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subwoofers pioneer
Subwoofers "Pioneer" are separateSpeaker systems specially designed to reproduce the so-called low frequencies of the sound series. This brand is not the first year exists in the market of audio equipment and during this time managed to win the trust of numerous buyers and a worthy place among competitors. Basically, the subwoofers "Pioneer" reproduce frequencies in the range from 20 to 120 Hz. However, recently the company began to rapidly expand its range and supply models with higher functional characteristics to the market. All this, of course, makes the subwoofers of this trademark one of the most popular today.

The basic models of subwoofers

subwoofer pioneer 1200 watts
Pioneer speaker rangeincludes about a hundred different devices. All of them differ from each other both in terms of characteristics and in price. That's why every car enthusiast will be able to quickly and easily find the best option for himself. For example, one of the most popular today is the model TS-WX304T. This is a subwoofer "Pioneer" (1300 watts maximum power), whose frequency range is from 10 to 360 Hz. One of the most inexpensive popular models is the TS-W310 speaker system. Its maximum power is 1000 watts, and the frequency range is 20-250 Hz. And finally, the third popular and very popular model for consumers is the TS-SW2502S4 system. This is a Pioneer subwoofer (1200 watts maximum power), which has a sensitivity of 91 dB and a frequency range of 20 to 125 Hz.

Advantages of subwoofers "Pioneer"

subwoofer pioneer 1300 watts
If we talk about the main advantages thathave acoustic systems of this brand, then for the beginning it should be noted their attractive appearance and rather compact dimensions. Secondly, it is necessary to emphasize the very high quality that all Pioneer subwoofers have without exception. They give an opportunity to get a louder and more realistic bass output. In addition, the centering washer of the double type, which is installed in most models, helps to increase the sensitivity of the speaker and improve the clarity of the received sound. As a result, the distortions decrease at times, and the bass turns out highly detailed. And finally, thirdly, we should say about the democratic prices for the subwoofers "Pioneer", since this company has for many years adhered to the criterion of "accessibility for the majority of consumers" in its pricing policy.

Purchase of subwoofers "Pioneer"

Acoustic systems of this brand can be in almost all salons engaged in the sale of cars, as well as in specialized companies and service centers. At all points of sales, the customer will usually be offered a professional installation of the purchased equipment. The latter, by the way, really, is best entrusted to specialists. Although it is worth noting that, if necessary, absolutely everyone will be able to quickly install the subwoofers "Pioneer", thanks to detailed instructions, which necessarily goes in the kit.

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