How to restore contacts on the SIM card? Call Detailing with the Mobile Network Operator


Smartphone owners prefer to storecontacts on a plastic carrier, that is, a SIM card, because the phones are less durable and often change. However, this option is not the most reliable way: the card may be damaged or lost along with the gadget. Nevertheless, all the contacts that were on the sim card can be restored, and in different ways. Depending on the level of damage and other factors, there are several different ways to solve this problem.

how to restore contacts on sim card

So, let's try to figure out how to restore contacts on the SIM card, what is needed for this, and what tools will work best.

Office of mobile operator

This is the official and the surest way to returnlost information. If you for any reason lost contacts on the SIM card (phone loss, breakdown, etc.), your mobile phone provider is obligated to help you in restoring information.

Naturally we need to understand that the operator will beyou communicate on similar issues only if you are the rightful owner of the number, otherwise, any attempts on your part will simply tilt into the bureaucratic wall. That is, having a passport in your hands, you will be able to detail the calls.

how to restore a backup

For this you need to apply to any officeyour mobile provider and write the appropriate application. After that, the operator will give you a printout of all incoming and outgoing calls for a certain period of time. Also, it would be superfluous to clarify that the detailed calls are usually not immediately available, but after a few hours or days (depends on the subscriber policy of each individual carrier). For example, MTS can provide such information through a personal cabinet, which is very convenient. But in the case of "Tele2", without visiting the office can not do, so it is better to clarify such points in the information service provider. Keep this in mind before restoring the contacts on the SIM card.


If your device is running on a platform"Android", then for sure you are synchronized with your account in "Google". In this case, the question of how to recover deleted contacts on a SIM card is solved very quickly and simply.

call detailing

We go to the Google Account on your phone, where you need to recover the erased data, and perform the following steps:

  • open the "Contacts" section;
  • click on "Additional Actions";
  • select the line "Restore Contacts".

Next, you will need to specify an approximatethe time interval when the backup copy was made, after which all your contact information will be in the same place. Pay special attention to this moment before restoring the backup.

A similar procedure can be performed on a computer.To do this, just log in to a special application "Google Contacts", and, following the instructions of the online assistant, return everything to normal. Also, keep this in mind before restoring the backup from your Google Account.

Utilities for data recovery

If you prefer to store all the information in thethe phone itself and rarely use a SIM card, then for such cases there are special utilities that work with the memory of the gadget. Contacts recovery software reads all your information and stores it in different places, including cloudy (on the network). Denote the most intelligent applications of such a plan, where the user can recover lost data, both from internal storage, and from the SIM card, and without much effort.

Tenorshare Data Recovery

The utility copes with the searchlost data on smartphones and tablets working under the operating system "Android". With this application you can not only restore lost contacts from your phone's address book, but also return deleted SMS messages, music, and also photo and video content.

contact recovery software

For the full operation of the utility you need itAvailability on a personal computer and your mobile gadget. After synchronization, the application saves all your data to the PC, and in case of information loss, you can return it at any time. And the program works not only with the internal memory of the phone and SD-cards, but also with all the data on the SIM card, so absolutely all sides of your mobile device fall under the scanning. Keep this in mind before restoring the contacts on the SIM card.

Utility Features

In addition, the application is an instrumentcomplex diagnosis of your gadget, which is clearly not an extra step for the eternally clogged platform "Android". The utility scans all information on broken sectors and duplicates all important data in a separate location (usually on an SD card), and with an accuracy of 1 bit. This is a kind of recovery point, performed on the analogue with the operating system "Windows".

Easeus MobiSaver

A utility native to the Middle Kingdom can help yourecover almost any information lost on your Android device, and address book including. The principle of the program with the contacts is similar to the previous application. That is, we install software on a personal computer and phone, then we synchronize the data and restore it if necessary.

contacts on the sim card disappeared

In addition, the utility supports import and exportaddress book in the formats VCF, CSV and HTML, which is very convenient if you decide to import information obtained from other sources, such as the "Google", "Yandex.Disk" or other network accounts. Keep this in mind before restoring the contacts on the SIM card.

The application can also bring to life othermissing data: music, movies, SMS messages, archives and other documents that are stored both in the internal memory of the device and on the connected SD card.

Moreover, the program has an intuitive interface and a relatively fast work, so to use it you will not need any special knowledge and skills.

Recover contacts on iPhone

As for the "apple" brethren, the onlythe best way to restore contacts from both the SIM card and the smartphone itself will be the iCloud cloud service. "Aiklaud" is extremely easy to operate, and also does not require any specific knowledge.

how to recover deleted contacts on sim card

To restore the address book is enoughopen the service settings and select the "Contacts" menu item, where, following the instructions of the assistant, perform the recovery procedure. In the subparagraphs you can make both import and export of contacts for some of your needs. The branches of the menu are simple and understandable, so it is impossible to get lost there.

There is another option to restore the addressbooks with the iTunes service, but it requires a certain skill, and it is very easy for a newcomer to get lost on numerous pages, settings and service branches, so "Aityuns" is more suitable for experienced users who clearly know what they are looking for and what they will eventually receive.

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