Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus S7500: specifications, description and reviews


Phones of Samsung use increaseddemand from the domestic buyer. Annually new models enter the market. They meet all modern requirements. Young people happily acquire these devices and enjoy innovative developments. However, there is also a category of users who prefer gadgets, so to speak, "simpler", so it's no wonder that many Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus GT-S7500, which went on sale in 2012, still enjoy.

It is worth noting that not everyone is readygo to huge smartphones, even with their wide functionality. This model is suitable for this category. Does it have any advantages other than compact dimensions? Let's understand.

samsung galaxy ace plus s7500


Externally, the Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus S7500 is smallis different from similar gadgets. Rounded faces harmoniously fit into the overall design of designers. Thanks to the chrome frame, located on the front panel, the device looks quite impressive. The glossy surface of the rear cover somewhat confused buyers, as the company already had models of matte plastic. This option is practical, it does not accumulate fingerprints and does not leave traces of mechanical damage. But with gloss will have to be extremely accurate, at the opportunity to use the case to protect the case from scratches.

If we talk about the assembly, then there are no comments. The back cover does not bend, nothing lyuftit and does not creak.

From customer feedback follows that the dimensionsThis device is an indisputable advantage. They are 114.5 × 62.5 × 11.2 mm. If compared with previous models, the thickness indicator decreased slightly and the height increased. Streamlined body shape allows you to control the phone with one hand, without feeling uncomfortable. The weight of the device is only 114 g. With prolonged conversations, fatigue does not arise. If you use a smartphone without a cover, you need to be very careful, since the glossy surface of the back cover is quite slippery.

The front panel is framed as standard.Above the touch screen are the proximity sensor, which automatically locks the screen, and the speaker. About the latter users respond positively. The volume is good, the interlocutor's speech sounds legible.

Under the screen is the control panel with onea mechanical button, displayed in the center, and two sensory buttons. There is a backlight that facilitates the use of the phone. It is not bright enough, the shade is white.

On the top there is a standard connectorfor connecting headphones, on the opposite side, a microphone and a USB port are output. On the side faces are the keys to adjust the volume (left) and lock the device (right).

On the back of the smartphone is a stereo speaker,flash and camera lens. The latter protrudes slightly beyond the common line of the enclosure, which can damage the surface of the protective glass of the optics.

samsung galaxy ace plus gt s7500


While reviewing the smartphone Samsung Galaxy Ace PlusS7500, the characteristics of the screen can not be ignored. It is this element that is an important criterion for many buyers. The model uses a 3.65-inch display. It is framed by a black frame. On the sides it is thin, widening only in the upper and lower parts. The resolution with which the picture on the screen is displayed is critically small. It remained the same as its predecessor: 480 × 320 mm. Pixelation is quite noticeable even with the naked eye, since the display resolution is only 158 ppi.

The screen uses a TFT-LCD matrix.It is worth noting that it is not perfect. The viewing angles are not as wide as we would like. When the device is tilted, contrast is greatly reduced. The brightness level can be adjusted only manually, there is no automatic option in the gadget. On the street in sunny weather, it will be somewhat difficult to consider the information, since the screen is flashing.

The device features a multi-touch function, thanks to which the touch layer is able to recognize up to five touches made simultaneously.

samsung s7500 galaxy ace plus specs

Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus GT-S7500: camera specifications

Smartphone Korean manufacturer equipped with a camerawith a 5 megapixel resolution. There is an autofocus and one-shot flash, which significantly improve the quality of photos. According to most users, optics deserve only praise. The maximum size of the image is 2560 × 1920 px. The image is detailed, the blur is absent in the corners, there is practically no noise. Even in poor lighting, quality deserves respect.

With this camera, you can recordvideo clips. In this mode, the maximum available resolution is 640 × 480 px. The recording speed is limited to 30 frames. It is possible to activate the triple zoom. To do this, you need to use the volume rocker.

There is no autonomous key, the camera is turned on through the menu. In the settings there are three flash modes, effects and other options.

samsung galaxy ace plus gt s7500 specs


Technical specifications of Samsung Galaxy AcePlus S7500 even at the time of release were considered rather weak. The smartphone is based on the Qualcomm MSM7227a processor. It is based on one compute module of the ARM Cortex-A5 type. Under high load, the clock frequency is increased to 1000 MHz. The Adreno 200 graphics accelerator is paired with the main chipset.

Such a "filling", though not considered quitepowerful, but allows the gadget to work without hanging. Most owners have noticed that the phone functions stably and copes with all everyday tasks.

The memory in this model is only 512 MB.The user will only be available about 200 MB. The integrated memory store is 3 GB. Expand it to 32 GB can be due to an external drive. The device works with memory cards such as microSD.

samsung galaxy ace plus gt s7500 reviews


Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus S7500 is equipped with removablebattery. The chemical composition of the battery is lithium-ion. The model is EB494358VU. The capacity is 1300 milliamps per hour. In standby mode, the gadget will work for about 660 hours. Under the condition of a 100% battery charge, the battery will last approximately 7 hours of talk time. On average, the user can count on 1-2 days of work at low load.

About 1.5 hours will be needed in order to charge the phone with the original charger. You can use another way - USB. It will have to spend 2.5 hours.

operating system

Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus S7500 is based on Android 2.3.6. The original firmware version is used - S7500XXKL1. Not without the shell TouchWIZ.

The lock is released by pressing the on / off key. After that, a picture with a locked lock appears on the screen. In order for it to open, it is necessary to draw a finger from the center to the side.

The numeric keypad is large, dialing the numberquite convenient. The menu has all the standard applications. On the desktop, the labels are arranged in the form of a 4 × 4 tile. The manufacturer provides "hot" keys.

specifications samsung s7500 galaxy ace plus


Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus S7500 is able to work withnetworks of the second and third generation. There is a Wi-Fi module. The phone works as an access point. You can transfer files in two ways - via Bluetooth and USB. The transmission speed is excellent. All options work without interruption.

Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus GT-S7500: reviews

The opinions of the users were divided.The reason for this became weak technical characteristics. Given that the device at the start of sales was sold for about 10,000 rubles, everyone expected much more from him. This phone is suitable only for an undemanding user. It perfectly copes with everyday tasks, but resource-intensive applications on it will not start.

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