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Summer weather can not always please, butthe number of people wishing to make a country outing from this does not change. Nature has always lured and will attract people. Here are just some of its factors do not contribute too much to a pleasant and relaxed rest.

thermacell reviews
Mosquitoes - one of the most violent offenderstranquility, which definitely will not allow you to fully enjoy the rest in the forest or on the river bank. In addition to concern, their bites may pose a considerable danger in terms of the possibility of spreading dangerous infectious and invasive diseases, which is especially important in the southern regions of our country.

The solution to the problem is. These are electronic mosquito repellers, of which there are numerous reviews in the network. Thermacell is one of the best representatives of these devices. How much of his advertising is true? Our article will tell about this.

What it is?

As a rule, for repelling mosquitoessome chemical means. Everyone knows repellents in the form of ointments, balms and sprays, which need to process themselves and their clothes before going out on nature.

Among the merits of this kind ofattributed the cheapness and convenience of use. However, the latter is not all so smooth. Many summer residents complain that repellents do not stick to the skin, instantly washed off with water or sweat. And how to weed the garden, if you are bitten by dozens of mosquitoes? In addition, too often to apply to the skin of such funds can not, because it is fraught with poisoning.

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Doctors often say that in the summer they are constantlythere are patients with symptoms of severe enough poisoning. Often they are caused precisely by the unreasonable use of chemical repellents. In particular, do not put such funds on the damaged and inflamed parts of the skin. Of course, our article is not dedicated to this, but so important details still will not hurt to know every lover of holiday.

In any case, the poor state of health after theirapplications indicate many reviews. Thermacell is a fundamentally different solution based on knowledge of the biology of mosquitoes. The device produces high-frequency sounds that are not audible to the person's ear, but have a tremendous impact on bloodsuckers. As a rule, either an alarm sound for the mosquitoes themselves, or the sound of approaching their natural enemy (the dragonfly, for example) is simulated. Scarers can be performed both in a stationary and mobile (keychain) version.

History of development

For the first time such methods, allowing to securethemselves from the presence of bloodthirsty insects, the military became interested. They often and for a long time had to be in the field, and millions of mosquitoes did not add a division of combat effectiveness. In addition, in tropical conditions, hematophagi can carry the most dangerous viral and invasive infections, so the issue of protection against them stood before the military ranks very sharply.

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A corresponding order was given to scientists, after whichintensive research began. Soon it was found out that a strong electromagnetic field is extremely effective on insects. Even cockroaches are afraid of him, and bees and mosquitoes do fly around zones with a high frequency of EMR (electromagnetic radiation) by circumferential paths. However, with bees all is quite bad: "grabbing" even a small dose of radiation, they completely lose the ability to orientate, can not get into the hive and die.

Health is more expensive!

There was only one small difficulty. The point is that for a sustainable effect, a frequency was required that was extremely dangerous for the health of the person himself. Even then, biologists and doctors warned that a long stay near sources of electromagnetic radiation can lead to severe pathologies, including even oncology.

This was particularly noticeable for seamen,which often worked with radar equipment, which gave similar effects. No protective measures were planned at that time, and therefore few of them lived to a happy pension. It was urgently needed to find something equally effective, but without dangerous side effects.

That's when the experience of those biologists came in handy,who studied the behavior of bats. Scientists have long noticed that insects somehow feel the presence of a predator, so that they can change the trajectory of the flight in a timely manner.

As it turned out, mosquitoes take ultrasoundsignals from the mouse for the "red light". Taking them, they try to get out of the way of the flying predator. Why not once again take advantage of natural "developments"? It was then that electronic devices appeared that imitate sounds produced by natural enemies of mosquitoes.

thermacell mosquito repeller

What is their effectiveness in terms of advertising?

The producers themselves promise that as a resultThe device produces an area of ​​approximately 2 x 2 meters, completely free of blood-sucking insects. If you use a stationary version, you can "clear" the space of about 4x4 meters.

In addition, they promise that efficiencyIn no way depends on weather factors. Even if there is a small rain that almost completely neutralizes standard chemical repellents, mosquitoes will not be within reach. What do the reviews say? Thermacell, according to many gardeners and gardeners, is quite a good tool that really fulfills its purpose.

This is based on their experience, which was obtained in fairly characteristic and generally prevalent conditions.

