Acoustic system Morel Tempo 6: description, technical characteristics, reviews


The trademark "Morel" is very famousbrand among automotive speaker systems manufacturers. This article will deal with the component system Morel Tempo 6. What is this technique? These devices are a spaced apart system of automotive acoustics, that is, basses and pishchalki are made by separate nodes.

morel tempo 6

Description Morel Tempo 6

Component system "Tempo" is successfula combination of high-quality performance of acoustics and an affordable price. Using the truly legendary "Morel" technology, the new Morel Tempo 6 speakers offer high-quality audio lovers the best performance of this class of systems. The diameter of the tweeter is 28 mm, it has a soft dome, made using EVC technology, which allows us to speak about a new quality standard. Such a dome is able to provide an extended frequency-amplitude characteristic, a picturesque sound and an expressive scene. There are four different ways to install a new tweeter. Midbas component system Morel Tempo 6 is equipped with fairly powerful ferrite magnets, thanks to which the speakers are highly efficient. However, the size of such a magnet is less by 35 percent compared to similar ferrite magnets. This allows to significantly reduce the installation depth of the products. The speaker diffuser is designed to ensure smooth and clean reproduction of the lower midrange frequency range, as well as dynamic bass. Much attention was paid to the design of the crossover system Morel Tempo comp 6: it is made of high-quality components, which eliminates any obstacles in the path of the signal. To provide simply amazing sound, the crossover can adjust the tweeter to the slope of the cutoff of the frequency response at 0 dB and +3 dB. The manufacturer declared the nominal power of the system 120 watts.

morel tempo comp 6


  • sensitivity - 90 dB;
  • rated power - 120 W;
  • the maximum power (peak) is 280 W;
  • depth of landing - 62 mm;
  • resistance - 4O m;
  • crossover section frequency - 3800 Hz;
  • frequency response - 40 Hz - 10,000 kHz;
  • the slope of the cross-over of the crossover is 6 dB / oct;
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    the size of the dynamics of low frequency - 162.5 mm;
  • voice coil dynamics of low frequency - 25 mm;
  • the material of the high-frequency diffuser is silk;
  • the size of the high-frequency speaker is 45 mm;
  • mounting diameter - 50 mm;
  • mounting depth of high-frequency speaker - 20 mm;
  • type of diffuser - domed;
  • voice coil dynamics of high frequency - 27.5 mm.

Morel Tempo 6: reviews

According to reviews of audio users, automotivethe Morel Tempo 6 speaker system is characterized by an ideal sound. The high frequencies of such speakers, however, like all models of the company "Morel", are beautiful and musical. The bass is clear, powerful and resilient. Due to high sensitivity, this acoustic system can be put not only under the car stereo, but also under the sound amplifier. Although Morel-Tempo is an automotive acoustics foreground, it can be installed backward (for example, as an additional one), into a competitive class system. Pishchalki, if properly positioned, will not delay the scene in the background.

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