GPS / GSM car alarm: reviews and reviews of models


Purchase of a vehicle is a process importantfor many. And sooner or later we think about how to ensure the safety of the operation of your car. And it helps in this modern and reliable GPS / GSM car alarm, which will provide permanent control over the car at any time of the day or night.

What is specificity?

gps gsm car alarm

Satellite signaling is a modernA device that operates on the basis of two built-in modules: GPS and GSM. The first is needed in order to determine the location of the car relative to the world coordinate system, since it is a global network consisting of 24 satellites in orbit. The module is supplemented by special receivers, through which communication with satellites is established. A good GPS / GSM car alarm detects a large number of satellites.

Main Components

Satellite signaling consists of basic and additional equipment. From the basic components, each security system is equipped with:

  • processor unit;
  • interface support;
  • antenna;
  • sensors;
  • the GPS module.

Each alarm has its own constructivefeatures and is programmed for a certain algorithm of operation. As additional components of the satellite line, a GSM module for car alarms, an immobilizer, a listening device and an alarm button are often used.

Why do I need GSM?

car alarm gps gsm

The GSM network is an important element of car by means of this module an alarm text message is received on the mobile phone of the owner of the car, which allows to react in a timely manner, for example, to an attempt to steal. The signaling must necessarily be equipped with an antenna, the task of which is to establish communication with the satellite. It is set so that there are as few obstacles as possible in the transmission path of a signal or data packet.

How does the security system work?

GPS / GSM car alarm consists of twoelectronic blocks that are mounted inside the car. The first block is needed to determine the geo position of the car in relation to satellites, the second - to provide communication with the driver of the car. The advantage of using it is that satellite systems are connected to the dispatching control panel, and therefore all important information will be sent directly to the security company. True, these services are paid.

gsm module for car alarm starline

Regardless of who is the manufacturerequipment, each system has its own features and functional differences. The efficiency of its operation is ensured by the quality of coverage of the zone by a specific mobile operator. The advantage of the satellite security systems is that a multifunctional two-way communication between the car and the owner will be provided. All information is given to him on the mobile phone.

Types and features

gsm module for car alarm

Modern GSM car alarms arepaging, duplicating or performing GPS-monitoring. Paging is the cheapest and allows you to determine the location of the vehicle at a distance. The peculiarity of GPS monitoring is in the ability to determine the exact location of the machine and remote control of the main auto ignition or engine systems. The elite class alarms include duplicates, which not only carry out GPS monitoring, but also have a number of additional features. Modern GSM car alarms are characterized by a number of advantages:

  1. Large coverage of the network.
  2. Multifunctionality.
  3. The ability to track the movement of the car.
  4. Hidden installation.

But in the reviews it is noted that satellite securitylines have disadvantages, the most important of them is the ability to read the GPS signal. In addition, if the car is underground, you can not catch the sensor signal.

Selection rules

gsm car alarm from your phone

Modern manufacturers offer a huge selection of car alarms. But experts and owners of equipment of different brands advise to pay attention to a number of details when choosing:

  • If there is an immobilizer, then, if necessary, you can block the engine;
  • built-in traffic locks provide a blockage of fuel supply to the motor in the event that immobilizers are ruptured during the operation of the power supply circuit;
  • Remote launch is an important advantage of modern security lines;
  • GPS-module - a pledge that the keychain driver will receive information about where the stolen car is.

How to do it yourself?

gsm car alarm

Of course, modern models of car alarmsthere is a huge amount. But not everyone has the opportunity to purchase products of a particular brand. Note that the most simple GSM car alarm can be made by oneself from the phone.

Those who have already made similar equipment with their own hands say that this process is simple, the main thing is to select schemes and descriptions. As components it is necessary to prepare:

  • old mobile phone on the buttons;
  • magnet;
  • reed switch;
  • wires;
  • switch.

The build process is quite simple. First, you configure the call of the subscriber, that is, the current owner number per one button. Then, the front panel of the phone is removed, since you need access to the board where the contacts are connected. At this stage it is important to solder the wires correctly. So, if the phone's power-off and end-off functions are per one button, one wire is soldered to the button itself, and the second one is to the key that will be responsible for the call. If the buttons for switching off and off the mobile device are different, then the wires are soldered to each of them.

After the chain is completed, a door is placed on the doormagnet, and then set the reed switch. Similar GSM car alarms with their own hands, as you can see, is created simply. But the essence of her work differs from the principle of the action of conventional signaling systems: when the door is opened, the reed contacts are closed, and the phone will be called by the number programmed. By means of the additional switch the alarm system is put on guard and removal. Such a system will promptly warn the owner of the car of unauthorized access. In addition, systems are characterized by low cost of creation, almost complete autonomy, while the phone will be periodically charged.

