How to remove blue screen on iPhone 5S? Reasons and solutions


The blue screen on the iPhone 5S is not new. Many owners are faced with such a problem on their gadgets from Apple. It is noteworthy that the previous generation of phones (iPhone 4, 4S) worked properly, and very rarely this happened to him. But 5, 5s, 6 and 6 Plus became problematic gadgets. They were the ones with the risk zone.

iphone 5s blue screen


Symptoms of this breakdown can be quitedifferent, but the result is always one - an idle display. Most often on the iPhone 5S, an apple burns, then a blue screen, after which the device does not respond to pressing. In this state it can not be used in any way: neither to reset the settings nor to reflash.


A definite reason, because of which happenssomething like that, no. This malfunction may be due to improper operation of the phone, its fall, the failure of any part, incorrect replacement of parts in the service center, etc. Often on the iPhone 5S, the blue screen appears due to an attempt at self-repair. Users unknowingly open the lid, and under it there is a thin loop. If you interrupt it or break the contact, it could well lead to a similar result - a blue screen on the iPhone 5S and a reboot.

iphone 5s blue screen and reboot

Users claim that the screen can thenwork, it does not work. This indicates that the contacts can be connected (the screen works) and disconnect (the screen does not work), for example, in any position of the device or at a certain temperature. Often, if you put the device in the freezer, the restored iPhone 5S can be removed after 5-10 minutes. Under the influence of temperature, the contacts can be connected in some way, but this is not for a long period of time.

What to do?

Like any other technology, iPhones also break down,and if this happens, please contact the service center. Although this is trite, but often without service centers can not do. But you can also try to repair the gadget manually. So, let's say you saw the blue screen on the iPhone 5S. What to do and how to solve this problem? The first and most obvious action is to try to reset the login to your account. This rarely helps, but you need to try. This is done by connecting the gadget to the computer and using iTunes.

Will the firmware help?

Most likely, a miracle will not happen, and the problemcan not be eliminated. Therefore, the device is reflashed below. A small percentage of iPhones came to life after a flashing. But you need to understand that the firmware solves software problems, and the blue screen is most likely connected with the hardware. Therefore, it is possible that after a flashing the blue screen on the iPhone 5S will again make itself felt even if the firmware will help.

The next way is to check whetherthe upper loop is fixed. Often it is the cause of the problem that lies in it. This loop is in the area of ​​the front front camera and the proximity sensor. Of course, this will have to unwind the device, but there is nothing complicated in this. You only need a special small screwdriver "star".

blue screen for iphone 5s what to do

Usually the problem is in the loop:he could move away as a result of the phone's fall. Also, when replacing the display in the service center, they could confuse and swap the fastening bolts (they are of different sizes). As a result, the contacts of the loop are loosely attached to the motherboard of the phone, which may be the blue screen.

After removing the cover, these bolts can easily be swapped,then the loop will be pressed tightly by the contacts to the board, and the problem will be solved. But this is hardware repair, and if you do not have any experience of disassembling phones, or you do not understand what a loop is and what it's for, you better not try to repair the smartphone yourself.

Hard case

The problem may not be in the loop.As a result of overheating, falling of the phone or inaccurate work with the soldering iron microscopic channels on the motherboard could be damaged. This can not be diagnosed without knowledge and special equipment, so only a specialist should do it. He will be able to identify problem channels and restore their conductivity. But even he can not always figure out and repair the device.

recovered iphone 5s

If you are not lucky, and the problem was not in thetrail, then you can not do anything on your own. Carry the phone in repair and after the recovery try to sell it. Often after such repairs, the phone tries to "float". After all, the restored iPhone 5S after the "death screen" almost always breaks again. Not immediately, of course, but over time.

How to avoid such a breakdown?

The councils will be banal, but effective.It is a mistake to believe that Apple's technique is ideal. Yes, the production process is technologically advanced, and the company does make reliable equipment, but even it can break down. Dropping the phone on a concrete slab, asphalt or stones - all this is fatal for any modern smartphone. What can I say about getting water inside or falling down the device in a puddle.

So you should treat the phone very much.neatly, given its high cost and lack of protection from water and dust. This iPhone 7 and 7 Plus can be dropped into the water (and then at a shallow depth), because they are not afraid of them due to the protection IP67 (or IP68). By the way, iPhone 7 and 7 Plus do not have such a problem with the screen, which is worth paying attention to.

iphone 5s lights up apple then blue screen

Finally:Even if you are faced with a blue screen on the iPhone 5S, you should not get upset. There are no phones that never break. And the very problem of the blue display is uncritical: almost always it is possible to return the phone to life except for very sad cases when the blue display is not the only and probably not the most serious problem.

The above methods help in somecases, but not always. But in the service center they will certainly be able to solve the problem, though for the money. But if the phone is under warranty, then you can not worry at all.

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