Magic button "Start-Stop" makes the world cleaner!


Today we will consider innovative technology forreducing the emission of harmful substances from the car while driving. It's called Start-Stop. This system has long been available for residents of America and other European countries, but in the CIS it came just recently. For today, this technology is only present in business-class cars, but in the near future manufacturers will equip the novelty and cars of the middle price segment. The principle of the system is that when you press the special panel, the "Start-Stop" button in the car activates an option that deafens the motor at the traffic lights and turns it on again when you start driving. All these actions take place at lightning speed, so you will not feel any discomfort. These processes are effective in reducing the emission of harmful substances into the environment. Scientists have proved that it is simple at the traffic lights of cars with the engine switched on by 10-15%, further pollutes the environment. Let's take a closer look at the Start-Stop system.

start stop

Different manufacturers of the principles of thisthe systems are somewhat different. The pioneer was the company "Bosch", which first began to build in cars this system. She was provided with a reinforced starter, calculated by the manufacturer for a minimum of 150,000 cycles. The "Start-Stop" button, when pressed, checks and controls all functional units of the machine before stopping the engine: the gear lever, which must be in the neutral position, the position of the accelerator pedals, the brake and the clutch. A mandatory check of the battery charge is mandatory, since the system operates from electricity. If the "Start-stop" notices any deviation from the norm in these indicators, you will not wait for the long-awaited stop at the traffic light.

start stop button

A few years after the submission to thethe world market of this system, the Mazda team presented the world with the original version of the Start-Stop button. The option worked somewhat differently and had differences from the "Bosch" option. When you press the "Start-Stop" button reacts with lightning speed, then the brake pedal is mechanically released so that the gasoline is injected into the cylinders whose pistons are prepared for the working stroke of the engine. For stopping the engine pistons, an additional crankshaft sensor responds, which performs its function without any problems. By pressing the "Start-Stop" button, you perform a micro explosion that produces enough energy to crank the engine and start the engine. And so that the longevity of your engine does not interfere, the system changes the pairs of pistons that are involved in this operation each time. As you probably noticed, here everything is thought out much more precisely and efficiently, therefore the "Bosch" invention did not take root.

start button
It should be said that several dozen launches andengine stops per day - this is a very big load for the engine and the car as a whole. Therefore, in cars that are equipped with this system, the "Start-stop" button is only an external indicator of protection. In addition, they install reinforced generators, a starter and batteries, which withstand longer and more intensive loads.

The "Start" button is different in differentcars. Each manufacturer wants to be original in the interior design, so they try to highlight it, highlight it on the surface, and decorate with decor elements. The "Start" button should always have a smooth and pleasant surface for the driver's hands, which gives it more charm and comfort.

As a result, the "Start-Stop" system makes the everyday life of a typical driver much easier and more convenient, besides, it allows us to become a little closer to the pure world and air around us!

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