Electric jackhammer: description and choice


Today, the electric jackhammer has been widely used in the construction industry. Initially, this tool was intended for mining miners ore.

electric jackhammer
At present it is difficult to imagine the erection of any structure without this adaptation. There are many different models of the instrument on the market that have significant differences.

However, for the repair work is bestchoose an electric jackhammer. This is the easiest to operate, lightweight tool that features low levels of vibration and noise. It will speed up the work on the redevelopment of premises, quickly dismantle various structures or perform finishing work.

In the market these devices are represented by models from well-known manufacturers. The best tools are from Makita, Bosch, Interskol, Hitachi, Metabo and other companies.

electric jackhammer

Using electric jackhammer is possible, withEasily remove old finishing materials (tiles, plaster), dismantle monolithic, concrete or brick structures. It can be used to penetrate door and window openings, depressions and niches. The tool will allow to chop the edges, loosen the frozen ground, destroy the old foundation, overlapping or slabs. With it, you can cut metal.

The only drawback that an electrical hammer has an electric hammer is its dependence on current sources. However, to provide power, you can use a mobile power generator.

By its design, a jackhammerelectric like a puncher. The only difference is in the absence of a mechanism that rotates the bit. The operation of the hammer is based on the action of the built-in electric motor, which moves the rotor. Striking is made by a special striker, located in the tool body. Movement striker occurs as a result of the rotor. The resulting reciprocating movements destroy the material to be treated.

Electric jackhammer is not designedfor cutting or drilling material while rotating. All of his device is aimed at creating the most powerful blow. The main characteristics of the mechanism, which should pay attention when buying, include the impact energy, power, the number of movements per unit time.

electric hammer
These values ​​allow you to determine the maximumthe permissible material density with which the tool will cope. For example, the engine power can be 2100 W, the number of strokes to reach 2500 per minute, and the shock energy - 50 Joules.

When choosing a bump stop, you should also look at theavailability of additional functions. For example, the ability to lock in the operating position of the switch, which will provide convenience, saving you from holding the button. A function of speed limitation of idle turns will be superfluous. Other useful functions: the presence of vibration damping systems and prevention of cable rupture, dust protection, a system for indexing wear of brushes, the possibility of fixing in different positions of the striker.

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