Starline: how to enable autorun? Starline alarm system: manual


Starline is a popular brand,which is engaged in the production of anti-theft systems for various cars. When developing protection algorithms, modern innovative technologies are used. Thanks to this, it is possible to provide high reliability of car alarms. Therefore, many domestic drivers install on their car Starline. How to enable autorun, the instruction is described in detail. However, drivers are not always clear about this process.

Starline how to enable autorun

Experienced auto mechanics give advice on how to configure the most basic and necessary functions of this system. With their use, driving will be comfortable and safe.


Domestic Starline brand todayintroduces to the market of anti-theft systems a variety of signaling options. At their creation the most modern technologies are applied. Thanks to this, high-quality, high-tech alarm Starline. How to enable autorun, The driver interests first of all. After all, this function significantly increases the comfort of using the car.

Starline bases its systems onadvanced achievements of telematics. Thanks to this, it is possible to create a system that is not subject to changes in temperature, fully adapted to the conditions of domestic roads. Also the advantage of the presented product is the low level of interference.

Due to such features presentedthe product is recommended to use large machine-building companies "Chevrolet", "Citroen", "VAZ", "Peugeot", "Opel", etc. Almost for any vehicle you can choose a suitable system.

general characteristics

The presented brand today produces many modifications of anti-theft systems. One of the most popular is Starline A91, B9, and also Starline A61. How to enable autorun, details the instructions. However, not always the driver can understand the intricate leadership. Therefore, experts give advice on how to carry out this process.

Starline autostart as included

The equipment of the domestic brand hastwo-way car communication channel and user's keychain. This greatly facilitates the process of setting up and managing the system. The special encoding of the signal completely eliminates the possibility of hacking messages. The range of its transmission can reach 1800 m in open terrain.

Dynamic principle is the basis of the encodingsignal. The driver is notified by a variety of sound and vibration signals. About 300 models of cars allow you to install the equipment. They can have almost any type of gearbox, as well as diesel, gasoline and turbocharged engine type.

Features of operation

The high quality of the equipment is provided by Starline A91, A61, Starline B9. How to enable autorun, will be presented later. First of all, it is necessary to determine the main requirements for the operation of the system. In this case, it will work reliably and fully.

Starline alarms how to enable autoplay

Installation of all elements of the submittedequipment must be performed by experienced specialists. In this case, the probability of making an error is eliminated. An inexperienced installer may violate the manufacturer's requirements. In this case, there is a possibility of incorrect operation of the alarm system, its insufficient security.

Only when all the installation requirements are metthe manufacturer gives a guarantee for the uninterrupted operation of the system. In this case, it will be impossible to break the encoding. The signal is transmitted over 128 channels by radio. At the same time, the software manages more than 60 teams. The system is operated in the temperature range from -45 to +85 ºС, fully adapted to the unfavorable conditions of domestic roads.

System Management

Considering the question, how to enable starline autorun, it is necessary to carefully study theoperation. Experts say that the equipment presented is reliable, durable. It rarely fails (provided it is properly installed and operated), effectively protects the car from hacking.

Starline how to enable autorun by temperature

The system is able to change the settings in theaccording to user requirements. This greatly increases the comfort of its application. Settings can be easily changed by the key fobs that come with the equipment. They can have an LCD display or do without it. In the first variant, information exchange between the on-board computer and the user is easier.

The alarm system is Russified, which makes it easiermaking settings. It's very easy to use a key fob. In total, the control unit can store 4 control devices in its memory. Then you can proceed with the settings.

Remote controller

When studying the question, how to enable starline auto start, it is necessary to understand the featuresapplication of remote controls. It is through these consoles that you can set up almost any function of the security system. Best for these purposes is a keychain with a screen. Button-like versions of such settings will be much more difficult. If for some reason, the keychain with the display went out of order, it can be purchased at a specialized store and stored in the computer's memory.

Starline how to enable autostart engine

This remote has three buttons in addition to the screen. Each of them is responsible for a specific function. The most popular among motorists commands keychain are the inclusion of a security program and autorun. Manage the on-board computer simply, without even being near your car.

