PWM controller - innovation in circuitry


The development of electronic devices goes on severaldirections: reduction of dimensions, improvement of the technology of their manufacture, the emergence of innovative design solutions, etc. All these directions are in good agreement with the target use of equipment in various fields. Over time, circuit solutions and new technologies appear that improve the operational characteristics of electronic equipment. One of these devices can rightly be called a PWM controller. This is a small-sized device, which is mainly used in power supplies of various capacities. It realizes the way of voltage conversion and works perfectly both in various household appliances and in production.

Modern PWM controller has a highspeed and is used, for example, in switching power supplies. The principle of its operation is quite simple, it converts a constant voltage into rectangular pulses of a certain duty cycle and frequency. These pulses control a powerful output module based on transistors. This allows using an uncomplicated circuit to obtain an adjustable voltage source. This is important for electronic equipment, where the dimensions are of fundamental importance. PWM controller allowed to create compact electronic devices: laptops, computers, TVs, etc.

controller tl494
With its help you can implement various circuitsolutions for controlling the speed of the electric drive. Feedback in this case can be carried out on various parameters - current or voltage, which reflect the state of the control object. This can be linear or angular velocity, motor EMF, signal from the temperature sensor, etc. Depending on the situation and the master signal, the PWM controller will increase or decrease the speed of the motor. A good example of the use of this device in production is a frequency converter.

In household appliances, the most commonly usedPWM controller TL494, well established in the work. The chip has a built-in frequency generator. This gives it a certain independence from external signals. One- or two-stroke operation mode allows simultaneous reception of direct and inverse signals at the output, which can be used for further conversion. In general, its work is optimized for use in switching power supplies. The number of inputs / outputs meets the requirements of already developed circuits with its use.

In addition to standard circuits, PWM controllersIntensively used in the design of innovative devices. Some of them, most likely, will soon begin to be applied on an industrial scale. With their help, it is easy to assemble a regulatory scheme that can work in a wide variety of spheres.

With the development of manufacturing technology for thesedevices, we can say that with time, compact high-speed devices that implement the above-described principle of operation will appear. This will allow to develop regulators with good characteristics. Such devices will be able to compete with their analog or digital "rivals" and be used in control circuits of the electric drive.

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