How can I find my Kyivstar number? All the ways


Many subscribers of mobile operators do notknow their numbers, so it is important for them to understand how to find your number "Kyivstar". After all, when filling out any questionnaire (on the Internet, in government agencies, etc.), it is always necessary to specify a mobile number so that the client can then call back.

Method number 1. Phone Menu

There are two proven ways to learnthe number of your Kyivstar number. Each of them is quite simple. The SIM card has internal memory, where the mobile is stored. How can I find out the Kyivstar phone number? Have to dig a little in the phone menu. If the subscriber, for example, model "Nokia-202" (half-sensory phone), then you need to go to the "Menu". Here you need to select the "Contacts" option. Entering this section, the user will see the option "My numbers". If the SIM card of the operator "Kyivstar" at the subscriber goes as the main one (this model of the phone supports 2 sim cards), then it will be able to see its combination of figures. How can I find out the Kyivstar phone number if the card is not the main one? You need to go to the "SIM Manager" menu, where you can fix the settings by making the card "Kyivstar" the main one. For phones and smartphones on the "Android" system the method is about the same. In the menu, the subscriber selects the option "Sim card tools", then you need to find the "My numbers" section.

how to find your room number Kyivstar

Method number 2. Operator

How to find your number "Kyivstar" morecan? This possibility is provided by the operator himself. The operation is somewhat similar to the process of determining the balance of funds on the account. Dialing on your phone *, then 161 # and press the call key (on most models it is depicted as a green phone). The request is processed for a few seconds, and then the answer with the number in the international format is displayed on the screen. The operator always cares about its subscribers, so it's easy to get information about your number.

how to find the phone number of Kyivstar

There are no other ways to find out the number of your Kyivstar number. But these are quite enough!

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