What is the difference between Android and smartphone? We understand in terms!


Ordinary users choose their phone based onfrom what's on display in the shop window. Often, studying a smartphone is limited to viewing the interface and music player - the buyers do not have a great knowledge of the technical characteristics of the purchased product. Let's increase the level of our own literacy and learn more about what Android is different from the smartphone and about the incorrectness of the statement of this issue.

Great diversity

what is different android from the smartphone
A smartphone is a cross between a mobile phone and a personal computer. For each of these devices installed operating system (OS). It can be:

  • Open webOS;
  • Windows Phone;
  • Android
  • Apple iOS.

The type of operating system is the definingfactor in considering what is different from Android smartphone. To understand how wrong the question is, let's look at the types of operating systems. They affect the functions that the smartphone can support.

Open webOS

This operating system is the very first one used on smartphones. Now it is more and more rare.

Windows Phone (WP)

smartphones based on android
This MOS came out in 2010 under the leadership ofcompany Microsoft. The system also works on the basis of the "multitouch" function. Its distinctive feature is Hubs. These are sections that combine common themes (games, contacts, the Internet and others). Static icons look like "live" tiles. They reflect information about the status of each section.

Apple iOS

This type of mobile OS can be installedexclusively for Apple products. The screen and the interface of devices work on the basis of the function "multitouch" (simultaneous work with 1-3 points of contact). Applications can be installed on iOS in IPA format.


cheapest smartphone on android
Let us return to the question of what is differentAndroid from the smartphone. Android and iOS are the most popular in the world. The first version of this OS was launched in 2008. Subsequently, developers only improved the products of Android. Now this system is on many products of digital technology (game consoles, wristwatches, tablets and smartphones). Smartphones based on Android have the following advantages:

  • have open source software;
  • support multitasking and multi-user mode;
  • widely available and relatively cheap compared to Apple products;
  • surprise with a bright and convenient interface;
  • support Wi-Fi, file transfer over the Internet, USB, Bluetooth.

The main drawback of mobile devices running on Android OS is an uneconomic battery.

Android or Open webOS

Having dealt with the formulation of the question of whatdifferent Android from the smartphone, find out which OS is better: Android or Open webOS? Of course, give preference to the first option, because the corporation Google is one of the first positions in the world market. Its products meet absolutely all modern requirements for mobile devices. The cheapest smartphone on Android is Alcatel One Touch Pixi 4007D. Its price is only 1990 rubles.

Instead of concluding

It is customary to think that Apple's products are better and more prestigious. However, recently there has been a trend towards an increase in users of the Android OS.

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