A biogas installation with your own hands is possible


In our time, more and more applicationshomemade biogas plant. Every business executive can choose the technology that is most acceptable for him. These aggregates are classified according to the biogas collection method, the methods of feedstock and the use of materials for gas production. The reactor itself can be located vertically or horizontally, is on the ground surface or mounted below its level.

Of course, a biogas plant with its own hands can be made. But first you need to understand what it is, and understand which design is most acceptable for you.

Biogas plant with own hands.
There are two different types of loading of such an installation.

- The first ones are loaded batchwise and aftera certain period of processing time are released completely. For this type of loading, any design of the plant and various types of raw materials are suitable. But biogas is produced in them unstable.

- In the second type, the raw material is loaded continuously,in small portions. The same batch of sludge already processed is unloaded and at the same time a new feed is produced. There is only one condition - raw materials must be liquid and homogeneous. In this case, stable processing takes place, the amount of produced gas exceeds the volumes produced in batch units. Such designs are more and more established in our day.

Homemade biogas plant
The appearance of the structure is completely dependent on the method used to collect the product.

A biogas plant at home canbe a balloon type. Consist of a rubber or heat-resistant bag (balloon) - the gasholder and the reactor will be combined here. Directly to the plastic of the reactor are connected pipes for unloading and loading of raw materials. The load on the bag and its stretch create the necessary pressure. Such installations are characterized by low cost of manufacture, ease of movement, simplicity of construction, free cleaning of the reactor, ease of unloading and loading of raw materials. This is the biogas plant. With your hands it can be mounted anywhere. But the period of its operation is small, it serves its owner up to five years. To external influences is quite susceptible.

Biogas plant at home
The structures with a floating dome are mounted asusually with a reactor located below the ground level and a movable gas holder that floats in the loaded material or in a pocket with water, which is done specifically for this purpose. Gazgolder accumulates gas, which, in turn, drops or rises. This is regulated by the gas pressure. From the overturning gasholder supports a special frame.

Such a biogas plant with own handsgained popularity by the ease of daily operations, by the free determination of gas in height, on which the gasgeler rises. Here, the constant gas pressure and uncomplicated installation of the structure. The disadvantages are the high cost of the reactor, which is made of steel and susceptible to corrosion. Shelf life is much less than for a fixed top structure.

After choosing the right type of biogas installation with your own hands, you can be made anywhere.

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