Artificial lighting: important information


Everyone knows that sufficient illuminationpremises - a guarantee of comfort for those who are in it. Therefore, artificial lighting is simply necessary. How to organize it as efficiently as possible?

Today, what is natural and artificiallighting should go, as they say, side by side, no one disputes. Not so long ago, the society circulated information that mixed lighting is harmful to vision. But science does not stand still, and this statement was refuted.

Artificial lighting

It should be understood that artificial lighting,more precisely its organization, will largely depend on which side the windows of the house go to, whether they are closed by trees, from many other factors. It may be that in one building the rooms are lit up in different ways. Also, one must always take into account the propensities and needs of those who will be in the room. And the purpose of the room itself.

For example, in office premises artificiallighting is usually quite bright and centralized. Individual needs of each employee are rarely taken into account. But this situation is not hopeless! It is quite possible to bring a desk lamp or floor lamp with it, which will solve the problem of insufficient illumination. And if there is too much light, then you can try to swap places with someone from colleagues.

As for what will be artificiallighting at home, then everything depends on you. But it is necessary to note that it is not the most correct approach to hang in each room by the chandelier, and so be limited. Chandelier, of course, should be in the room. But! Not always its power enough to qualitatively illuminate the entire room. Yes, and electricity costs can simply "off scale". Therefore, a more rational solution is to use a medium-intensity chandelier supplemented with local lighting. So, near the chair, for example, there may be a lamp that will be used for reading, and near the computer you can place a special lamp that will make the work comfortable. And in the kitchen it's worth placing special lamps over the work surfaces that will make the work around the house more productive.

Natural and artificial lighting

The quality of artificial lighting will depend onand on what kind of lamps are used. It is better to refuse from incandescent lamps. They do not give a powerful light flux, but electricity consumes a lot. A worthy alternative - fluorescent lamps, which are somewhat more expensive than their "ancestors", but quite quickly pay off.

Artificial plant lighting

By the way, do not forget that the lightnot only for people. Plants need it to the same extent! Therefore, it is necessary to reflect on how to organize artificial lighting of plants. Here, the optimal solution will also be luminescent light sources. After all, they can be placed quite close to the plant, without fear of harming it. Include backlight in summer is recommended for an average of 3-4 hours, and in winter - 6-8.

That's so simple!

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