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"Nokia Lumiya 620" is one of the fewbudget smartphones that work with the OS Windows Phone 8. It is perfect for those who want to get acquainted with this OS personally, although it does not lack the disadvantages caused by a rather low cost - about 7 thousand rubles. The model was released in 2013.


"Nokia Lumiya 620" received a bright and laconicdesign, characteristic for many "Lumii". The back covers come in 6 colors: white, yellow, hot pink, green, blue and black. All of them are not only very bright and rich, but also easily removed. So you can buy covers of different colors and change them under the mood.

nokia 620

But at the same time, "Nokia 620" looks not only bright, but also a little cumbersome, which makes the appearance less expensive. With a size of 11.5 x 6.1 x 1.1 cm and weighing 113 g, the smartphone seems small and plump.

The screen is rather small, 3.8-inch, with a resolution of 480 x 800. Of course, this is not the largest and brightest display, but for a budget model this is quite enough.

Above the screen there is a speaker, to the left of it -front camera, on the right - the manufacturer's logo. At the top there is a headphone jack and a microphone, on the bottom there is a microphone and a microUSB connector that is responsible for connecting the smartphone to the computer and charging the battery.

The back side, in addition to a bright acid color, boasts a camera with flash, Nokia logo and speaker.

The left end remained perfectly smooth, buton the right are all the necessary physical buttons: volume, on / off and camera. The first 2 is very convenient to press with one hand, and the latter, on the contrary, does not hurt. But when switching to shooting mode and horizontal orientation of the smartphone, the camera button is just under the index finger.

The connector for the MicroSIM card is under the battery, and to change the microSD card, the power does not have to be disconnected: the connector is located just below the back cover.

nokia lumiya 620

"Filling" smartphone "Nokia 620"

Characteristics of the model correspond to its pricecategory and even surpass it a little. Dual-core processor Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 operates at a frequency of 1 GHz, and RAM for the smartphone 512 GB. This is enough for a stable and fast operation of Windows 8.

The internal memory of the smartphone is 8 GB. But we should not forget that about half of it is occupied by system files. So the use of microSD-cards up to 64 GB is a necessary step for comfortable work.

Of course, the model supports Bluetooth 3.0, Wi-Fi, NFC, GPS, and 3G.

nokia 620 phone

Interface and individual settings

"Nokia 620" in the literal sense is created for Windows 8, so the operation of the operating system will pleasantly surprise you.

When you turn on or after unlocking your smartphoneuser greets the screen with the time, date, battery level and signal. All this - against the background of wallpaper, which you can change yourself. After scrolling up, the start screen appears. Applications on it are presented in the form of tiles, the size of which can be changed (3 options). You can arrange them in a convenient order, while they are optimally added to the overall picture, regardless of the size of each individual icon. Some applications have "live" icons, for example the photo gallery icon constantly shows different frames from there.

Nokia 620 Specifications

The color of the tiles is mainly dependent onused theme and changes in mass when it changes. But the settings of the background for the tiles are small: you can choose only a brighter or darker option, you will not be able to place the picture in its place.

It is interesting that all applications are located in the form of a list, going down, and not sideways, as is customary in iOS or Android. Good or bad is a matter of taste, but definitely unconventional.

In addition to the standard settings, such as themes,connections, signals and others, there is an interesting option "Children's Corner". It allows you to restrict access to the contents of the smartphone, ie, the new user will be able to open only those applications, media files and games that have been added to the list of exceptions. In addition, the mode does not allow you to pay for purchases in games and in a Windows store.

Applications are installed quickly and easily, directly from the smartphone or in the form of downloaded files received when connected to a computer. Therefore, setting the Nokia 620 takes a minimum of time.

Photo and video

In this regard, the Nokia 620 phone is not much different from its competitors. Two cameras - the main 5 megapixel and frontal 0.3 MP - will allow you to make crisp and beautiful shots on the go and chat in video chat.

In the application for shooting there is a considerable numberPhoto settings: exposure, white balance, ISO, autofocus. There is an outbreak, as well as several shooting scenarios, for example "Night" or "Macro". There is a option for scanning QR-codes.

nokia lumiya 620 reviews

The quality of photos is satisfactory, of course, it is inferior to a digital camera, but for a budget smartphone it is quite worthy.

Video settings are much smaller: white balance, quality level (maximum - 720 pixels for main and 480 pixels for front camera), on / off focus. No shooting modes.

Accumulator "Nokia 620"

The hero of our review is very goodcharacteristics, despite the modest price, but still a place for a fly in the ointment was found. She became a smartphone battery. 1300 mAh - this is its nominal capacity, which in itself does not sound impressive. The manufacturer promises 14 hours and 40 minutes of talk time, 331 hours of standby time or 61 hours of music.

In general, if a day you do severalcalls and a little listening to music, then the battery charge is enough for a day, or even more. But if you actively use the Internet, games, watch movies or do any other tasks related to the constant work of the screen, then in the middle of the day the smartphone can be discharged.

But you can significantly delay this moment by reducing the brightness of the screen or turning on the energy-saving mode.

nokia 620 setup

Customer Reviews

What do the users themselves say about Nokia's 620? Reviews about the smartphone is usually positive.

First of all, the build quality is worthy of praise: the strong case and good glass allowed to survive not one drop of the device from its owners (but it is not recommended to check their durability purposefully).

nokia 620 battery

The operating system, although different from the more popular Android and iOS, but not for the worse. Its design is clear, convenient, aesthetic and easily customizable.

The software is perfectly matchedwith the technical capabilities of the smartphone, which ensures stable operation without hanging. In the rare case when they occur, the smartphone is easy to "bring to life" by clicking on the unlock button. When you turn on the system reboots, leaving open applications running earlier.

Simultaneous execution of several tasks is also not a problem for Nokia 620. For example, the Internet, maps, listening to music and WhatsApp does not slow it down at all.

The quality of the pictures is more than satisfied with the customers, the same is true for the video.

Convenient free maps that can be downloaded in parts to use, even if the smartphone is offline, were liked and useful to many customers.

Many reviews agree that this purchase exceeds expectations.

The main drawback

The most contentious issue - the battery life - also surprisingly does not cause resentment of customers.

The smartphone is so accurately designed that evensuch a small battery is enough for full-time work during the day. Of course, the constant playback of video or the use of 3G quickly shed the battery, but after all, not every day you watch movies on the go for hours, and 3G so far has a similar effect on all models.

To the minuses of smartphones running on Windows 8,often include a limited number of applications. But today, users are confused by this issue less and less. First, their number is growing rapidly. Secondly, they are better and more debugged than many analogs on Android. Well, thirdly, they completely shut down the main tasks, and it's up to you to decide whether the applications of each store or site you are once in need, which are malfunctioning or cause the phone to hang, are so necessary. The Microsoft team is primarily driven by quality, not by the amount of its software.

nokia 620 battery

Summing up

"Nokia 620" - to some extent, the opening onmarket smartphones. But not in terms of brilliant characteristics or huge displays. This is a model that clearly demonstrated that a budget smartphone does not need to be a boring, unreasoned design, with hangs, poor quality of materials and even worse camera. On the contrary, it has become a model of accessibility and quality. The only significant complaint is the battery, but whether it will bring inconvenience to the user, depends solely on the purposes that he puts when using a smartphone. If you are determined to watch video and play for a long time, then you will be better suited for another model, with a large screen, a battery and a fast processor. If you need a beautiful and productive "workhorse" - "Nokia 620" is great for her role.

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