How to transfer money from the phone to Kiwi?


Many people prefer to pay for purchases andservices on the Internet use electronic money. There are several electronic purses in which you can store, accumulate funds and through them make payments and purchases. "Kiwi" is one of such popular and widely available payment systems. There are several options for replenishing such a wallet. The user can choose which of them is more convenient for him to use: transfer money from the phone to "Kiwi-purse", pay from a bank card or make cash through the appropriate terminals. In this article, one of these methods will be considered.

how to transfer from phone to kiwi

How to transfer from the phone to the Kiwi?

It is possible to single out two variants of effecting the transfer of funds in the following way:

  • perform the transfer through the service of the mobile operator to which the number belongs, from whose account it is planned to issue the transfer;
  • Use the web service of the Kiwi website.

The principle of using each of these optionslittle different from each other: in both cases, money from the balance of the mobile phone will be directed to a virtual Kiwi account on the same financial terms. The commission is held in any case equivalent. The only difference is the restriction on the amount of the transfer. This will be discussed later.

transfer money from phone to kiwi

The order of the transfer through the services of mobile operators

Popular operators providing servicesthere are services for making payments from the mobile phone account. As an example: "Easy payment" service from MTS company allows you to pay for a range of various services - utility payments, Internet, telephony, etc. Electronic purses are also included in the list of possible recipients of funds from the balance. How to transfer from the phone to the Kiwi? So, let's consider the payment execution through the above-mentioned service from MTS. By going to the payment service page (you can do it through the search engine or from the official website of the mobile company), you need to select the "Electronic money" section, enter the number in the form that will be used to account, specify the transfer amount - pay attention that the financial conditions are also present here , you can see them in the process of performing the transfer. Then you need to log in to your account before transferring to Kiwi from the phone, and after that, specify the details of the wallet to which the money will be transferred. The user will be notified of the successful operation through the corresponding letter on the site, as well as through a text message.

transfer money from phone to kiwi wallet

How to transfer from the phone to the "Kiwi" purse through the site Qiwi

The order of actions to be taken throughservice company that provides this purse, not unlike the one that was presented above. Transfer money from the phone to "Kiwi" is possible only if there is an active purse. If the user does not have one, then it is necessary to register it - the creation operation takes just a few minutes. In the form of payment execution (available when you click the "Refill" button), you must specify the operator to which the number belongs, enter the amount, having previously acquainted with the financial conditions. At the next stage, the user will have to check the correctness of the previously mentioned data and initiate the transfer.

how to transfer from the phone to a kiwi wallet

Financial conditions for making transfers

How to transfer money from the phone to the Kiwi, it wasconsidered earlier. I would also like to note that the transfer is carried out with a commission, which is charged by each party - the operator and the company that serves this purse. Whichever version of the translation the client would use, it will be necessary to pay the same amount.

  • For the Tele2 operator the commission is 9.9%.
  • A similar indicator is valid for accounts of MTS subscribers.
  • For "Beeline" there is a smaller commission - 8.95% of the payment amount.
  • Megafon customers can perform transfers of 8.5%.

Also, a commission is charged by the operator, which can be specified when making the transfer.

Previously mentioned the limitations thatdiffer when performing a transfer from the operator's site and the payment service "Kiwi". In the first case, a transfer of up to 5,000 rubles is allowed for one transfer. (no more than 5 transactions per day), in the second payment amount can not be more than 1,000 rubles. (at the same time you can transfer 10 rubles minimum).

In this article we have considered the question of how to transfer from the phone to the Kiwi.

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