Pandora DXL 3910

gsm car alarm reviews

Consider the most popular security systems,who deserve a lot of different reviews. So, the model Pandora DXL 3910 attracts attention with innovation, since GPS / GSM car alarm does not require the use of a key fob. The whole system operates on the basis of labels, that is, key fobs with two buttons, to which no information is output. The car alarm is controlled via a smartphone, but you can set up a GSM voice interface or put a mobile application.

Due to the flexibility of the setting the system is easyadapts to the requirements of a particular owner. And, as the users note, Pandora DXL 3910 will look harmoniously in the regular system of any car. Among the shortcomings, users note that the system is too complicated, it has a huge number of settings, which it is very difficult to understand with even the experienced owners of automotive electronics.

StarLine: B64 Dialog CAN and D94 2CAN GSM / GPS Slave

GSM-module for car alarm StarLine isA modern device that provides full control of the car. This brand offers to evaluate a wide range of security lines with a wide range of functionality. Thus, the StarLine B64 Dialog CAN model, in addition to security functions, allows you to control the service functions by auto-lighting the cabin, controlling the temperature in it, and many other important trifles.

car alarm starlight a94 gsm gps

The device comes with two key fobs - onone has a LCD display, and the second is simple and compact, but both provide two-way communication with the central unit at a distance of up to 2 km. Fans of compact, but powerful systems note that this model of signaling for cars is affordable and affordable. Of the minuses, there is a lack of autostart.

Car alarm "Starline" A94 GSM GPS, onthe opinion of many users, is the best in this series. This is a whole security system, the possibilities of which are unlimited. The device is controlled through a smartphone, and the alarm can detect a car with great accuracy when hijacking. It is no accident that this model was repeatedly recognized as the most reliable in terms of protection from scanning and breaking. The advantage of the device is the three-axis shock and tilt sensor that comes with the kit. It works when you try to move the car. Among the minuses, users note the complexity of tuning and expensive cost, but in terms of performance and reliability, this car alarm is worthy of attention.

StarLine M 30 (Messenger GPS)

GSM / GPS modules Starline Messenger isdevices that allow you to control the car's security system. In the StarLine series of these modules is supplied a huge amount. So, StarLine M21 is a module that is controlled by the phone and allows you to determine the coordinates of the car. The peculiarity of the module is the ability to work with any GSM-operators. The car owner can give commands in several ways:

  • via mobile app on iOS / Android platforms;
  • sending a text message with the command code;
  • phone call to the number of the security system.

This novelty can be used both as aindependent security system, as the body has three line outputs through which the module can be connected to limit switches located on the door, hood and trunk. This module is powerful - you will be in touch with your car, wherever you are.

Pantera Cl-550

gsm module for car alarm alligator

About this GSM-car alarm reviews are foundthe most different, but among the advantages are the affordable price of the device and the ease of its configuration. For a mid-range security system, the Pantera Cl-550 can be considered a reliable anti-theft device, which, when triggered, emits a siren. The model is equipped with simple, but completely reliable sensors, so the car will be protected from burglary. The advantage of the model can be attributed to the possibility of programming and tuning, which is quite rare for this price category. Some users note that the level of the security system is not very high.

Jaguar Ez-ultra

gsm car alarm reviews

This one-way car alarm GPS / GSM,which at a low price attracts attention by effective protection from interference and speed. The system can be configured to use separate radio channels, especially if additional service functions are required. Among the advantages of the model, users note the advanced autorun control and the ability to put alarms on the guard when the engine is idling. As users say, Jaguar Ez-ultra is easy to install and configure, but it's not easy to crack.

Tomahawk 7.1

This car alarm GPS / GSM attractsattention function of silent arming, which is not in all premium models. Unquestionable bonus system can be considered non-volatile memory, which even with the power off, will save all data on the status of the device. The dual dialogue code with the modern coding algorithm serves as a guarantee of high security of the system. But there is a drawback in the model - there are no additional channels to control external devices.

Alligator C-500

Of economical, but high-quality car alarmsit is possible to note just this one. It operates at a distance of 2.5 km, has six independent security zones, is equipped with an intelligent autorun and has the function of controlling additional devices. In addition, a two-way GSM module for car alarm "Alligator" received many good reviews. The installation of the line in the car is simple and convenient, you do not even need to go to the service center for this. Users say that the missing immobilizer can be filled with an additional module.

So that the security system on the carwas efficient and reliable, choose a model in which the driver's alert speed is higher. It is for this indicator of GSM-system and are in high demand among those who want to protect their car from theft and unauthorized entry.

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