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A smartphone that has a wide range of functions,is a habitual for us everyday helper, greatly facilitating our life. His protection, as a rule, is limited to the purchase of a beautiful cover on the back cover, "bumper" or film on the screen (and, perhaps, all at once).

Moreover, we are also accustomed to the fact that in the case ofAny physical impact on this or that model of the phone is seriously damaged. So, if you fall to the floor, the touch screen is most often broken - and this is in case the system of the device as a whole is not broken. But this does not apply to all smartphones.

There is a category of devaysov (and you, probably, aboutit has already been heard many times), which behave quite differently. They can be safely taken with them on a hike, on a hunt or in any other place with unfavorable conditions for operation. Moreover, the work of such a device is not easy to violate, even if you want to. One of them will be the object of our review.

Hummer Phone

Meet in front of you - shockproof phone"Hammer", provided with all possible means for protection. More information about what distinguishes the device from other phones, including the same - protected, read on.

About smartphone

First of all, I would like to clarify thatThe phone we describe is not one model from a particular manufacturer. No, this phone is issued by different companies, but they are all united by a similar design and identical name, which has occurred from the car brand.

Also it is necessary to say what exactly this meansthe characteristic of the device as an "increased degree of protection". After all, many smartphones already have certain elements to protect them from damage. For example, such can be Gorilla Glass, a thick plastic case or, for example, the use of metal elements in the case.

But the "Hammer" (the phone that became the object ofour review) is a somewhat different device, and the degree of protection is an order of magnitude higher. In addition to standard - resistance to shocks and scratches, - the smartphone is also not afraid of getting moisture and dust due to complete isolation from them. And this is quite noticeable in its appearance.

Although we will talk a little about the design of the modelfurther on the text, on the whole it can be noted that he in every way emphasizes the essence of the apparatus, its powerful protection and the ability to transfer any conditions. And all this - at a very affordable price of 100-120 dollars. A truly unique device!


phone hammer reviews

The case of the device, as befits a protectedphones, painted in bright colors and has an angular surface. With her, as we already noted, the phone looks bigger and stronger. In addition, the developers did not adhere to the classic shape of the hull of their phone "Hammer". The phone is in the form of an irregular octagon. Its center is decorated with a darkened display (which visually does not distinguish the model from many other modern smartphones); While on the perimeter is an orange and gray edging. Its ribbed and rubber texture also emphasize the sporty style of the phone. Plus, of course, the whole body is covered with relief, which makes the device incredibly practical in all senses.

On all sides the model is covered with plugs andfixators (simply speaking - screws that perform decorative value and, apparently, hold the outer panels of the phone). Rubber plugs can be found on the charging holes, as well as for headphones.

The control elements of the model are located on the sameclassic scheme, as on other Android-smartphones. In particular, under the screen (on the front panel) there are a number of three system keys - "Home", "Back" and "Options". The side panel also contains a pair of buttons that act as a sound adjuster. On top of the face is visible the button to unlock the screen. Buttons are covered with rubber pads, which will accurately protect against dust and moisture (as mentioned earlier).


cell phone hummer

Because the phone in question hasa high degree of protection, the developers obviously had to sacrifice its screen, making it based on the IPS technology measuring 3.5 inches. The older Hammer cell phone is generally equipped with a TFT-screen. Due to this color and saturation of the picture on the screen, of course, can not be compared with what manufacturers of modern smartphones offer. The resolution of 800 by 480 pixels is only an additional confirmation - the picture turns out to be less clear, and if desired, you can see the granularity.

The phone's screen is covered with a massive protective glass,which in thickness is clearly superior to Gorilla Glass. According to the technical specifications, he is able to transfer the fall from a height of two meters to the concrete surface.


In addition to the simplified screen, "Hammer" - phone,which also has not the most powerful processor. At least, the model parameters state that the smartphone operates on the basis of MTK6515, which has one core clocking up to 1 GHz. This "filling" allows you to talk about the smooth operation of the menu with some basic functions and simple applications. In this case, it is unlikely that you will be able to run cumbersome games from the point of view of graphics and operating resources.

Describing the phone "Hammer" testimonials indicate that the model periodically hangs, which causes a lot of inconvenience to the user. This is logical - the processor here is not used the most powerful.


In the process of preparing the survey, we succeeded infind out that the "Hummer" is a phone that does not have any one clearly defined version. Those representatives of it that are present on the market have different volumes of both operational (from 128 MB to 2 GB), and built-in memory (from 2 to 8 GB). Many devices also support memory cards in order to increase the space for the placement of personal files.

shockproof Hummer phone

Therefore, the possibilities of the device, which will fall into your hands, should be specified from the seller who offers the model.

operating system

Unchanged for all versions, which possessesmobile phone "Hummer", is the work on Android OS. This is a common platform with which many developers interact. The version of it depends on how long the device was introduced. Most often it is a modification of 4.1.1 or 5.1 (on newer models). It is also possible to manually flash the phone to the version you need.


mobile phone hummer

As evidenced by the reviews that we were able tofind about the "Hummer", the phone has a powerful battery with a capacity of 3000 mAh. Again, this indicator may vary depending on who produced the model - but, in general, it should be noted the high capacity of the device's batteries and, as a result, a long work and a high degree of autonomy of the model. This feature is very useful, because the phone is positioned as a "marching" device, helping out where there are no power supplies.


In order to increase the universalitysmartphone, the manufacturers took care of supporting them at once two SIM cards. At what this option recently is present on many phones, taking into account the user's needs to work immediately with two operators. No exception, as you understand, and the phone "Hummer."

phone hammer photo

Instructions to the device indicate that bothcards are supported by the phone in 3G networks, which makes it possible to work with high-speed Internet. It, in turn, can be useful, for example, for navigation or sending / receiving messages.


Reviews about the phone "Hammer", whose photo youcould see in this article, come the most different. Some praise the device, noting its ability to withstand the ingress of moisture and dust, resistance to shocks. Others indicate that the phone is working with delays, often "buggy" and hangs due to its weak processor. It can also be said that the model can get caught with a factory fault when this or that system is not functioning properly. For example, there is information about a rather common problem, that the phone does not catch the GSM signal if it is in the navigation mode (GPS). This is a significant problem, because it implies wrong coordination of the smartphone, its lack of optimization and imbalance.


What about the phone?First of all, it should be noted that there are no guarantees for your model. Since officially no company is engaged in the production of smartphones "Hammer", in fact, there is no one to complain about the low quality of the device.

telephone hummer manual

In contrast, it can be noted thatgadget has a high degree of protection (at least, user tests conducted at their own risk and showed that the smartphone is really working in the water) and is offered at a low price. This means that it can be bought, for example, for the same hunt, provided that you need an inexpensive device that does not mind running in such conditions, having the necessary functionality.

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