DVR Prestigio RoadRunner 555: reviews and instructions


Not just because Americans call Russia a countryvideo recorders. After all, we have the largest number of drivers who install such adaptations in their cars. In fact, this is quite reasonable and justified. After all, almost any controversial situation on the road can be solved with the help of a video file, which recorded all the details. In this article, we will review reviews about the Prestigio RoadRunner 555, its features and key features.

prestigio roadrunner 555 reviews

General information

Always want to buy a quality product forrelatively little money. But it can not be done so often. This model of the video recorder from the company "Prestigio" has very good technical characteristics and at the same time is not too expensive. In the eyes immediately rushes the metal case. Immediately gives the impression of high quality and strength of the product. Quite a massive optics makes this recorder more like a modern digital camera.

But even more interesting is forshock-resistant case of the device, as evidenced by numerous consumer testimonials. DVR Prestigio RoadRunner 555 boasts a processor SPCA6330A, which continuously ensures smooth video shooting and high quality. And besides this device has a huge number of functions, each of which will be discussed in detail in this article.

High quality video

Some DVRs do not give the ownerno advantage. And everything is due to the low quality of video shooting that it is almost impossible to make out what is happening. But all this is already behind, because there was a car DVR Prestigio RoadRunner 555. Reviews among motorists about this device are almost always positive. Most often pay attention to a sufficiently high quality video. This is not surprising, because there is a 3-megapixel camera. There is a CMOS sensor and 6 levels of lenses. This ensures a high smoothness of frame change (30 fps) and an excellent viewing angle (156 degrees).

video recorder prestigio roadrunner 555 reviews

If you take into account that the recording is Full HDvideo, these characteristics are simply amazing. The picture is quite saturated and bright. The video shows all the details. Even a dirty number can be considered. With such a registrar, you will feel completely safe in case of conflict situations on the road.

Cyclic recording and G-sensor

Both these functions are extremely useful and shouldto be present on the modern navigator. At least, so many motorists and experts consider. What is a cyclic record? Imagine the situation that your DVR continuously removes the traffic situation for days. In this case, the place on the flash drive is not infinite, but no one usually cleans it. And one day the memory is full. Usually this happens at the most inopportune time. But the function of cyclic recording works so that the device continues to write information, while deleting the oldest and the unnecessary.

Many ordinary motorists leave feedback aboutPrestigio RoadRunner 555 PCDVRR555, its functionality and filling. Discussion touched the function called the G-sensor. This is a sensor that captures sudden acceleration and deceleration. If you fall into an accident, the video recorded with the G-sensor will not be deleted during the cyclic recording.

car video recorder prestigio roadrunner 555 reviews

A proven brand for years to come

The company "Prestigio" for more than 10 years is pleasedconsumers with a variety of IT-products. The company successfully sells its products in more than 80 countries around the world. This already shows that the production of "Prestige" enjoys increased popularity and demand. All because the manufacturer offers a reasonably high price at a reasonable price, and there is no special mark-up for the brand here either.

During the last 6 years "Prestigio"is a leader in GPS navigation in Russia and CIS countries, as well as in Central Europe. In the direction of "Prestigio" very often there are positive reviews. DVR Prestigio RoadRunner 555 PCDVRR555 is a quality and durable device. The rugged case is reliably protected from scratches, advanced electronics do not fail. Everything works smoothly and qualitatively, which simply can not but rejoice, and, the situation with the passage of time does not change at all.

Motion detection system

The shooting in Full HD requires a lot ofamount of storage space. That's why the developers have implemented a motion detection system. The essence of her work is that when a new moving object appears in the frame, recording begins. It turns out that leaving the car for the night, you can use the DVR as a surveillance camera. At the same time, the place is saved during downtime, which is very important. All this along with cyclic recording and G-sensor makes this DVR almost completely autonomous. All you need to do is not to forget to recharge the device.

