Where to buy a tablet cheaply? Tablets-novelties in Gearbest are pleased with the quality and price


Market of portable equipment for work andEntertainment today is so vast and varied that you can spend a lot of time choosing the right model. In order not to make a mistake with the purchase, you need to build on the necessary characteristics and the allocated amount.

Reasonable approach

Everyone knows that the price is formed in dependencefrom the popularity and popularity of the brand: if you approach the question wisely, you can buy a tablet inexpensively, without overpaying the company for its success in the market. At the same time, the device purchased cheaper, technically will not yield to a famous competitor. The assortment of portable devices allows you to select equipment for any budget. Need to buy a tablet cheaply? In the shop Gearbest such a device can be purchased at a price of $ 34.

But among any kind of technology there are bestsellers, by which one can not pass. The best choice today is Teclast X2 Pro Tablet PC and Chuwi Vi8 Plus.

Teclast X2 Pro Tablet PC: the harmony of style and performance

Increasingly popular are todaydevices on Windows, because this operating system is much more familiar and convenient to work than Android. One of the representatives of such a number of devices is Teclast X2 Pro Tablet PC. This device is more intended for those who are interested in having everything in the tablet perfect: both the design and the hardware.

Appearance of Teclast X2 Pro Tablet PC is amazingImagination: with a huge diagonal for the tablet - 11.6 "- the device does not look cumbersome at all: save the most reduced thickness and extremely thin side frames. But the device is not so trivial as it may seem: it has a functional back panel that can be used as a stand.

Inside this handsome man, everything is also not so simple: the heart of the device is a processor from Intel with integrated graphics, and this company, as is known, produces only high-quality products. 4 GB of RAM, a 64 GB hard drive, unique for SSD devices-all this will allow not only to perform resource-intensive work tasks, but also to focus on a good game or quality movie, enjoying FullHD-resolution.

Teclast X2 Pro Tablet PC

The price in Russia ranges from 32,000 r., but on Gearbest.com you can buy a tablet cheaply - for $ 399, along with the docking station, which turns the device into a full netbook. Moreover, right now there is an opportunity to purchase it even cheaper Teclast X2 Pro Tablet PC, if you use a special coupon: X2PROAS.

Chuwi Vi8 Plus: work horse for $ 90

The main advantage of this device -the ability to get all the necessary features for work, as well as so convenient for operating Windows10, without feeling a blow on the pocket. In the category up to $ 100 it is difficult to find a good device, but Chuwi Vi8 Plus - a pleasant exception. If you need to buy a tablet cheaply, this is the best choice.

The design of the device does not go beyond the fashion trends of the world of gadgets: thin side frames, a minimum of buttons, a strict black body.

Chuwi Vi8 Plus

Surprising specifications:screen with HD-resolution and ideal viewing angles, a decent processor from Intel, 2 GB of RAM and 32 GB of internal memory. The device is light and compact, and also productive enough to constantly use it as a working gadget. If you do not want to spend extra money, and it was decided to buy a tablet inexpensively, in the store this miracle can be purchased for only $ 90.

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