Tablet features: what do we know about them?


What to do with the tablet, if the game is bored, and fromsurfing the Internet starts to hurt your head? Of course, you can still watch funny videos or read a book. But then all these entertainments also get bored. What other features do tablets have? How to use your personal gadget in full force? What else can he do? Let's try to understand this difficult problem together.

Tablet Features

What is a tablet?

Many, probably, will be surprised, apparently, soan obvious question. But in our case we do not mean the technical side, but the functional purpose. Take, for example, smartphones. With these devices everything is extremely clear - they are designed for communications. Such telephones are overgrown, which can with their computing power easily compete with old PCs of the past decade. The tablet, whose capabilities and functions are constantly improving, also actively catches stationary computers in terms of its technical parameters. And some of them, for example, the resolution of the monitors of the latest iPad, already outpace the similar characteristics of most modern laptops (not counting the model from Apple). And at the same time, the possibilities of tablets cause a lot of questions, and ordinary users have a very vague idea about them. But in fact some of the available opportunities will surely interest those who would like to show their creative abilities.

Editing photos and creating graphics

tablet features and functions
For this interesting feature of tabletsdevelopers have come up with relevant applications, such as SketchBook X and Procreate. On the one hand, drawing a finger on the glass holds a lot of advantages, and on the other - often there are problems with small details. And this is the main drawback. Despite the fact that the above applications allow you to change the scale of the picture, getting it to within a pixel is quite difficult. And this causes certain inconveniences, especially when you want to depict filigree details. However, the use of a quality, sensitive stylus allows you to cope with this problem. Now there are even such feathers (for example, the pen JaJa), which, in addition to the force of pressing, also respond to the angle of inclination, and this allows you to come close to the professional level.

Second monitor

Not everyone knows about this curiouscapabilities of tablets. Using the "tablet" as an additional screen allows you to display on the auxiliary device almost the same picture that shows the main device. And on the tablet the image is available not only for viewing - with the help of the touch screen it is possible to drag windows, manage the task list, draw, etc. Here there is where the fantasy waxes. Usually for this purpose use the program Air Display (iOS), ScreenSlider (Android) or iDisplay. Unfortunately, these applications are paid, and although their price is not too high, this is the main disadvantage of this possibility of the tablets. In order for this feature to work, you will also need to install a free server on the user's computer and set up communication via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or USB cable.

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Editing videos

This opportunity is one of the mostdemanding to the resources of the tablet, and therefore it's okay to use it only on top-end devices equipped with iOS or Android. The iPhone and iPad are initially equipped with the Camera application, which makes it possible to perform basic manipulations. And owners of any other tablets can download an application from Google Play or Apple iTunes Store. Despite the fact that even the best programs, such as Avid Studio and iMovie, are still far from professional work, if you have high-quality cameras, you can try yourself as a novice film director.


Regardless of how future projects are designedthe possibility of a tablet Samsung or tablets of other manufacturers, most of the options for using the "tablet" is reduced to creative activity. And although the border between it and entertainment is not very clear now, this circumstance seems to be temporary. A few more decades will pass, and the capabilities of tablet PCs will allow them to move from the intermediate class of devices to real computers, and the old stationary PCs will become a museum rarity.

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