If necessary, you can take the DVR fromyourself anywhere. It fits easily into your pocket. The shock-resistant case with protection from scratches allows to use the device even at active rest.

prestigio roadrunner 555 pcdvrr555 reviews

Car DVR Prestigio RoadRunner 555: customer reviews

When buying such equipment is always worth itappeal to consumer opinion. After all, sometimes it turns out that branded expensive products are no better than a budget model from a little-known manufacturer. As for this model of the DVR, then there is a lot of positive feedback. Most often, the following advantages stand out:

  • shockproof and stylish case of the device;
  • high quality of the assembly of the recorder;
  • simple and straightforward menu navigation;
  • system G-sensor, cyclic recording, etc .;
  • Compact, does not degrade the front view.

As for the cost, it will costpleasure of the order of 3 thousand rubles. According to buyers, this is the optimal price / quality ratio. After all, for this money you will get a solid, reliable device with good optics. The quality of the video is very decent, not only during the day, but also at night, which is quite important.

video recorder prestigio roadrunner 555 pcdvrr555 reviews

Good does not mean expensive

Many of us are used to finding a budgetgoods that meet certain requirements are rather difficult. If you want a good DVR, then you need to give 7 thousand rubles or more. However, if you dig deeper, this is not entirely true. The company "Prestigio" offers a rather high-tech DVR at the best price. If you compare with competitors, then devices with similar characteristics are more expensive, ranging from 5,5 thousand and above.

Very often pay attention to enoughA quality lens, it is often mentioned in the owners' reviews. Prestigio RoadRunner 555 with a viewing angle of 156 degrees almost got rid of the "fisheye" effect. If slight distortions are visible, then only in the corners of the image. It is noteworthy that the device shoots video with a resolution of 1920 × 1080, while video files do not take much time. All thanks to the video codec H.264, which is considered one of the most economical. Therefore, you can put a lot of records on the flash drive.

A few words about the device screen

The screen of the gadget is quite large, diagonalis 7.6 inches. This can not but rejoice, because such a display allows you to comfortably consider all the details of the recording. And simply navigating through the menu is quite convenient, but not only thanks to the wide screen. The developers made the management of the device as simple and straightforward as possible. With navigation even the beginner will understand. But just in case, you can use the instruction, where there is all the necessary detailed information on the management. The screen is bright and saturated, pixelation is almost invisible.

Another important point - it is possible to install a flash drive for 64 gigabytes. To save and store settings there is a small amount of internal memory.

car DVR prestigio roadrunner 555 pcdvrr555 reviews

Are there any disadvantages?

Despite a large number of strengths,DVR "Prestigio" has its drawbacks. The most urgent problem, which occurs in almost every second user - the computer does not see the device. Therefore, you have to remove the flash drive and use the card reader. Not very convenient, but there's nowhere to go. Also, consumers note the sensitivity of the G-sensor is too high. It works when you hit even a small pit. As a result, almost all the memory on the device will be occupied by non-deleted files. Therefore, a cyclic recording will not work as expected.

In addition to all of the above, I would likenote that the device does not like low temperatures. Hangs are detected, which are eliminated by restarting, or all is normalized after the recorder warms up. This shortcomings "Prestige" ends. In fact, the minuses are not so much. In most cases they are not critical. For example, the G-sensor actually works as it should, so it's more likely to sin on the quality of the road surface.

prestigio roadrunner 555 property reviews

Let's sum up the results

Here we are and we reviewed the DVR"Prestige". As you can see, this is a budget option and, nevertheless, the quality here is at the highest level. No wonder "Prestige" is considered a virtuoso of modern electronics. The company has all the necessary quality certificates. This model boasts excellent optics, a rugged body and small dimensions. This is a really high-quality DVR that removes not only during the day in good weather, but also at night, unlike some other products.

Progress does not stand still, and "Prestigio"constantly improving its electronic devices. This also applies to DVRs. A few years ago, a model with similar characteristics would be worth several times more expensive. Now it is more than an affordable product, which at this price has a lot of advantages. This is clearly seen in the multiple positive consumer reviews of the car DVR Prestigio RoadRunner 555 PCDVRR555.

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