Smartphone "Micromax A79": features, tests, reviews


Telephone "Micromax A79" for the price isaffordable for many people. However, before buying a device it is important to familiarize yourself with the parameters of the device. First of all, it should be noted that the operating system is used by the "Android 4.4" series.

Display resolution for smartphoneUnequivocally does not refer to the strengths of the model. In this case, its diagonal is only 4 inches. Despite such a modest size, this device is not very compact. With a length of 127 mm and a width of 65.8 mm, the thickness of said device is slightly more than 11 mm. Speaking about other parameters, it should be noted that the camera is available at 2 megapixels. The device can boast 512 MB of RAM, and the built-in 4 GB.

The battery to the phone is includedwith a capacity of 1400 mAh. If you believe the reviews of consumers, then for a comfortable communication this should be enough. It is smartphone "Micromax A79" (market price) about 4 thousand rubles.

micromax a79 reviews

Tests of "stuffing"

The dual-core processor in this case is the frequencyholds at the level of 1000 MHz. It is located next to the selector. The specified element is responsible for signal transmission. Under the display is a compact modulator. It's very easy to control the sensor. The signal in the device receives the chip. It is installed in a three-channel model. If you believe the reviews of experts, then with conductivity, it's all good.

The converter deserves special attention,which helps improve system performance. Contacts in the smartphone are used with the usual lining. Directly the filters under the selector are of the duplex type. Also, it should be noted that the traverses in the device are missing, so the "Micromax A79" price 4 thousand rubles. is fully justified.

Tools for communication

From the tower, the signal from this smartphone is caught well. If you believe the reviews of consumers, then the voice of the interlocutor is audible normally. In this case, the Internet is supported in all formats. If necessary, the browser can be installed on the device any. "Opera Classic" system is supported. With it you can easily mark your favorite sites. In this case, the tabs on the browser bar are relatively easy to move.

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If necessary, privacy settingsthe user is able to change. Directly navigating through the pages are carried out quite quickly. Ordinary messages from the device can also be sent. There are many tools for this. In particular, the user is able to select the objects to be sent. Images and symbols in the SMS can be inserted.


Using the camera in this smartphone, you canshoot high-quality video. If desired, the user can select the resolution of the image. The model for smoothing the bands is available. Effects for the adjustment of the manufacturer is quite a lot. In particular, the user has the ability to change the brightness of the image. The white balance function in the camera is available. Thus, problems with glare can easily be solved. Also, the device provides an option for viewing images. If you wish, you can choose the exposition.

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Reviews about the camera

For the camera smartphone "Micromax A79" reviewsreceives different. If to speak about advantages, then buyers praise the model for good sensitivity. At night, the photos are quite good. If necessary, you can set the contrast of images. The videos are not very fast. The function of face detection in the device is not provided. The zoom is used four times in this case. According to the owners of the model, the saturation of the photo can also be chosen.


To the specified phone in a standard setthe instructions are attached as well as the charger. In this case, the cover is of a book type. USB cable available. Headphones go to the phone ordinary. In stores cases for "Mikromaks A79" are different, so if you want, you can change them.

General settings

Configure the smartphone "Micromax A79" is very easy. Tools in the presented device are only the most necessary. First of all, you should note a lot of standard music, which you can choose for calls. In this case, for each contact, the melody is set separately. The vibrating function in the device is available. If desired, the owner can change the sounds of touches.

In order to familiarize yourself with the existingmodes, go to the main menu. Call barring in the phone can be disabled. In order to activate the teston, you need to go to the accessories tab. There are quite a few headphone modes. Bluetooth is also adjustable in the model. If desired, his name can not be changed much. All settings can always be restored to their original appearance. To do this, the owner will have to go to the device settings tab.

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Special abilities

Among the special settings of the smartphone "MicromaxA79 "option, the option of linking the display should be noted, in this case, its auto-rotate function is activated by default.If you want, you can customize the scale transitions yourself, while the calibration option in the phone is provided.

If you believe consumer reviews, then trackthe processor can be busy in the phone. To turn off the backup function, go to the Hardware tab. If necessary, dummy file locations can be included. However, error reports can be viewed in an expanded form.

Display settings

Customize the panel of the presented device is prettyjust. In this case, programs can be transferred to the display absolutely everything. In addition, there is the ability to set the screen saver. To do this, go to the main menu. Backlight model "Micromax A79" to adjust there is an opportunity. If necessary, the font size is selected through the display tab. The parameters of the sleep mode, in turn, are assigned in the general settings of the smartphone. The slide show function is available in the device. The clock can be adjusted in the smartphone. The date is also displayed on the display.

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In order to view the existingapplication in the device, it is necessary for the owner to go to the main menu. There, first of all, there is an anti-virus system for protecting the smartphone. The quick scan function is provided in it. Also for the "Micromax A79" there are many games. Among them are presented both race and strategy. If necessary, download new games to the device easily. To listen to music there is a "Player Pro" application. In turn, "Updecor" will allow the owner to quickly select an interesting image for the screen saver on the smartphone.

For comfortable communication with friends, you canRun "Twitter" or "Skype". The default file manager is set to "Astro" series. If desired, it can easily be changed to another program. To clean up unnecessary files in the list, there is a "Wedge Wizard". This application is very simple, and it will not be difficult to understand it. The online store in the model is installed "Mobilyake." In turn, the photo editor is provided by the "Snapsid" series. Tools for changing the effects of photos he has a lot. It is not easy to understand a newcomer in this application, and this should be taken into account. If necessary, you can download a simpler photo editor.

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Organizer functions

It includes a clock and a calendar.Calculator for the model "Micromax A79" is installed normal, but you can calculate the percentage using it. It also includes a set of standard options for adding and subtracting digits. If you believe the reviews of consumers, then it opens quickly enough. The stopwatch in the organizer list is provided. Also there is a very convenient timer.


With the help of "Rom Manager" user is able torather quickly flash "Micromax Bolt A79". To do this, you first need to download the program. On the web, it is not easy to find, but it is possible. After running the "Rom Manager" it is necessary to connect the phone to the personal computer. To do this, you need to use a USB cable.

micromax a79

Next, you will need to test the equipment.On the top panel of the program there is a tab of check. After launching the test, information about the phone appears on the screen. In order to start installing the system files, there is a start button at the bottom of the window.

The entire firmware lasts no more than 20 minutes.In order for the process not to be interrupted, the battery of the smartphone must be fully charged. After the procedure, the device is checked immediately. In particular, you need to test various applications and see the settings of the phone "Micromax Bolt A79".

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