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Six or seven years ago a simple usercomputer and could not dream of playing games, working with text, reading books, listening to music, watching movies and much more will be possible not only at home, but everywhere: on the street, on the train, in the lecture hall, on the meeting. This possibility arose thanks to unique devices - tablets. Until recently, they seemed so impossible, today they are produced both by world leaders of computer technologies, and by little-known companies. Korean company Samsung - is no exception.

For a short existence of this technique appearedcertain reviews. Tablets "Samsung" as a scold, and praise. Let's try to figure out what the strength is, and what is the weak side of the mentioned laptops. But in order to be as objective as possible, it is necessary to decide what exactly we want from a mobile computer. Suppose that an ordinary user needs a tablet with a diagonal screen of at least 10 inches, which will clearly transmit the picture, respond not only to touching the fingers, but also to the commands of the stylus, to maintain the maximum possible number of video and audio formats. Not the last in the list of characteristics will be a high resolution display, and support for 3G. As an option, consider the first model - the Samsung Galaxy Note tablet.

samsung galaxy tablets
Let's start with the size of the display. It meets our requirements and is
10.1 inches. Particular attention should be paid to expansion. 1280x800 pixels - the indicator is more than good. Numerous testimonials speak about this. Tablets "Samsung", in the mass, can brag of such characteristic, as expansion. Korean devices provide not only a clear, but colorful, juicy picture. As a communication standard, the model in question supports the 3G protocol, which fully meets the stated requirements. The tablet works with a touch of fingers, but the stylus is also included as a working element of the computer. If you want to watch the video, you need to remember that this device supports several video formats. These include: 3GPP (3GP) / H.263 / MPEG-4 / DivX / H.264 / AVC / MPEG-4 Part 10 / Xvid / WMV. Agree, a fairly extensive list, so there is no need to worry about converting files. This characteristic, like high speed, is often included in the reviews. Samsung tablets have powerful processors. This model has a quad. The clock speed is 1400 MHz. And 2 GB of RAM will allow this kid to be pretty nimble. In general, the model is suitable, meets all the stated requirements.

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But not only this model has earned good reviews. Samsung tablets are represented by a rather wide line of similar products. So, a number of devices, in the complete set of which there is no stylus, is rather popular. The Samsung tablet differs from Note models not only with the multitouch function, but also with Wi-Fi support. But the screen size is exactly the same as the previous model, however, and the expansion is also no different. Both "laptop" and "tab" have 16 GB of internal memory and the ability to use microSDH for its expansion. But the operative memory of "taba" is half that. This greatly affects the speed of the gadget.

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