The device gyroskutera: magic or technology?


This compact and eco-friendly mode of transport has becomeis popular already throughout Russia, but the device gyroskutera is not familiar to everyone. Sometimes it seems impossible to ignorant people the very fact of the operation of such a mechanism. After all, when looking at a relatively small board, run by a large man, it really raises the question of how she keeps her balance.


In fact, the whole secret of this transport inequipment gyro - a system widely used in various techniques, for example, smartphones. This device is designed to mark changes in the position of the plane to which it is attached.

In general, the device gyroscope is several nodes:

  • durable plastic housing;
  • central processing unit for information processing;
  • gyroscopic sensors;
  • lithium-ion battery;
  • electric motor (the wheels act as drives);
  • additional elements: display, indicators, etc.

gyroscope device

Gyroskouter: the device and the principle of operation

Transport management is one of the keymoments that determine its functioning. The basis of this mechanism is the gyroscope. It determines the position of the driver and transmits this information to the special panel. That, in turn, ensures the maneuverability of the gadget. So, it's easy enough to tilt to the side - and the board will change the direction of motion.

gyroskouter device and the principle of operation

However, the gyroscope apparatus is such that the sensorshave a very strong sensitivity. Because of this, for many people the process of gadget mastering is almost painful, because in trying to keep the balance they bring the board into motion. Most often it ends in a very painful fall, so it's worth remembering a simple rule: gyroskouter will not leave from under the feet, if the driver is relaxed and does not produce unnecessary gestures.

About advantages and disadvantages

Gyroskuter, the device and principle of operation of whichexclude a sudden failure, in itself is a very convenient transport. It is reliable, has no limitations in terms of operation and is able to develop considerable speed. However, the power supply should be replaced every few years, since lithium-ion batteries can not serve for too long. And, as you know, they are the key to the successful operation of transport, because with a faulty element traveling around the city streets is simply dangerous.

Charger for giroskutera looks similar to the one for a laptop. Therefore, from it increased reliability is also not expected.

charger for gyroscope

Why buy gyroscope

Taking into account the constant increase in the cost of machineryfuel is logical to consider a more economical mode of transport. Electricity at the moment is still the cheapest and most environmentally friendly (whoever that says) option. In addition, the principle of gyroscope device does not imply high energy costs, because the charge quickly fills up and it lasts for a long time.

Pleases gadget and fighters for saving the environmentenvironment. In this transport there is no exhaust system, and the electric motor does not emit any substances to the outside. Although in a polluted metropolis this is not so noticeable, because, despite the deplorable situation on the road, few are ready to give up cars.

principle of gyroscope device

Another advantage that the device givesgiroskutera, are small dimensions of transport. It is believed that it is designed to solve the traffic congestion problem, but so far these are just words. The gadget develops considerable speed and could quite replace cars, however a number of restrictions while does not allow such to occur. For example, the inability to conquer a forest overgrown trail, insufficient tightness of the body, because of which the moisture for the device is fatal, or the absence of winter tires.


So, as it turned out, in the device gyroskuteraThere is nothing magical, except for the presence of sensors that control it. Perhaps, someone will not even turn the language to call this gadget high-tech, but it's still not a reason to refuse to try it in action.

And the advantages of this invention are still great even against the background of all the shortcomings. Gyroscope is really a breakthrough, albeit in the use of long-known technologies.

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