Android touchscreen calibration: how to set the touchscreen


A huge role for modern phones is played bycalibration of the touchscreen. Android - this is the operating system, which will be discussed. It is with her to work further. Setting the touchscreen on "Android" can be done in several ways. Each person decides how to conduct it. But what options are possible? What do I need to know about calibration? All this will be described below. In fact, everything is much easier than it might seem at first glance.

Calibration is ...

To begin with, it is necessary to understand what calibration isAndroid touchscreen. What kind of process is this? Calibration of the touchscreen is called screen adjustment for correct response to commands sent by the user. Of course, you can do without it. But then over time, the smartphone will respond to the commands sent for a long time, as well as shift the pressure on certain touch buttons.

android touchscreen calibration

Most often, calibration is necessary:

  • after replacing the touchscreen;
  • when the smartphone falls;
  • after system failures;
  • if you reset all the settings of the gadget.

It does not matter what caused the sensor adjustment. The main thing is that Android touchscreen calibration can be performed in several ways. Which ones?

Ways to configure the sensor

They are not very many. But the proposed range of actions is enough to ensure that each owner of the smartphone can choose the most effective, fast and easy method for setting the sensor.

Most often the process is carried out in the following ways:

  • through third-party specialized programs;
  • through the engineering menu;
  • in the service centers.

calibration of the android touchscreen after replacement

The latter option is recommended to be postponed until better times. Typically, even the novice owner of devices based on Android can be calibrated. Next, we will talk more about each method.

Engineering menu

Let's start with the independent actions.How is the Android touchscreen calibrated through the engineering menu? To do this, you must adhere to some algorithm of actions. Usually this method is the fastest, but it is not always effective. Calibrating the Android touchscreen via the engineering menu requires the following:

  • Enable the mobile device. You must wait for the operating system to fully boot. If the gadget is already enabled, it's better to quit all previously active applications and games.
  • Go to the settings of the device.
  • Select the menu item "Display" in the list that appears.
  • Study the proposed operations. At the bottom of the list there will be an inscription "Calibration of the G-sensor". It is necessary to click on this line.
  • Put the smartphone on a flat surface. This is important for proper device setup.
  • Click the "Calibrate" button. Follow the instructions on the screen. A little wait.
  • Reload the smartphone.

calibration of the android touchscreen through the engineering menu

That's all.This calibration of the Android touchscreen after the replacement of the sensor or simply, if necessary, is subject to every owner of the mobile phone. As already mentioned, this method is not always effective. For example, if you do not put the device on a flat surface, there may be malfunctions when adjusting the sensor. Then it is recommended to give preference to another method.

Third-Party Applications

How is the Android touchscreen calibrated?The program for tuning the sensor is what will help to solve the task. As already mentioned, third-party software is also often used for calibration. This solution is not the safest, but extremely effective.

How can I customize the touch screen on "Android"? To do this, you will need:

  • Find and download the program for calibration of the touchscreen. Next will be a list of proven and safe software for the implementation of the idea in life.
  • Upload the appropriate application to your mobile device.
  • Install a particular program, which will be used to calibrate Android touchscreen.
  • Close all active applications, programs and games on your smartphone. Run the software for calibration.
  • Press the "Start / Calibration" button. The labels may vary depending on the application you are using. Before this, it is recommended, as in the previous case, to put the device on a flat surface.
  • Wait until the process is complete. It is recommended that you reboot the smartphone after the sensor setup is complete.

calibration of the touchscreen android program

Fast, easy, convenient! This version of the gadget is used by many users.

Calibration software

Now it's clear how the calibration is doneAndroid touchscreen. Many people are interested in what programs can be trusted for adjusting the touch screen. Appropriate software a lot. But the best programs can be considered:

  • Display Calibration;
  • TouchScreenTune.

Calibration applications are usually downloadedthrough the Play Market. Only there you can find 100% safe applications for adjusting the touch screen. From now on it is clear how the Android touchscreen is calibrated after a replacement or just when necessary. Every person will be able to cope with this work. Contacting service centers for this service is recommended in extreme cases.

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