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New products every day more and more. In pursuit of the best device, users have to sort through dozens of models. But they do not have time to do this either, as every month there is another novelty that captures the attention of the audience. So, recently became known the next flagship Xiaomi - Mi Max 2. Reviews primarily concern its main feature.

Size matters

On screens of similar sizes could not think ofstill about 5 years ago. Now smartphones with a diagonal of 5.5 inches have become familiar. Six-inch models are increasingly attracting attention. But the options with a display of 6.44 can still surprise someone.

xiaomi mi max 2 reviews

The first audience was pleased with Sony,releasing his "shovel" Xperia Z Ultra a couple of years ago. After that some manufacturers tried to create models with similar dimensions, but then the buyer was not ready for this.

The company Xiaomi decided to resume this story. Last year, she introduced Mi Max, who was able to find his buyer. There were also the most devoted fans who looked to the future and hoped for future updates.

The manufacturer did not keep itself waiting in thisyear showed the audience an updated Xiaomi Mi Max 2. Reviews give us to understand that there have not been any major changes with the new generation. But some parameters still changed under the influence of time.


The company continues to hide itsnew items in simple boxes. Before us is the usual white box made of quality cardboard. In the middle the orange logo of the manufacturer flaunts. In the upper right corner are the features of the modification: the amount of RAM and internal memory.

Gifts in the box can not be found. Along with the smartphone, there is already a familiar envelope with documentation and a paper clip for removing the tray. Under them, at the bottom of the box, is a charger unit and a USB cable. It works with Qualcomm QC 3.0 technology.

xiaomi mi max 2 64gb reviews

If you buy a phone directly in a Chinese store, you will most likely get a European plug. I'll have to buy an adapter.


It can not be said that reviews about the phone Xiaomi MiMax 2 is often positive. Of course, the device was not perfect. He still aims at the budget segment. But the cost is affected by its huge screen. It occupies the main area of ​​the front panel.

In comparison with the previous model, this looks more compact, because it has selected a wide frame around the screen. As a result, the fact that his diagonal is so big, you can not notice immediately.

In its design, there is nothing outstanding. It is not easy to distinguish it from budget competitors. It is presented in black and gold. In the first variant the device is completely black, in the second - the back panel is gold, and the front panel is white.

The front panel is occupied by a screen with a diagonal of 6.44inch. Above the display placed a talking speaker, front camera and a pair of sensors. Under the screen there is an empty frame on which the illuminated touch control buttons are hidden. There is no mechanical key here.

The back panel is made of matte black plastic. It looks good and generally does not cause any complaints. In the upper left corner there is a double flash and a small "eye" of the main camera.

xiaomi mi max 2 review owners

At the top in the middle were a fingerprint scannerfingers. As usage shows, it is somewhat higher than the comfort level. That is, when you take the phone into your hands, the finger does not immediately fall on the "window" of the scanner. But it works quickly and without errors.

Element base

Details of the case Xiaomi Mi Max 2 reviews of owners have not touched. Most likely, this is due to the fact that all elements have taken their usual places. They are easy to intuitively find and use.

On the left side there is a volume buttonand nutrition. They are made of plastic, have a soft stroke. On the right side there is a combined tray. Here you can install two "sims" or replace one of them with a memory card. Interestingly, one slot is installed nanoSIM, and in the other - microSIM. The solution is incomprehensible, since almost all smartphone models have switched to the use of the smallest SIM card.

The top end was occupied by an additional microphonenoise reduction, headset jack and infrared. The bottom simulates "apple" gadgets. Under one grid the speaker is hidden, under the second - the main microphone. In the middle there was a connector for a Type-C charger.


Since this is a key feature of the model, it is worth taking it out as a separate block. The exploitation of such a giant will be said by the owners of Xiaomi Mi Max 2, our business is to operate with numbers.

As it turned out, the smartphone, despite the seemingcompactness, has become more than its predecessor. Of course, the figures are insignificant, but still in height, he gained an extra millimeter and became 174 mm, its width increased by a tenth - 88.7 mm, and the thickness remained practically the same - 7.6 mm. In weight he added 8 units - 211 grams.

reviews of the phone xiaomi mi max 2

Its dimensions are not the record indicators on the market. There are, for example, Asus ZenFone 3 Ultra, which turned out to be both higher and wider.

But if you look at the difference from the previous newsmodel, the question arises: why does the second version look more compact? It's not easy to answer it. One can only assume that this effect was achieved due to the bevelled edges of the hull.


