Subwoofer for computer. All you need to know


Choosing an acoustic system for yourcomputer, special attention should be paid not only to the satellite speakers. In many respects for the sound quality meets the subwoofer for the computer. Acoustic systems have a regularity - the frequency of sound has an inverse relationship to the dimensions of the speakers themselves. Hence, the larger the speaker size, the lower the frequency it produces. Fortunately for all fans of quality sound, engineers found a fairly simple solution to this problem: they made a separate acoustic system, created specifically for low frequencies. Thanks to this, the speakers can be very compact.

The subwoofer for a computer is aA separate system that reproduces low frequency sounds. And, if this system sounds perfect - the listener will not notice the difference between the sound of individual sounds on the background of the speaker system. That is, it creates the feeling that the subwoofer does not play at all.

To date, widespread use ofreceived active subwoofers that are assembled together with a built-in amplifier. In some cheap subwoofers there is a built-in speaker amplifier. Unlike active, passive subwoofers are found in Hi-Fi and Hi-End systems and are connected to the amplifier separately.

A better sounding subwoofer forcomputer provides a bass reflex, but to use it you need certain conditions. Installation of such subwoofers is recommended to be done in those cases when the satellite speakers practically do not reproduce low-frequency sounds, that is, basses.

A subwoofer for a computer requires especiallycareful tuning. This is done in order to avoid the so-called "failures", that is, situations in which the high frequencies reproduced by the subwoofer do not coincide with the lower limit of the frequencies produced by the satellites.

It is necessary to have enough knowledge on setting upoutput power of the subwoofer. It should not be weaker than the power of the satellites more than twice. Because of this, there are often situations in which a high-quality and powerful subwoofer can not realize its potential due to weak satellites, since it is necessary to put its power at the lowest level.

After acquiring a powerful and high-qualitySpeaker system should understand how to connect the subwoofer to the computer. For this, you need to have a computer, an acoustic system with a subwoofer, a receiver amplifier and, of course, a complete set of wires. Wires should be selected in accordance with the connectors. After the speaker has been placed, it should be connected to the receiver, the connector of which is located on the rear panel, a passive subwoofer, at the same time, it is connected in the same way as usual speakers, and only then the receiver connects to the PC.

Modern motherboards have sixconnectors, each of which is indicated by its color: green, yellow, black and gray - correspond to the center, side, front speakers and subwoofer. But there are situations when the computer has only three outputs, or there are six outputs, but the speaker system looks more than 6.1. In such cases, the PC itself offers a choice of the type of connection that corresponds to the connector, otherwise it is required to customize the audio driver whose interface is in the control panel.

Before buying a speaker system, alwaysthe question arises: how much does a subwoofer cost for a computer, which is almost impossible to answer. The lower limit of prices is quite low - in the area of ​​a thousand rubles, but the upper border can not see the edge. If you really appreciate the quality sound, which perfectly conveys the speaker system as a whole, then on the subwoofer you should not save in any case.

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