Tablet "Asus TF300TG": specifications


"Asus" - the largest PC manufacturing company(and accessories for them), smartphones, laptops, tablets. The company was founded by four former engineers of "Acer" in 1989. The path of the creators was not easy because at that time the Taiwanese companies had no access to the international market.

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First, "Asus" manufactured chipsets, but because offinancial difficulties have also been engaged in the development of motherboards. Having created its first payment, the company transferred it for testing to the testing laboratory "Intel". This firm, in turn, approved the received part and signed a long-term contract with the new producer. Now "Asus" is on the list of the most successful IT companies, along with such as "Lenovo", "HP", "Dell" and "Acer". It produces medium and high price categories. To create budget products, a subsidiary company "ASRock" was created, which meets the demand of a low price category. The prices for goods are justified, because the firm "Asus" ranks first in quality among all Taiwanese manufacturers.
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Tablets "Asus": prices and specifications

Tablet "Asus" is not too different in the pricecategory from the rest of this company's products. It can not be said that it is cheap, by no means. But we can not say that the price for the Asus tablet is too high, because the build quality and usability are worth the money spent. The device requires careful handling, because the screen is large, and the case is thin. Therefore, several unsuccessful falls from a height of two or three meters can become fatal for a tablet. But most of these devices can not withstand a slight impact. This is exactly what you can not blame the tablet "Asus". It is not suitable for young children. If you want to buy your kid a device for games, then it is not worth choosing this tablet. It is better to pick something from a cheaper price category. Tablet "Asus" is ideal for business people - it is multifunctional, convenient, and for a long time working.

tablet asus tf300tg

Tablet "Asus TF300TG"

This model resembles one of the previousproducts of the company. Only the back surface of "Asus TF300TG" is made of plastic, and not of metal. But despite this, the quality of the assembly of complaints does not cause, like most products of this company. The main part of the front panel of the tablet occupies the screen of 10, 12 inches with the extension of 1280 x 800. The cost of the device became less because of the screen - the brightness decreased and the illumination deteriorated. It should be noted the decrease in the quality of the protective glass on the screen of the tablet, so you need to buy a good film for protection. Despite these drawbacks, the viewing angles remained the same - they are impeccable. At the top of the front panel housed a front camera resolution of 1.2 megapixels. The main camera can be seen from the other side. Its resolution is 8 megapixels. No flash. There is Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. One of the main accessories of this model is a keyboard docking station. The tablet is inserted into a special slot on the side of the keyboard and functions just like a regular laptop. On the "Asus TF300TG" will be no problem to work new games, which adds to its attractiveness for gamers. Returning to the topic of build quality, it is worth recalling that the way you handle the tablet will greatly affect the life of the tablet and the performance of many functions.

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