Cheap tablets: is it worth buying them?


After the introduction of inexpensive "tablets"before many users of personal PCs dreaming of acquiring a popular mobile gadget, a complex dilemma arose. It is quite difficult to decide what is better: to collect enough funds to purchase a device from one of the well-known manufacturers or to save and buy a product at a democratic price of Chinese production? On the one hand, cheap tablets cause fear, and on the other - do not want to overpay for the brand. Let's try to understand this difficult task together.

cheap tablets

Cons "against"

Can cheap tablets be good? Now on the shelves of online stores often there are such models of "tablets", which you can recommend to buy except for a sworn enemy. Sometimes the number of oddities and flaws that some seven-inch monsters demonstrate, simply amazes even the most experienced user. So I want to ask some producers: "Why produce such rubbish?" After all, many people who are so interested in cheap tablets that they decided to buy them, after inevitable disappointment, will certainly complain to their friends, and they will share information with their acquaintances, as a result, the image of the manufacturer will fall below the baseboard. I do not know how it is for you, but for me it remains a real mystery. In order not to be unfounded, we note that the users who are attracted by tablets are cheap:

  1. The lack of a Wi-Fi module, although the price tag claims the opposite.
  2. Low battery capacity.
  3. Insufficient RAM capacity.

All this reduces the "no" gain in the price, becauseit is almost impossible to use such ugly people normally. For those who are interested in how much the tablet costs cheaply, we note that the boundary between overly budgetary and fairly tolerable models is about $ 100.

cheap tablets

Pros "for"

In the first half of September 2013, BrianKrzhanych, the executive director of Intel giant, in one of the interviews said that today cheap tablets received a "green light", and soon the price of new devices from this company will still fall below the one hundred dollar mark. While it is unknown what operating system they will work under, Android or Windows, because Atom crystals can support the platform, both Google and Microsoft. It is unlikely that such a well-known company will neglect quality, as the loss of image for today's leaders, unlike Chinese little-known firms, is simply unacceptable in the face of fierce competition. Among popular brands, Nexus 7 8MB from Google costs $ 170, but will it be able to keep its positions until the end of the year? After all, recently he had a worthy opponent from HP - seven-inch tablet Slate 7, the price of which is about the same level. Time will tell.

how much does the tablet cost cheap


From the foregoing, the followingconclusion: if the highest priority in the purchase of the tablet is the price, then it is best to rely on the well-known and well-proven seven-inch models of well-known market leaders. But if gadgets with a large screen are interested in something, then it will take a little longer to wait, very quickly the technical revolution will do its job, and prices will continue to fall. As for the "Chinese", here, with rare exceptions, the saying that the miser pays twice is justified.

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