The key ring comes with a battery. It is not installed inside the console. First, the battery must be placed in the place intended for it. Then the keychain comes on. The user can proceed with the settings.


Considering, how to enable the Starline autorun, you should start by controlling the remote. It includes 3 buttons. All settings are performed with their help.

The first control button is responsible for enablingvarious program commands. It should be pressed 1 time. If the I button is clamped and held in this position, the system will turn (or muffle) the engine. If the motor is on, holding down the I button for 3 seconds will allow the system to enter the guard mode.

Button II is responsible for the cursor thatmoves around the screen. Its movement is carried out by means of a rapid depression. If the button II is held for a certain time, the trunk latch opens. Button III moves the cursor in the opposite direction. It is responsible for deactivating the keyfob sound signals. If you hold it for a long time, you can program the time indicators, turn on the system's energy saving.

Safety of operation

Before turning on the Starline autorun, it is recommended that you study the safety rules when using the provided security program. All requirements are presented in the manual.

A high signal range can be providedonly in the open space. In this case, the car must be put on the handbrake. The transmission of the manual transmission is neutralized. The automatic gearbox is locked in the parking position.

All machine systems at the time of settingmust be completely serviceable. The system must have a sufficient amount of lubricant, fuel. If the autostart function is turned on, there should not be any objects in the immediate vicinity of the car. Leave the key chain in a place where children can not reach.

Adding devices to the computer memory

Before turning on the autorun, the alarmStarline must be properly configured. If the vehicle purchased by the user has already been in use, be sure to re-record the keychains in the computer's memory. Also, a similar procedure is required if the control unit does not respond to the signals that the user gives from the console.

Starline how to enable autorun on time

All available key chains are tied to the systemSimultaneously. First, the driver must muffle the motor. After that, you need to find the Valet system button in the car. About its location says the vehicle manufacturer's instruction. Press the button seven times.

After carrying out the submitted manipulations, you canturn on the ignition of the car. The system emits seven beeps. She activated the programming mode. All existing settings are set to the factory position.

Press buttons III and II at the same time. Then the characteristic signal will sound again. This means that the remote control has been added to the computer's memory. The other key chains are attached to the control unit in the same way. The interval between each subsequent action should not exceed 5 seconds. After carrying out such manipulations, the ignition is switched off.

Setting the time

Studying the technology, How to enable the Starline autorun on time, You first need to know how to configure thissystem. To do this, you must use a key fob. It will help you set the real-time parameters of the system. To do this, a simple configuration scheme is used.

The third button is pressed on the keyfob. By pressing it, the hour indicator is set. After pressing the button, their designation flashes on the display. With the first button, the number of hours will decrease. The second button can increase their value. Then, for a similar system, you specify the minutes.

Setting up autorun on time

First of all, How to enable the Starline autorun. This will also requireremote control. This program increases the comfort of using the system. After a set time period, the program will start the engine. This allows you to warm up the machine according to a certain scheme.

With how to enable the Starline autorun by timer, help to understand the advice of experienced auto mechanics. The presented function allows to start the motor with an interval every two, three, four hours, and also once a day. The program can monitor the operation of the motor and turn it on at a distance.

To activate the program, hold the clipped buttonIII keychain. The remote will emit one beep. The button is not released. The cursor must be rearranged to the corresponding screen icon. It looks like a fan blade. Next, the I button is briefly pressed. After 10 seconds the program will be activated.

Automatic temperature start

Starline A61 how to enable autostart

Also, many users of the system are interested, How to enable the Starline autorun by temperature. In winter, this is a very convenient program. The outside temperature is measured by a special sensor.

The motor can be switched on at a temperature of -25, -5,-18, -10 ºС. The duration of its operation can be 10 or 5 minutes. Activation of the program occurs by pressing the third button. After the second sound signal, select the third icon in the row. If it is activated successfully, a temperature icon will appear on the clock.

Having considered, how to enable the Starline autorun, each user can configure the system themselves.

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