Nokia 5230: specifications, settings and feedback about the phone


Today we will describe in detail the mobile phone"Nokia 5230", the characteristics of which, undoubtedly, are worthy of attention. The model was created as a more affordable version of the 5800, for a long period this mass and youth smartphone had to repel Korean manufacturers, and above all LG and Samsung.


nokia 5230 specifications
Russia was chosen as the key country in thewhich was planned to distribute the device. Note that the "Nokia 5230" features one important feature. The smartphone includes an unusual music service. There are two versions of the device. However, the model without music service is not supplied to Russia. If you study opinions about Nokia 5230, the reviews will be very positive, the phone is called 100% youthful, bright and catchy. This picture of the focus on the younger generation is supplemented by the availability of replacement panels.

Control, design and size

5230 Nokia phone feature
Trying to create the cheapest touchsmartphone can be called successful. The next starting point in the conversation about "Nokia 5230" is the control characteristics, as well as design and dimensions. Housing material - plastic. Especially stressed by experts who describe the phone "Nokia 5230", the characteristics of its assembly. Despite the fact that the device can be classified as the most accessible, this figure is worthy of the highest evaluation, as always in the case of the Finnish manufacturer. The body is monolithic, the fasteners are reliable. In this case, the phone's dimensions are 111 x 51.7 x 15.5 mm with a weight of only 113 grams. The back panel is classical. Additional panels are included. People who are not accustomed to entering text manually can use the mediator replacing the stylus and the one present in the delivery package. In total, the phone has developed 7 color panels. The side right side has a camera button, a slider for locking the keyboard and screen, and a paired key to adjust the volume. To the left is a pair of slots covered by plugs: the first is a microSD, the second for a SIM card. The upper panel contained: microUSB, charger connector for 2 mm, standard audio output. There is one speaker on the side to the left. The phone has a built-in proximity sensor, it is able to block the screen when the user brings it to his face. The SIM card is inserted from the side. You can not take it out with the machine working, except use tweezers. The card is pushed out through a special slot under the battery.

"Nokia 5230": the characteristics of the display

nokia 5230 specifications instruction
The screen is covered with a special protective surface made of plastic. At the same time, the display is slightly buried in the case.

The screen has decent characteristics: resolution, picture quality, diagonal. The indicators are as follows. The aspect ratio is 16: 9, the resolution is 640 x 360 pixels with a diagonal of 3.2 inches. The display shows 16 000 000 colors, the picture is bright, juicy, does not allow to look away. The screen turns automatically, proceeding from the position of the case. The turn takes less than a second. On the edges of the display there are skirts. Even in the sun the screen remains readable. There are 14 text lines and three service lines. The display is ideal to view videos, photos or large lists.

Keyboard and information input

nokia 5230 reviews
There are three hardware keys on the front panel: a menu key, a hang-up button and a call forward. Pressing the "End call" button in any menu brings the user up one level. You can enter text in two ways, as there are two variants of keyboards. The usual one involves successive pressing of the buttons and simulates in the conditions of the touch screen the usual phones. It works in a vertical orientation and is convenient for controlling one hand. The second type is the traditional QWERTY keyboard. It is used in a horizontal position. The keys are comfortable, you can type with both hands. The unit vibrates when you press the keys.

"Nokia 5230": specifications, instructions for working with files

The hardware was sorted out, but you need totouch the software component and its parameters. It should be said that setting up the Nokia 5230 phone is mostly familiar, since it works on the familiar classical software platform. That's why we decided in our instruction to touch upon the issue of interaction with files, since this process has its own peculiarities.

Any games and programs install systemmaterials to disk C. For convenient interaction with the device we need an application Xplore. Load it. Unpack and install on the card. Run this application. Then you should wait for the phone to finish scanning. Go to the menu, select Setting. Open the Language section, set the required language. Reboot the program. In the menu with settings, select the item that allows you to display hidden files and disks. You can also, if necessary, divide the phone's media into categories. In this way, you can significantly reduce the time spent on removal and search.


customization of the Nokia 5230 phone
Next, open the drive C. Here you can find system and hidden files, browser history, data about previously installed programs. We check the catalogs for the presence of various extraneous programs, documents and files. Open all the folders one at a time. Remove all unnecessary. Music, photos and games are transferred to the map.

We go to the messages. It is necessary to specify in the settings on which of the disks they are stored. We select a memory card as the main storage for messages. Data from the transfer directory of the interface "Blutuz" is transferred to the card. We go into the file manager, delete unnecessary applications and folders. At this level, the installation files of previously deleted games and programs are often stored. They are the ones who score the most memory. We connect the device to a personal computer using a USB cable. We scan the smartphone for all sorts of viruses. Open the disc "C" and delete the files with a prohibited or undefined format. In the catalogs "Pictures" and "Photos" often empty materials appear, occupying a lot of space. This tincture optimizes the work of the smartphone, a detailed description of which we have today.

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