Xiaomi Phone: Authentication and Basic Nuances


Serious competition unfolded in Chinesemarket smartphones. If a little earlier the main purpose of counterfeiting was venerable Apple, Samsung or Sony, recently more and more often copies of such companies as Lenovo and Xiaomi are emerging in this market.

xiaomi authentication

Checking the Xiaomi phone for authenticity is not like thatand a simple procedure, especially since the domestic user is little familiar with the design and other distinctive features of the gadget. Sometimes a fairly well-executed logo on a copy and a trusting consumer who has not seen the desired object live will be led to the tricks of scammers.

Let's try to figure out what parameters (for Xiaomi) authentication takes place, and how to protect yourself from buying a substandard copy.

Back panel

You can distinguish a copy from the original usingthe rear cover. In the original version of "Xiaomi" it is made of high-quality plastic in matte design, while forgery, as a rule, with cheap gloss, immediately striking.

Sticker on Xiaomi camera

Authentication can be carried out byThe presence of a branded sticker in the field of the lens. The transport film is made of opaque fiber and fits snugly to the lens. The method is suitable, if you buy a gadget in the store, for the option of buying from a hand, alas, does not work, since the stickers are most probably no longer.

SIM card tray

The original Xiaomi gadget (authentication,for example, model Mi4) the slot for the sim card has slightly lateral, the color of the tray coincides with the color of the case, and the face does not protrude over the end surface of the device.

xiaomi authentication by imei

In addition, the smartphone does not support two SIM cards, so if you are told about a "novelty" with two slots - do not believe it, you have a fake.


Xiaomi devices authentication can beexecuted when the firmware was updated: if the original is in front of you, the new version of the operating system will boot without problems, while the copy simply will not be able to update and even connect to the company's servers.


Original gadgets "Xiaomi" work onplatform "Android" with the proprietary shell MIUI. If your device has a bare OS, even if it's Android, then it's a fake. There are some nuances here: especially talented hackers are able to equip a copy with the original interface, so it's not out of place to check the gadget on the remaining items.

Original Xiaomi: authentication by IMEI

By analogy with Apple products, you cancheck out the gadgets "Xiaomi". On the official website of the manufacturer there is a special section where after entering the IMEI value you will be given information about the authenticity of the product.

xiaomi phone check for authenticity

The only problem that complicates the verification is Chinese characters. If the introduction of the number is more or less clear, then Captcha enter in Chinese - this is a problem.

Scratch code

On the original packaging "Xiaomi" is always possiblefind a sticker with a protective layer. Under it there is a scratch code, which just allows you to distinguish a fake from the original. After the protective layer has been removed, it is necessary to enter a code of twenty characters on the official website of Xiaomi (similar to the IMEI check). If the code is not accepted, then you have a fake.

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