Acoustic system DLS R6A: technical characteristics, description, advantages and disadvantages


The DLS R6A speaker system is one of thethe most popular systems of the Swedish company DLS. These devices are characterized by high-quality performance, the use of special components designed to provide high-quality sound (a tweeter with a silk diffuser and a midwoofer with a paper one).

dls r6a

Technical characteristics of the acoustic system DLS R6A:

- type - two-component acoustics;

- rated power - 80 W;

- maximum power - 120 W;

- sensitivity - 94 dB;

- reproducible frequency range - 35-20000 Hz;

- crossover: LPF, HPF;

- nominal resistance - 4 Ohm;

- installation depth - 76 mm;

- the size is 16.5 cm.

dls r6a bass

The speaker diffuser is made of non-pressedcellulose, which in addition is reinforced with carbon fiber, and the suspension is made of butyl rubber. Thanks to a powerful magnet, a large support system, and an improved voice coil, it provides stability and flexibility of playback at any signal strength at the output of the system and any musical styles. The dynamic heads of the DLS R6A speaker system have a carefully muffled basket made of pressed thick steel sheet. Magnets of speakers are protected by rubber rings from mechanical damages. The crossover casing is made of durable plastic with a transparent lid. The coils of inductance, which are used in the circuit, are wound with a thick copper wire, the tweeter signal reduction is four-step. The RF emitter placed in a plastic case belongs to the Ultimate Reference series. The frequency response of the speaker system has a decay at the upper end of the range, but it plays down exactly to 50 Hz. The crossover separation frequency is exactly 3000 Hz.

The advantages of the DLS R6A bass system includenatural and soft sound, powerful bass, good workmanship. Despite all the advantages, this equipment has its drawbacks, it's a big depth of installation and an oversized midwoofer.

When listening to this speaker systemhigh information content, as well as accuracy of transmission of the record. As for the nature of the sound, it can be called detailed and open. In it, the upper middle of the range is sufficiently worked out, which is explained by the correctly manufactured cellulose diffuser. The average bass is very deep and well assembled, it has a good terrain, but it does not reach the lower range.

dls r6a reviews

Opinions of audio users about the acoustic system DLSR6A is very different. Some argue that the device hesitantly reproduces the middle frequencies, while other consumers on the contrary claim that the system is an exemplary representative of the middle class. However, both of them still agree that this is a very reliable and high-quality equipment. As the independent tests carried out with the acoustic device DLS R6A show, the feedback from audiophiles is absolutely accurate: the system is well designed, has a beautiful musical sound and, in addition, provides unique bass capabilities, both for 16-centimeter speakers. Fans of good quality sound will be satisfied with this speaker system.

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