech broadband loudspeakeris executed in strict "espionage" scale. Black as a night subwoofer, along with the same speakers, as if trying once again to not catch the eye of the owner. Nevertheless, many experts and users consider this coloring to be correct. It is enough to look at the ordinary performance of the system unit, keyboard or the same monitor - everything is painted black. And because acoustics simply merges with other desktop objects.

best speaker systems

Logitech's broadband speaker systemequipped with a convenient and fully functional remote control with a large number of buttons that allow you to adjust most of the basic parameters.

Distinctive features of the system

As for the sound, there are no complaints hereabsolutely none. The sound at the output turns out to be loud enough and really clean. Neighbors will often remember you with an unkind word for high-quality basses. If not for a very high price, then the system can be advised to almost any owner of a personal computer.

speaker system reviews

Also, the owners in their reviews notethe lack of even additional, but very useful functions, such as those of the previous respondent (FM tuner and an independent player). It turns out that the device just is idle when the computer is turned off.

The advantages of the model:

  • very high power for equipment of this class - 500 W;
  • clean and detailed sound at the output;
  • embedded system decoders (DTS and Dolby Digital);
  • quality and deep bass;
  • relatively small dimensions for computer peripherals;
  • long and strong cables.


  • unreasonable for many PC users price;
  • ambiguous design of columns;
  • lack of additional functionality.
  • Estimated cost - 35 000 rubles.

Microlab FC 730

This broadband speaker systemwas designed specifically for use in conjunction with a personal computer (although some are quite successful use it with the TV). A well-measured dimensions and a number of columns provide excellent panning.

Speaker power

Relatively small size will allowproblems to move from room to room. Pleases also the good power of the equipment, but nevertheless the basses, coupled with other frequencies, even at maximum loudness, will not interfere comfortably with the neighbors.

Features of the model and owner feedback

Included is a remote controlcontrol, which you can adjust most of the basic parameters. Most often, it collects dust somewhere in the side, because as a separate amplifier there are comfortable wheels for adjusting the sound. By the way, it is not superfluous to note that the amplifier is strikingly different from the other columns and has its own, though specific, but original color.

The main advantages of the model:

  • loud enough, detailed and clear sound;
  • long and strong cables;
  • universal design and small dimensions of columns;
  • The presence of a separate amplifier and its original appearance;
  • deep and high quality bass.

Disadvantages of the system:

  • The upper frequencies are poorly designed (additional equalization is necessary).

Owners warmly adopted the model FC 730 from"Microlab". In their reviews, they appreciated the sound quality of the system and the appearance of the equipment. Many were pleased with the bass and mid-range quality, but for listening to classical compositions, you have to fiddle with the equalizer to adjust the upper timbres. Estimated cost - 10 000 rubles.

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