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At the beginning of last year, the company ExplayPresented to the world his new creation - mobile phone Power Bank. This device is a prototype of the popular communicator Philips Xenium X130, which is known for its ability to charge other devices, for example, tablets or e-books.

Explay Power Bank is distinguished by itsstrict design, good functionality and endurance. Such a communicator is suitable for fans of long conversations on a mobile device, since a battery without recharging is able to withstand up to 13 hours of talk time and up to 620 - in anticipation. Support for two SIM cards allows you to combine the tariffs of mobile operators to use the most profitable, provides an opportunity to separate work calls from personal ones, and also opens up broad prospects for business people.


Explay Power Bank mobile phone is packed inLight brown cardboard box, which is made from recycled raw materials. It contains the manufacturer's logo, the name of the phone, its technical characteristics, the graphic image of the device and the location of the company.

explay power bank
After opening the box, you will see a mobile phonephone Explay Power Bank and its accompanying firmware. It includes a charger, a stereo headset, a USB cable and documentation.

Explay Power Bank: feedback on the quality of the screen

Manufacturers of mobile phone offer twocolors - black and silver. The screen is covered with an opaque film with information that the mobile device supports two SIM cards. Before starting work, this film must be peeled off, because it completely obscures the display.

explay power bank reviews

Under the protection is quite a qualityDisplay with good color rendering, optimal resolution and viewing angles. The image is slightly distorted when the phone is tilted toward itself, but this is an insignificant drawback.

Mobile phone shell Explay Power Bankmade of matte plastic, it is much more practical than glossy coating, it does not leave fingerprints and unnoticeable dirt. The device is framed by a silver frame located along the entire perimeter of the front part.

Compared with previous models of push-buttonphones, the screen has slightly decreased, but thanks to this the communicator is very comfortable to hold in your hand. The buttons of the device are large enough, with their help to comfortably dial messages and numbers. All the keys are illuminated evenly with blue LEDs. The hole for the microphone is located on the left side under the key 1.


Mobile phone interface Explay Power Bankmore like a smartphone model. To unlock, you must hold the central button for a few seconds until a green bar appears on the screen. The left side of the central button allows you to quickly get to the volume settings, display brightness, bluetooth, background picture, alarm clock, camera and radio. Functional tables move around in a circle, which means that after the last table you will return to the first. You can create your list of files for quick access to them.


Speaking in general about Explay Power Bank,user reviews indicate that the main advantages of a mobile phone is its convenient keyboard, security mode, 3 desktops, mobile charging and a good battery.

explay power bank phone

When buying a communicator, pay attention toa complete set of devices, especially important is the adapter for charging and connecting to a computer. As for the company Explay, it was created in 2005 and since then has been working in the direction of sale, as well as warranty service of electronic devices. Under the brand, mobile phones, tablet computers, portable speakers, flash drives, stereo headphones, voice recorders, video cameras, digital photo frames, e-books, MP3-players, GPS-navigators are produced.

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