Efficiency in the premises

As buyers of such devices say, their purposewas the acquisition of a truly harmless to health and compact means that could protect people in the apartment from mosquito bites all year round. Yes, it is the Thermacell device that will be necessary for you all year round.

The fact is that in the basement of apartment houses theseinsects perfectly reproduce themselves even in winter. Particularly well, they feel themselves when sewage drains enter the basement. The proteins that are contained in such a liquid are enough for reproduction. Of course, the females of such "troglodytes" are eager to fly through the ventilation pipes, from where they get into the apartments.

Impressions of customers

Consequently, an electronic mosquito repeller inurban conditions will always be in demand. Tests of models in practical conditions showed that the efficiency of electronic fumigators is quite good. Users say that the frequency of bites has decreased by an order of magnitude, and the number of bloodsucking insects that used to be in the apartment constantly decreased significantly.

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This is especially noted by the parents of young children, whom winged bloodsuckers particularly annoy, sometimes leading to serious dermatitis and other skin lesions.

We did not accidentally say about the frequency of bites.Unfortunately, the electronic repeller of mosquitoes does not give a full guarantee of getting rid of them in any case. This is its main negative difference from chemical repellents, which in the rooms prevent bites in almost 100% of cases.

The main mistakes of buyers

It should be noted that in some cases, lowefficiency is due not so much to poor quality (or total ineffectiveness) of devices, as to errors in their installation. So, focusing on the experience of their communication with conventional chemical repellents, people put a Thermacell fumigator in one room, and themselves go to bed in the other.

Is it worth mentioning that the effectiveness of the devicestrongly falls? In this case, people begin to say that the purchase did not justify their hopes. It should be remembered that the principle of action of such a fumigator is based on the propagation of sound. Even one reliable door may well be an insurmountable obstacle for him, so it's necessary to put the device in the same room, which should be protected as much as possible from penetration of bloodsuckers.

Other conditions

If you have interior doors froma solid array of trees, they are likely to completely cover the signal completely. A pair of concrete walls with a probability of 100% will make the use of the device completely useless.

Another mistake - in the room a lot of workhousehold appliances. Especially it concerns wireless routers and other equipment that uses wireless communication channels. The fact is that in this case there is a large amount of interference that, due to their superposition on the signals of the device, sharply reduces the efficiency of the latter.

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How to solve this problem?

So the device Thermacell (reviews about which weconsider) in such conditions becomes completely useless? If some measures are taken, the situation can be improved somewhat. First, try to turn off at night even some devices that use wireless channels.

Secondly, you can try to userouters operating at a frequency of 5 GHz. They give much less interference. Feedback from users indicates that in this case the number of bites actually decreases sharply.

Feedback indicates that, providedAvailability within the "visibility" of 10-15 wireless Internet points the efficiency of the device falls almost to zero. In short, here is the most appropriate "recipe" for using Thermacell: mosquito repeller is most effective in country houses, provided it is installed in the bedroom.

Users confirm that the number of bitesin this case is reduced to almost zero. Of course, if the device is installed in the bedroom, and also in the absence of massive partitions and friends.

How are things on the street?

And here Thermacell Mosquito Repellent showedyourself not from the best side. To begin with, the fishermen and hunters who took this equipment into the forest were not very satisfied with its characteristics. They believe that the efficiency of the electronic mosquito repeller is approaching zero in the open air.

So, experienced fishermen report that with the includeddevice and without a special suit to be on the bank of the Siberian river is unreal. Most likely, this is due to the banal properties of sound. It simply dissipates in the surrounding space, and most mosquitoes do not even notice its stopping action.

In tents, especially made of densematerials, everything is much better. Even if they do not have dense valves, there are almost no insects inside. This fully confirms the theory of ultrasound reflection.


 thermacell device
Thus, the Thermacell device, the pricewhich is about 1200 rubles, is a good help when protecting from bloodsucking insects at home, but recommend it for open air is not worth it. If you intend to go to the forest or to the river, it is better to use standard chemical repellents and protective clothing. Of course, their application involves some difficulties, but the result will be guaranteed.

Here such responses.Thermacell is a well-proven equipment, but it should be used wisely and in a suitable situation. Otherwise, you just waste your time, and you will also find yourself completely bitten by mosquitoes. Not the best alternative!

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