Despite this feature, not all usersleft positive comments. Xiaomi Mi Max 2 64Gb Black is a very large phone. Some owners and could not get used to its size. Someone was chasing an impressive diagonal, forgetting that it would not be so easy to control such a "monster".

Some did not even benefit from the special function ofreduce the screen. If you slide your finger along the side face along the touch panel, the display conditionally becomes smaller, shifting to the edge. The desktop occupies a third of the screen, the rest of the space is a black background.

The model is difficult to put in a pocket. She hardly finds a place in a small purse. Even in the hand, especially the female, the gadget falls uncertainly. Therefore, the number of buyers who are really satisfied with the dimensions is small.


As you know, you get used to the big screen quickly. Do you often use seven-inch tablets? Literally a couple of days you begin to notice that the screen could be and more. The same story happens with the smartphone Xiaomi Mi Max 2 64Gb.

The feedback screen got good. Firstly, a big role is played by a diagonal, on which it is very comfortable to watch videos, play games or just read. Secondly, this screen is quite enough resolution of 1920x1080 pixels. With this indicator, the value of ppi 342 is average, but it does its job.

xiaomi mi max 2 camera reviews

Thirdly, the phone has an IPS matrix. And this means that the picture has good colors, saturation and brightness. Protective glass Gorilla Glass 4 - the best choice for such a display. Do not forget the manufacturer about the oleophobic coating and a variety of technologies for the screen.

If we compare this novelty with its predecessor,it is noticeable that the display has practically not changed. He has mediocre viewing angles that distort colors when tilted. If you turn the phone to the left, the tints fade, to the right - they become pale.

On the other hand, if there was an ideal screen with such a diagonal, the cost would be at least twice as high.

Pleased users with a margin of brightness. Its here is enough for outdoor use on a sunny day. It is visually noticeable that the colors are slightly "burned out". But you can easily see who is calling and read the message.


While reviewing the Xiaomi Mi Max 2 64Gb, you meet different reviews. And with some you can immediately agree, with others - it's easy to argue. So, many different responses were collected by the "shell" of the smartphone.

On sale it came on the basis of Android 7.1.1 is definitely a plus. Most of last year's models are still working on the "six" or "five". Processed OS by the proprietary "shell" MIUI 8.0. This is also cool, but there are several but.

  1. It is noticeable that the proprietary software is a bit buggy. It can not be said that it directly brakes, but fans of the "smoothness" of the system will definitely not like it.

  2. There were questions to notifications. Part, but you just miss it. With what it is connected, it is not clear, but the Chinese are a big problem.

  3. Obviously, MIUI 8.0 is "nedopilena" to the end. It looks "raw". But there are hopes that the next update will fix all bugs and the situation will change.


Another reason for endless disputes is the "stuffing" of Xiaomi Mi Max 2 64Gb. She received two opinions because she could not please everyone.

xiaomi mi max 2 64gb reviews review

The processor for this model was QualcommSnapdragon 625. Experienced users understand that this is not the 800th series, but it has proven itself perfectly. The chipset operates at a frequency of 2 GHz on eight cores.

The graphics adapter was Adreno 506 - another performance champion. All together looks good: it works stably, without any glitches, but shows average performance.

This is especially noticeable if one looks attesting of the flagships, which in Antutu show values ​​exceeding 120 thousand. The hero of the review gives a stable 63 thousand points, and this is quite enough for everyday use.

"Operativka" smartphone Xiaomi Mi Max 2 reviewsreceived good. No one now will give up 4 GB of RAM. Time 1 and even 2 GB already passes, and 3-4 GB gain popularity. Therefore, for this manufacturer a huge plus.

The internal memory is 64 GB, and this is also enougheven in order to throw a couple of movies on the phone and watch them on the road. Not to mention the fact that there will be plenty of room for photos and documents.

Photo / video

But the camera Xiaomi Mi Max 2 reviews received onsurprise is good. Of course, it was foolish to hope that a budget smartphone, and even with such dimensions, will be equipped with high-quality modules. But it was not all so deplorable.

Usually, Chinese manufacturers pay little attention to lenses. Unless, of course, they want to create another camera phone. But this time, surprisingly, it turned out very well.

The main module is equipped with a 12 megapixel resolution and a f / 2.2 aperture. The front camera takes good pictures with 5 megapixels.

