How to send a parcel from China to Russia? Tracking parcels from China


With the advent of online stores sellingcheap goods from China, users of the World Wide Web began to ask questions about how to send a parcel from China to Russia, how much it would cost, and how to make sure that the goods are already on the way.

In order to understand how the transportation of parcels is going on, it is necessary to find out how the post office of China is arranged, through what checks the cargo passes, and how the service works during national holidays.

State Post of China

The National Postal Service of China was firstis mentioned in 1949. Since that time, the network has grown significantly. Across the country there are about eighty two thousand post offices, as well as about 230 sorting centers. Every day more than 860 thousand employees send and receive parcels.

how to send a parcel from China to Russia

To understand how to send a parcel from China toRussia, it is necessary to understand how, from the point of view of the buyer, the Chinese postal service operates. The speed of delivery affects many factors: the time of shipment, the location of the warehouse, the load of mail.

Receiving and sending parcels

To understand how to send a parcel from China to Russia, it is necessary to find out how the goods are delivered to post offices.

In China, a lot of sorting centers, but the mostlarge are in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Guangzhou. But only two of them - in Beijing and Shanghai - operate at maximum speed. Also an important role is played by the location of warehouses of sellers. Almost all parcels depart through two airports: Shanghai and Beijing.

mail to track the parcel from China to Russia

The speed of sending depends on the seller. Small suppliers individually pack each product and take it to the post office. In such cases, the dispatch may take several days.

Large Chinese sellers use logistics centers, which are engaged in sorting and packaging. Then the parcel is sent to the post office within a few hours.

Then the procedure is standard: sorting, processing and commencement of transit. Depending on how the mail works, you can track the parcel from China to Russia in a few hours.


Often when shopping in Chineseonline stores users see free shipping to almost anywhere in the world. This does not mean that the Chinese postal services do not take money for their work. The seller just added the cost of delivery to the cost of the goods.

It is also worth noting that the tariffs for sendingparcels in China are quite low. Sending a small package weighing a hundred grams will cost only 18 yuan. For every additional one hundred grams - another fifteen yuan.

how much the parcel from China to Russia flies

Sellers in Chinese online stores can notkeep low prices and thanks to the fact that China post provides regular customers with good discounts. Therefore, most cheap products go for the cheapest type of shipment: without a track number.

Attaching a track number to the parcel will cost about 2-3 dollars. This option can also be purchased on the store's website for an additional amount.

Undoubtedly, each postal service has its own rates. You can see them on official websites.


When sending parcels an important point isPackage Tracking. "Mail of Russia" from China receives many items. Track on the native and Russian sites the parcel is possible by track number. However, it is worth noting that the Russian Post cooperates not with all Chinese postal services.

tracking parcels mail russia from china

It is much more convenient to find the location of the parcel on Chinese sites. Each service has its own site where you can enter the tracking number and get full information about the state of the goods.

Transit statuses

On its official website,tracking of parcels "Post of Russia". From China, as well as from any other country, it's quite easy to track the departure. You just need to enter on the site an individual set of numbers and letters in a special field. Let's consider the basic states of shipments:

  • Collection - this status indicates that the package has arrived in the mail service.
  • Opening - the package was delivered to the point of contact, for further transit.
  • Dispatching - is preparing for export.
  • Departure from outward office of exchange - the parcel is processed and sent to the destination.

Further transit statuses completely describethe location of the parcel. But many recipients scare only four letters: NULL. These letters at the beginning of the status have caused hundreds of questions. But do not be scared. NULL just means that the name of the operation does not have a translation into English.

Delivery terms

After the order on the site has been issued and paid for, the user asks the question: how much does the parcel from China to Russia fly? Here everything depends on the postal service.

Almost eighty percent of all parcels from Chinasend by China Air Post. Because of the heavy workload, the parcels go to Russia for a very long time. More than seventy percent of all parcels come in one month. One and a half to two months, twenty percent of parcels go. All the rest - for three months. However, it also happens that a small package can come even after five months. The lost parcel is and continues its way to the recipient.

One of the fastest and cheapest shipping methods from China is the Hong Hong Post. It is loaded least of all. Almost all the goods reach one month.

EMS will deliver any goods for two weeks. However, there is one disadvantage - this is paid delivery.

sending parcels from China to Russia

DHL is one of the fastest and most expensivedelivery methods. It is usually used when sending valuable goods: phones, laptops and other equipment. But recently the service often has customs problems.

Solving the question of how to send a parcel fromChina to Russia and get it in the shortest possible time, it is important to consider the time. As well as at all post services, in China there are periods when the post works on a limit of the opportunities: national holidays and New Year's Eve. At this time sending a parcel from China to Russia will be problematic. Excessive workload significantly increases the delivery time.

By sending or waiting for a parcel from China, it is importantremember that sometimes even goods with a tracking number can get lost and not arrive at the appointed time. If this package was purchased in online stores such as "AliExpress" and "Ibei", then you can open a dispute and return some money or the entire amount.

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