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The Danish company Jamo belongs to the oldestEuropean manufacturers of audio equipment. In the history of the manufacturer there were several turning points, each of which raised the quality of its products to a new level. Today the company conducts its business, mostly based on its own developments, which allows it to form a unique style of sound. Engineers are developing in different directions, increasing the technological capabilities of Jamo products. The acoustic system in modern design is endowed with wireless modules, optimized interfaces and, in principle, new communication capabilities. All this in different forms is present in the equipment of the Danish manufacturer.

jamo speaker system

Jamo product features

The company combines in its creations two, it seemedwould, of the opposite style. So, in its assortment are regularly traced frankly experimental models. Among the most striking examples, one can single out the uncompensated 6-way Jamo speakers. The acoustic system R 909 demonstrated how optimized the high-end technique can be. However, this development has not been further developed.

And yet the main and most sensitiveThe peculiarities of the models of this firm cause a completely different - the conservative style. Following it and the best traditions of producing audio systems, the creators give the speakers a clear, dynamic and open sound. Melomaniacs characterize Jamo acoustic systems as natural and realistic. Detail and comprehensive study of the composition is provided by many modern companies, bringing to perfection the technical component of the performance of speakers. But in this case there is a vividness of the sound, and this can only be achieved by a skilful audio engineer.

Model Studio 180

loudspeakers jamo

The model is not a business card of the company, butshe was loved by many music lovers for balanced characteristics and an affordable price tag. Complex at a sensitivity of 92 dB produces 170 watts and covers the frequency range within 50 Hz-20 kHz. Obviously, many of these indicators attract, given that the market is sold for 20-25 thousand rubles. What explains this advantageous proposal? Many note the frankly low quality of the materials of the hull and finish. Therefore, immediately after the purchase, it is recommended that the Jamo Studio 180 speaker system be finalized for isolation. This procedure is carried out with light paste with plasticine, and from the inside experts also advise to glue the body with the noise insulator "Gerlen". For the depth of playback of the lower spectrum, it is desirable to increase the rigidity of the structure, physically reinforcing it with spacers.

Model C 95

Speaker system 1

The representative of the junior segment of 2-wayfloor systems. Although the company specializes in 3-strip massive columns, in the middle and junior classes, too, often there are successful models. In this case, attention deserves and finishing, and internal filling. As for the first, the developers used metal inserts and generally implemented the design in a monolithic style, which is also characteristic of Jamo products. Acoustic system C 95 on the internal device has many differences, which consist in a new tweet with an increased suspension and a special configuration of the high-frequency link.

An innovative minimization system was useddistortions of TDR, due to which the sound became saturated and pure. As for the filling materials, the diffusers are made of hybrid composites, and the speakers use titanium and aluminum.

Model S506 HCS3

One of the most famous systems of the company, producedin recent years. Interest in this kit is due to a combination of high power and small size, which ensures ease of operation without loss in the basic performance indicators. However, to extract the most profitable sound, you still have to carefully choose the location of the components. For this system, in particular, placement in corners is contraindicated, since this will result in minimization in the depth of the bass.

complete set of loudspeakers jamo s506 hcs3 wenge

The construction of the front part is presented2-band component, which is complemented by one high-frequency and a pair of mid- and low-frequency speakers. Special attention should be paid to the modified acoustic system Jamo S506 HCS3 Wenge, which realized an interesting feature in the balance in volume and reproduction of the lower spectrum. Even at low volume, low frequencies are not clogged with uppercase, giving a clear and detailed disclosure of the sound "picture." As for the middle and high frequencies as such, they are initially reproduced without problems, naturally reflecting the smallest nuances of the party.

Model S 606 HCS3

The company's advanced offer, whichcharacteristics, dimensions and communication capabilities is optimally suited for use as a typical home acoustics. The manufacturer recommends a complex for premises with an area of ​​20-30 m2. According to the configuration, this is a modern acousticsystem 5.1. Jamo included in the kit 3-way speakers and satellites. The front pair is complemented by a tweeter of 25 mm, two speakers and a massive low-frequency driver. During the development, engineers carefully selected the radiators in calibers, which eventually allowed for flexibility in the reproduction of different compositions without a definite directionality in one direction or another.

finalization of the acoustic system jamo studio 180


Each manufacturer of audio equipment with timedevelops its tools to achieve high quality products. The balance of the characteristics of the internal filling, optimized finishing materials and extensive customization options are the key sides that Jamo draws attention to. The acoustic system of this brand, perhaps, is not so well known to a large audience of amateurs, but professionals are well acquainted with its merits. In addition, among the leaders of the segment, the company is gradually gaining weight, popularizing high-tech solutions. For users of entry-level columns, this product may be of interest and affordable cost. At least against the background of competing systems.

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