How to call from the computer to the phone: "Multifon" - an interesting alternative to Skype from "Megaphone"


how to call from computer to phone
The possibilities of modern technologies are growing withevery day. And today you can contact your loved ones without even having a phone at hand. To do this, it is enough to have a computer with internet access, headphones and a microphone. And, of course, we need a special program. Most users use the free Skype application. It is, of course, convenient, but not the only one. Back in 2010, Megafon offered its customers an interesting alternative - the Multifon program.

This application can be downloaded by any userInternet on your computer or even a smartphone. It is provided in the same way as Skype, for free. But before the last program, "Multifon" has one undeniable advantage. She has a common account with the subscriber number of Megaphone. In addition, if you call a mobile phone from a computer using "Multifon", a person will see the familiar number of his friend or relative.

But this is not the only reason why we should at least look at"Multifon". The program has a very friendly and obvious interface. Most users will not even have a question about how to call from the computer to the phone using the application. In addition, the cost of calls in the program "Multifon" is very attractive (from 80 kopecks per minute), it does not change even when roaming. It's enough just to have such an application on your computer. True, Internet traffic will be paid separately, but according to the selected local tariff.

make a phone call to your phone
In addition, the "Multifon" is not only freeincoming and cheap outgoing calls. With this program you can send SMS and MMS messages, chat, share your mood with status and even make a video call. That is, it does not just make it possible to call through the computer to the phone. This is actually a full-fledged application, with which you can communicate with your loved ones at great distances.

But since to call from computer to phoneit is possible, using different programs, the company "Megaphone" did not stop there. Special versions of the program for iPhone and Android were developed in addition to the standard. Also, the protocols used by the application are constantly updated. Every day, information processing is progressing faster. While the "Multifone" works only with the operating system Windows, but the developers promise to expand this list in the near future.

make a phone call from your computer

After this program was launched incommercial exploitation, she had unusual applications. For example, you can install it on your work computer or laptop. And since "Multifone" has a single account with a mobile phone, in case the cellular is forgotten at home, you can simply forward all calls to it. And if you install a 3G camcorder at home, you can call it at any time through the application and find out how things are with children. And such video calls will be free. In general, knowing how to make a call from a computer to the phone, surely the users of the program will find it more than one application.

Will this application have the samecommercial success, like Skype, will only show time. However, today, for many Megafon customers, the "Multifone" program is preferable, since it is cheaper and more convenient to make a phone call from a computer to the phone.

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