"Samsung Galaxy A7": technical specifications, reviews and cost of the device


The stylish and productive novelty of 2016 is the Samsung Galaxy A7. Characteristics this device, its capabilities and cost - this is what will be discussed in detail in this small survey material.

samsung galaxy a7 specifications

For whom is this gadget made?

Smartphone A7 from Samsung in 2016is positioned by the manufacturer as a device of the middle price range. In this case, this gadget in terms of design is very similar to the flagship S6. Also in this "smart" phone there is a fingerprint sensor. All this in total makes this smartphone much closer to the premium segment. But still, this is a mid-level device with some additional features that it distinguishes favorably against direct competitors from other manufacturers.

Design solutions

As noted earlier, in terms of design there is a lot in common between the flagship S6 and A7 in 2016. Most of the front panel is occupied by a screen in the Samsung Galaxy A7. Characteristics really excellent. The diagonal of the display is equal to the solid 5.5 inches, and its resolution is 1920x1080. We will supplement this with a very high-quality screen matrix - "Super AMOLED" and get a really good gadget from the position of the touch screen, the image on which really pleases the eye. The front of the smartphone is protected with glass "Gorilla Eye" with a very high quality oleophobic coating. The control panel under the screen consists of one mechanical button with an integrated fingerprint scanner and two touch buttons. Above the screen are the front camera, the sensor sights and the conversational speaker. All the sides of the device are made of metal. On the lower edge of the "smart" phone are grouped a conversational microphone, a loud speaker, ports 3.5 mm and micro-USB. On the left edge there is a rocker for adjusting the volume of the device, and on the right there is a lock button. Here, on the right side, there is a slot for installing SIM cards and flash cards. But on the top edge of the smartphone is a microphone hole, which provides noise suppression during a call. The back cover of this unit is made of the same material as the front panel - "Gorilla Eye". Here is the logo of the manufacturer and the main camera and its LED camera are located. The case of the device is a non-separable monoblock. There are three color options for the design of the device - white, black and gold.

samsung galaxy a7 specifications

"Iron" smartphone

The "Eksinos 7580" processor acts as acomputing base "Samsung Galaxy A7". The characteristics of it are as follows: 8 A53 computing units with a maximum clock frequency of 1.6 GHz. As a graphic accelerator in this case, stands "Mali-T720". The RAM in this smartphone is 3 GB, and the capacity of the built-in drive is 16 GB. There is also the possibility of installing a memory card with a capacity of up to 128 GB, but you will have to make a choice: either a second SIM card or an external flash drive. At the heart of the main camera is a 13 Mp sensor, and for a front camera this value is less - 5 Mp. The quality of photos and videos received with their help, censures do not cause. The capacity of the built-in rechargeable battery is 3300 mAh, which is definitely enough for 2-3 days of battery life.


"Android" version 5.1 is used as a system software in the Samsung Galaxy A7. Specifications, in turn, allow you to install and even the 6th version of this operating system. As experience shows, the company "Samsung" does not forget about its customers, and most likely in the foreseeable future will be the necessary software update for this gadget. In other respects, the software suite is represented by "Google" utilities, social clients and mini-programs built into the operating system.

samsung galaxy a7 characteristics reviews

Price and reviews of the owners

As was noted earlier, the solutions of the meanlevel is Samsung Galaxy A7. Characteristics (the price of $ 435 proves this once again) is really excellent. This smartphone will be an excellent assistant for every day. Its hardware and software stuffing without problems allows you to solve any problem. The advantages of this gadget are:

  • great big screen;

  • excellent hardware;

  • good autonomy;

  • fresh version of software.

But the minus is only one in the Samsung Galaxy A7(characteristics, reviews prove that there are no other complaints) - slightly overpriced, as for the device of the average price range. But this is offset by the high quality of both camera devices, a fingerprint scanner and an improved display matrix.

samsung galaxy a7 specifications price


An excellent mid-range gadgetis the Samsung Galaxy A7. The characteristics of it once again confirm. The only negative is the overestimated cost. But this minus is compensated by a number of additional parameters that the direct competitors of this device can not boast of.

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