Description of the service "Megaphone" "Personnel control"


More and more employers arethe question of how effectively their employees are coping with the tasks that are assigned to them, and how they use working time. To track activities, many systems and databases have been developed. However, what if the work of the organization is directly related to traveling? How to track, in time whether the employee provided a service or delivered goods to a specific client? With the service "Megaphone" "Personnel control" you can control the movement of an employee, a particular vehicle, fuel consumption, achieving specified goals (for example, visiting a client at a specific address). In this article, we will give a more detailed description of this service, as well as tariffication and terms of use.

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Who can benefit from Megafon's "Personnel Control" service?

Under the terms of this option, activate itcan only corporate customers. Thus, among those who may be interested in such a proposal are: logistics companies, delivery services, organizations that carry out transportation, taxis and other institutions whose work activities are somehow connected with displacements.

Features Overview

"Personnel control" service "Megaphone" assumes the following possibilities:

  • Informing about the location of the subordinate(the transfer of information can occur according to a specified schedule, at regular intervals, at the user's request, in online mode - you can configure the appropriate option through the web interface of this service or a specially developed application).
  • Forming and sending messages to employees via the Internet (it is possible to send a group mailing or a personal message).
  • Monitoring of staff time (the history of movement of personnel is recorded in the corresponding log and can be viewed at the request of the user).
  • View the location of the vehicle with the ability to read information from fuel sensors, identify the route.
  • Providing remote assistance to employees in the search for the object of delivery / arrival on the map.

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A number of additional parameters are also available: location of the customer, dispatch of notifications about the achievement by a particular employee of the established point on the map, etc.

How is the connection made?

As mentioned earlier, the option "Megaphone""Personnel control" is provided only to corporate clients. Activate it can be through a special resource of the mobile operator - a corporate portal. Here you need to find the service "Personnel Control" and purchase it. As for the financial terms of the option, they are:

  • Activation of the service is not charged (regardless of the number of connections).
  • The daily payment is two rubles, withprovided that "follow" will be needed only for one employee (for each subsequent person will have to pay two additional rubles). Thus, if you need to track the movements of 7 people, then the subscription fee is 14 rubles per day. Tariffication of the location of the vehicle is carried out separately - at a rate of 13 rubles per one vehicle per day.
  • The installed subscription fee includes twofree request to determine the position of the employee on the card (all subsequent requests will be paid, with more than that, the less you will have to pay).

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Additional conditions

When the service is activated, the cellular operatorconnection provides a test period - 5 days, during which you can use the service without paying for it, etc., the option of the option "Megaphone" "Control personnel." Instructions for users are also provided by the operator after the activation of the service and contains all the necessary moments that the user needs to know, a combination of requests, links to the resource through which the service is available. Additional information is also present on the portal through which the option is controlled.

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"Personnel control" service "Megafon": reviews

Before using a certain service,subscribers are often interested in reviews of those people who have already managed to assess its capabilities, identify advantages and disadvantages. As for the feedback on the option of the company "Megaphone" "Personnel control", they are quite contradictory. Some clients point out the uselessness of this service in the part that the existing error in locating is quite impressive, which means: it is impossible to understand 100% that the object has reached its goal. Also, it is ineffective if employees have to travel outside the city limits. Since the location is determined through the base stations, the fewer of them are installed, the greater the error is formed. Within the boundaries of a large, densely populated city, this problem is for the most part absent.

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