How to send money from Megafon to Megafon: all ways


Sometimes there is a need to transfer money from onemobile on the second. The reason for this may be different: either you ran out of money and you asked a friend to transfer them to your balance, or, on the contrary, you were asked to do it.

how to send money from a megaphone to a megaphone

This article is about how to sendmoney from Megafon to Megafon. But, besides this, other topics will be touched upon in the article. It will be stipulated how to cash out money and how to transfer it to the QIWI purse.

The first way: "Mobile translation"

The first method involves using the service"Mobile translation", which is provided by the operator "Megaphone". Therefore, you will be fully confident that the transaction will be absolutely legal and your money or money of your acquaintance will not be lost along the way.

Before the story of how to send money from Megafon to Megafon, it is worth mentioning and talking about the requirements, the commission and limits.

If you use the service "Mobile transfer",the sender will be charged 0 rubles, in the event that the transfer is carried out within the same region. Otherwise, the commission will be 5 rubles. At a time you can send a maximum of 500 rubles to a subscriber in your region and 5 thousand rubles, if the subscriber is in another region. As for the limits, they are the following: within a region, you can send 5,000 rubles and no more than one month. And in the event that the regions are different, it will be possible to send 15 thousand rubles within a month.

Now we will pass directly to how to send money from "Megaphone" to "Megaphone"

withdraw money from a megaphone

To do this, you need to dial USSD-request.Its format is as follows: * 133 * "transfer amount" * "recipient's number". Please note that the number must start with the seven. After sending a request to the mobile will come SMS with the code. Now you need to dial USSD-request as follows: * 133 # "code from the SMS".

The second way: "Money transfers"

If you have not figured out how to send money from "Megaphone" to "Megaphone" using the previous method, then you can use another service of the network - "Money transfers".

The commission will be 6.95% of the transfer amount. The maximum transfer is 15 thousand rubles. The limit is 40 thousand rubles per month.

In this case, you need to send SMS to number 3116. In the text field, you must specify the recipient's number and transfer amount in the following format: "number" "amount". There must be a space between the values.

As soon as you send SMS, another number should come to your number, in which the figure is indicated. Now you need to specify in the answer the number that was indicated in it.

By the way, in this way you can not only make transfers between the numbers of the operator "Megaphone", but also send money to the numbers of other operators.

Transfer money to QIWI wallet

If you do not know how to transfer money from "Megaphone" to the purse QIWI, then now we will analyze everything in detail.

  1. The first thing you need is to enter your personal cabinet on QIWI.
  2. Then go to the "Top up your wallet" tab.
  3. Before you will find ways to replenish, select "From the balance of the phone."
  4. Find your operator and select it.
  5. In the box, enter the amount you want to add to your wallet.
  6. Click the "Confirm" button.
  7. The phone will receive SMS, where you will see the confirmation code.

After that, your wallet will be replenished with the amount you specified. By the way, for some regions the commission is 0%.

Cash withdrawal from the phone

If you want to withdraw money from Megafon, then now we'll figure out how to do it.

how to transfer money from a megaphone

It's easier just to throw money away on the card, and then cash out from it. To do this, send SMS to number 8900. In the text box, you need to enter: card "card_number" "transfer amount".

Consider an example:say, you need to list 1000. To do this, enter the text in the text: card 2154325645876589 1000. After that, click "Send" and the money will be transferred to the card you specified.

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