How to choose the best tablet


It seems that only yesterday Apple releasedits first tablet computer called the iPad, and today the market for computer equipment has begun a tablet boom. Following Apple's analogies of tablets like the iPad, the giant companies in the field of electronics and computer technology Samsung, Asus, HP and LG. Needless to say, if the work included Chinese craftsmen, who immediately came up with their tablets IPed. These IPed-s are cheaper than the real iPad in dozens of times and have fewer useful functions, but nevertheless, they also began to enjoy quite a good popularity, although to say that the Tablet PC IPed is the best tablet in the world, in no case it is impossible.

If you choose a quality and testedtablet, stop your attention on several models, such as Apple iPad, Motorola Xoom, BlackBerry Playbook or Android tablet. Nevertheless, even with the purchase of a tablet computer from this line of models, there may be some differences and difficulties of choice. Therefore, wanting a tablet computer, carefully consider some of the suggested items.

First, think about whether you really areyou need a tablet computer, because because of its lightweight functionality it will not be able to fully replace your personal computer. The tablet itself was conceived as a lite version of a conventional laptop, which is necessary for viewing pages on the Internet, viewing all kinds of media files, installing and running small games and applications.

In any case, you have to choose somethe operating system of the offered ones to choose from. Such Apple devices as iPad, iFon and iPod Background work on the iOS operating system. The advantages of this operating system are very convenient and easy to use. In addition, all kinds of applications and games under iOS written a huge amount, about sixty five thousand. The operating system Android from Google is fundamentally different from the Apple iOS. Google released several versions of Android, but under the Tablet PC, optimized only, the version of Honeycomb. It's not as good as iOS, but it does have an excellent multitasking and a well-designed notification system.

If you need a tablet for games and applications,buy the best tablet, that is, the iPad, because the remaining tablets on Android have fewer games and applications. This advantage of IPAD is that the iPad is manufactured exclusively by one model, so the display on it is always the same size. While Android develops applications for most tablets supporting this OS, that is, under tablets with different display sizes.

Tablet sizes of different brands varyfrom 7 to 10 inches, so first of all try to hold in your hands different tablets, in order to determine the appropriate screen size for you. Pay close attention to the size and weight of the tablet, yet you still have to carry it everywhere with you, and do not want you to get tired of it.

You can fill your good inexpensive tabletany information, but only the insufficient amount of memory of your device can limit this process. However, do not chase for too much memory, because such a desire may entail the need for a surcharge of half the price of the tablet. Pay attention to the presence of a WiFi module in your device, just in some tablets there is WiFi + 3G, which is quite a different level compared to the traditional connection.

As for the camera and video communication, in this areaa well-designed Motorola Kzum tablet, whose camera has good photo quality and high resolution. But in any case, the quality of photography, no even the best tablet can not be compared to a simple digital camera.

When buying a tablet, you need to navigatefor the amount of money that you are really willing to spend on the purchase of the device. So if you are going to save on buying, think twice. Would you like to, then ask on the forums how to flash a Chinese tablet? I do not think so. Therefore, getting the best tablet for yourself, do not be stingy, over time it will necessarily pay for itself, working qualitatively and productively.

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