Sony MDR-7506: review, reviews, how to distinguish a fake


Headphones Sony MDR-7506, the review of which wewe offer to your attention, found their application in ordinary music lovers, and with professionals in their field. Why this happened is another matter, but what exactly this model is attractive for and what is missing in it, let's try to understand this article.

sony mdr 7506

Sony MDR-7506 headphones are made practicallywithout changes since 1992 and are positioned as a standard for studio monitoring. Perhaps that's why they can often be seen in the hands (on the ears) of various stars: from Justin Bieber to Diane Kroll.

Contents of delivery

  • Headphones Sony MDR-7506.
  • Manual.
  • Carrying case.
  • Adapter for 3.5 and 6.3 mm connectors.
  • Warranty card.

Packing and equipment

In a huge compared with the headphones boxthe model itself and a small set of accessories are located. The cover, which is made of leatherette, is designed exclusively for carrying headphones: cute, neat and with strings. The adapter, intended for transition from a socket 3,5 on 6,3 mm, works on screwing up principle and looks quite soundly.

sony mdr 7506 reviews

But if you look at the instructions for SonyMDR-7506, one can find an interesting point. It is executed, as in most similar cases, in the form of a cardboard booklet. On one side you can see information about the headphones, and the other side consists of a detailed instruction on the replacement of parts and components.

By and large, having a minimum settools at your fingertips, the Sony MDR-7506 can be disassembled and even likely to collect them back. That is, with minor breakdowns in the service headphones do not need to be carried. Pleases the fact that the company cares about its customer, although there is also a downside in this nuance - the guarantee ceases to operate after a separate disassembly of the Sony MDR-7506. Customer feedback is saturated with technical issues and questions to specialists, so we can conclude that most consumers prefer an independent solution to their problems without contacting service centers.


The design consists mainly of plastic,metal and leatherette. Everything is collected quite accurately, and, in principle, there is nothing to complain about: there are no crunches, backlashes or any creaks, headphones perfectly sit on the head, the adjustment also does not cause any complaints.

sony mdr 7506 review

The left speaker from the right is very easy to distinguish -on the headband you can see the blue and red markers with the inscriptions L and R. The headphones are easily transformed - they can be folded in cups or folded out, roughly like in DJ options.


Soundproofing for Sony MDR-7506 is relativelynot bad, despite the fact that the model palpably presses on the ears. In the subway or at the construction site, they should not be used, but for the street or relatively noisy premises they are quite fit. Outside audibility is barely noticeable, and the sound is lost after retiring to a meter and a half.

Landing headphones is convenient, and you can sit in themalmost all day without any discomfort. The twisted wire is very solid and leaves only one cup, so it's better to use headphones at home or in the studio, for portable use this is not the best option.


The sound is analytical, but sometimesthe bias in brightness is felt. The low-frequency register is well-designed, but there is a slight boost. The depth of the bass is felt to the full, and there is no mumbling.

sony mdr 7506 how to distinguish a fake

Medium frequencies are fed without a whistle, gently andquite naturally. All the vocal parts of the tones are very different, although the high frequencies are slightly exaggerated, but, apparently, this is done to monitor the range.

For closed headphones, the width of the stereopanoramajust impressive, and the effect of the depth of the scene deserves all praise. Any blur slips well, very rarely, except on the most complicated recordings. Attack is also at a high level along with the dynamic range, so listening to classical music Sony MDR-7506 is perfect. Detail is felt in every sound, and you can easily distinguish the tiniest tones of tracks.

Identify some of the specific genre preferences with which the headphones cope best, it's difficult, because they are universal and will sink all the load on the equalizer.


Model 7506 with its design and ergonomicsvery similar to the HDJ-2000 series from Pioneer. Similarities can be traced in the sound handwriting, but at a price they are significantly different, and if "Sony" costs about 6-7 thousand rubles, then "Pioneer" is cheaper than 10 thousand to find difficult.

headphones sony mdr 7506

Judging by the feedback of users on both models, we can conclude that in longer operation, the Pioneer headphones proved to be more reliable than the Sony MDR-7506.

How to distinguish a fake?

The first thing you should pay attention to isprice. Naturally, for a wasteful value you do not buy decent headphones, as well as any other quality thing, so do not be under the delusion of seeing a price tag below $ 100.

Next, you need to pay attention to writing the firstThe letter S in the company logo on the product box - it is a little narrower than the rest. The designation and annotation of the model itself should be at the edge of the package, not in the middle.

At a fake cups leave with great difficulty, thentime as the original without problems are transformed and put in place. As for the sound quality, in the Chinese version, the basses muffle the rest of the frequencies, and when the load increases, characteristic crackling and smearing of tones are heard.


On the official Internet resources of the manufacturerheadphones can be purchased for 100-130 dollars. Chinese counterfeits are sold on eBay within $ 50 and some quality copies are quite fit for spare parts.

In general, we can say that the model 7506 isa universal option. Despite the fact that the headphones have been released almost unchanged since 1992, the line is still relevant, because the ageless classics from Sony are always in price and honor. For comfortable work, you need a smart amplifier, and after connecting headphones, the result is likely to be pleasant to you.

At its price and characteristics, the model will surely attract the attention of many beginner audiophiles and simply fans of high-quality sound in a classical manner.

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