Smartphone ZTE Blade G Lux: reviews


Today, a smartphone is not necessarilyexpensive phone. There is a bunch of available models that have a mass of useful functions. One of them is ZTE Blade G Lux. The testimonies indicate that this is an ultrabudgetary model designed to perform the simplest tasks. At the same time the device looks interesting and behaves quite cheerfully for its price. So today we are talking about this Chinese smartphone.

General view

So, first, let's get acquainted with the device. It is presented in two color variations - black and white. Externally it looks quite nice, due to the luminous circles is very similar to Meizu (it's about physical navigation buttons on the front panel under the screen). In general, ZTE Blade G Lux v830 (reviews it is confirmed) is assembled according to the classical scheme: on the right side panel there are "rockers" - sound control buttons, as well as a button for unlocking the screen. There is a front and main camera, due to which the device, apparently, wants to qualify for a higher price class.

ZTE Blade G Lux reviews


As noted about ZTE Blade G Lux reviewsbuyers, the appearance of the smartphone does not have any special features - this is a simple "touch brick", which are produced by Chinese manufacturers. However, given the low price of the model, we can say that it looks more expensive. Perhaps the reason for this is the gloss, which covers the whole body. As indicated in the specifications, the front panel hides the oleophobic coating, protecting the phone from scratches.

Thanks to luminous circles, in the dark the modellooks even more impressive. As evidenced by the phone ZTE Blade G Lux reviews, here this "chip" is implemented more successfully than on Meizu. The value of the keys is the same as in all Android-devices: the right signifies "Exit" or "Back", and the left one - enters the options menu. Accordingly, the central icon is "Home".

ZTE Blade G Lux v830 reviews


Smartphone ZTE Blade G Lux, reviews about which usinterest, collected from a sufficiently high-quality plastic, looking at its price. Holding it in your hands, at least, you can not say that this is an ultra-budget device. The back cover of the phone is adjacent to it tight enough, due to which there are no backlashes or creaks.

The phone's dimensions are quite large - the thickness of the case, for example, reaches 9 millimeters. However, due to the smoothed corners, the effect is created that the device seems thinner than it actually is.

smartphone ZTE Blade G Lux reviews


The screen size of the device reaches 4.5 inches. The resolution of the display at the same time is only 450 to 854 pixels (data taken from the official characteristics of ZTE Blade G Lux). Customers' feedback indicates that the screen is clearly not its strongest side. If you tilt the phone and look at it at an angle, noticeably serious distortion of the color scale of the image. For example, the picture becomes too light, then, on the contrary, too dark to distinguish anything.

In the display of the image on the screen,technology TFT, which was used even in keyphones. Therefore, it makes no sense to talk about any high-quality color transfer on the ZTE Blade G Lux v830. Customer feedback, however, is lamented last. There are more serious shortcomings of the device.


smartphone ZTE Blade G Lux v830 reviews

One of them is a weak processor and a small onethe amount of RAM. Given the price of the phone, it would be foolish to expect from him high power and the ideal work of the most "demanding" applications. However, the amount of RAM, equal to 512 megabytes, is clearly not enough. Maybe even for a phone of this class. According to the technical parameters, the device uses Mediatek MT6572, which consists of two cores. The alternating balanced operation of these devices ensures a maximum clock frequency of 1.3 GHz.

On the work of the processor ZTE Blade G Lux reviewsnote the following: until the start of an application, the device works fine and without any delays. If you run any program (even if not the most resource-intensive one), the phone starts to "buggy", and it becomes impossible to work with it. Those who are attracted to such inexpensive devices for performing the simplest tasks should take this into account. In another situation, there's no point in taking ZTE Blade G Lux Black. Reviews show, again, that it is not necessary to expect the functionality of the average smartphone from it. It's just a mobile phone that can be a little bigger.

Additional Features

ZTE Blade G Lux black reviews

To the so-called "additional" can be attributedsuch features as GPS device positioning, as well as support for two SIM cards, memory cards up to 32 GB and cameras with autofocus. From all this, observations can be made to cameras: objects that are photographed at a distance of more than 30 centimeters, are detailed in the photographs poorly. The text can not be shot with such a camera, for example. Even autofocus does not save the situation with such a weak matrix, so you should not buy this model to create "selfie" or photograph text documents for further acquaintance with them.

operating system

ZTE Blade G Lux v830 black reviews

Like all similar phones, the smartphone ZTE Blade GLux V830, reviews about which we are interested, runs on Android. More precisely, this is version 4.2.2. True, manufacturers went a bit further in trying to uniquely design their product and redraw the icons of standard applications. In all other respects, as the responses note, the platform, under the control of which the device operates, has not undergone any changes.

Android OS supports a lot of functions, includingnumber and download new applications from the specialized catalog of Google Play programs. True, as describe the smartphone ZTE Blade G Lux Black user reviews, when you start downloading a new application, it begins to seriously "pendant". And then, you need to closely monitor the programs that are being downloaded - not all of them can be run on a device with such a small amount of RAM.

Cost and Opportunity

We have repeatedly stressed that the smartphone(or simply - the phone), which was described in this article, belongs to the class of super-budget. It's time to clarify that the cost of it reaches 3800 rubles. Perhaps the price is decent, considering that the buyer gets the phone on a modern operating system with GPS support, two SIM cards, cameras, at least - basic programs with Google Play and much more. In addition, it is made in a cute design.

phone ZTE Blade G Lux reviews

This gives reason to note that its price devicewill pay back. Perhaps, we should even praise ZTE in some ways for developing a device with such a value and to give due credit to the possibility of using this model even for low-income people.

In addition, the phone can be excellentsolution for a child, a student or just a person who does not want to spend money on extra "bells and whistles." Perhaps, someone will just have to like this design, because of what he decides to purchase this affordable device.

Overall impression of the model

Of course, there's no difficulty calling the phoneweak in all respects, note all the "suspensions" and highlight the shortcomings that the ZTE Blade G Lux V830 Black possesses. Reviews also show that the model is worthy (at least because of the low price). Many devices of the same price class do not have the capabilities that this phone has.

The device can be used by those who needmostly a "dialer" and only occasionally - a smartphone. And upload a web page, social network application or even a video for viewing on the V830 is not difficult. In this case, you do not pay for a famous brand, a metal case or a high-precision display device, which is unlikely to ever appreciate enough.

Moreover, the presence of two SIM cards makes of BladeG Lux is a reliable assistant in all matters! Having saved on the device, you can also continue to spend less on mobile communication, communicating in different mobile networks on one device. Again, with a phone of this class, you can listen to your favorite music on the way home, without caring whether there is enough charge. There is a fairly powerful battery with a capacity of 1830 mAh, which, given the low resolution of the screen, will last for a long time.

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