In daylight, there is nofind fault. Good saturated bright colors, without overexposures and other nonsense. At dusk and at night, the module copes worse. But still "does not lose face" and shows good results.

xiaomi mi max 2 64gb black reviews

Shooting video Xiaomi Mi Max 2 64Gb Gold reviewsgot different. Someone was unspeakably happy that the videos can be shot in 4K resolution. Someone was hooked at the lack of stabilization. In general, the videos are obtained as usual. They are unlikely to be drawn to be uploaded to the YouTube channel, but they will fit for the family archive.


With autonomous work, the model is doing well. Such a large screen just needed a weighty battery. Therefore, it was equipped with a 5300 mAh battery. If you recall the predecessor, there is a noticeable increase in the capacity of the battery, and this can not but rejoice.

Together with support for QC 3.0 The battery can live for a long time and can be quickly charged. According to the announced figures from the manufacturer it is clear that the phone can play video 12 hours in a row without recharging. You can search for something 8 hours on the Internet or play for 7 hours with maximum brightness.

Smartphone quietly lives a couple of days of moderateuse. And this is one of the main advantages for which Xiaomi Mi Max 2 reviews got good. It was also pleasant that the device can lose only 3-4% per night.

I learned a novelty and independently charge other devices with the right wire.


The model is equipped with all the necessary modules forwireless communication. Speaking of frequencies, the smartphone supports LTE FDD and TDD LTE. In a city the mobile Internet perfectly consults and shows good speed. But all, of course, depends on the operator.

xiaomi mi max 2 64gb gold reviews

There is support for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.2. In addition, there are options for Wi-Fi Display and Wi-Fi Direct, you can configure the access point yourself. For some, the lack of NFC turned out to be sad.

Implemented the navigation module. He works quickly and finds satellites in the first seconds. There is a built-in magnetic compass.

The Smart Dial application is installed for communication. When dialing a phone number, it searches for contacts by first letters. You can customize the sorting and display of subscribers.

In the rest everything remained native from the Android OS. You can send one of the numbers to the black list. It's easy to record a conversation. Vibration is not very loud, so you can not hear it in your bag. Conversational speaker produces a good sound. The voice of the interlocutor is not distorted.

Reviews Xiaomi Mi Max 2 64Gb in terms of interface andexploitation was good. None of the owners had problems with moving around the system. Just save the numbers and enter them. An understandable application for typing messages.


And finally, the general impression of the owners. By the autumn of 2017, the model can be found in stores. It is sold for 20 thousand rubles. In this case, you will have a version with 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of internal memory. If you order a smartphone from China, you can grab a discount, and in Asia it is still cheaper. You can save up to 5 thousand rubles.

The most important "chip" was the Xiaomi Mi Max 2 screen. He received the best reviews. Those who understood what dimensions would be with such a diagonal were not disappointed. Of course, there have been cases when, at the time of purchase, the user sees the display and understands its dimensions. But after a couple of weeks of operation, the device returns.

Unfortunately, such models are doomed to criticism from fans of compact smartphones. But in any case, even such a giant will find its buyer.

On the Internet you can find many reviews of XiaomiMi Max 2 Black. Reviews still give a clearer picture. Most of them are subjective, but they can still be very useful for a potential buyer.

On them you can understand that the novelty works witha good battery. If a modern device with such a diagonal can withstand two days, then this is a huge plus. Pleased with the presence of fast charging. This is especially important for a phone with such a volume of battery.

smartphone xiaomi mi max 2 64gb reviews

Noted users and a good camera. This is another reason why you can pay attention to the smartphone. It can be seen that the manufacturer did not abandon this element. Of course, you hardly get photo masterpieces, but you are guaranteed excellent pictures for social networks.

On the iron, too, did not begin to save. The owners managed to install any game and enjoy the maximum graphics settings. In addition to entertainment, there are many useful working tools. What is missing, everything can be installed from the application store.

Thanks to 4 GB of RAM, you can not be afraid that some data will be lost due to the fact that you turned off the software. The device tries to save as much as possible all important information.

It will be enough for everyone and 64 GB. 32 GB is considered universal, and the doubled storage will be all the more appealing to everyone. Here you can download the season of your favorite series, save photos from travel and download your favorite music.

If you are the owner of Xiaomi Mi Max, then update yourthe device for a new one does not make any sense. Perhaps it is better to wait for subsequent modifications. But if you just look closely at the models of tablets, then for this cost you will get an excellent device.

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