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Aerospace forces (in the reduction of VCS)are a new type of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, since they were formed in 2015. Soon there will be a year, as they began to perform their tasks. After the first August of the year, the president issued a decree on the entry into force of the VKS.

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VCS is a structure formed as a result ofthe unification of the air and space forces of our country, and therefore the history of their emergence consists of several different stages. It is worth first to talk about space units.

It started still in the middle of the last century. The first parts, which were involved in the management and launch of spacecraft, appeared in Russia in 1955. Then, in 1957, the so-called Command and Measurement Complex was created to control space vehicles. And in 1961, as is well known, the launch of the world's first space manned spacecraft Vostok was launched. Then organized and managed this activity CUCOS, that is, the Central Office of Space Facilities. In 1992, the VCS did this. But not the aerospace forces, but the military. But the abbreviation was the same as it is now.

aerospace force of russia

Air Force

The Air Force has existed since 1912. Their structure includes not only aviation, but also radio-technical, surface-to-air missile, reconnaissance, engineering, aeronautical and many other troops.

In the 30s, the Air Force developed very rapidly. Russian aviation was directly involved in the Soviet-Finnish war, which took place in 1939. Then more than one hundred thousand sorties were conducted. Losses amounted to 627 aircraft. Most of them were shot down, some were lost during disasters or accidents. Many have received such damage, because of which it was simply not possible to return the machines to service. 14 percent of the aircraft went missing.

aerospace force of the Russian Federation

Creation of VCS

As it was already possible to understand, both space, andair forces are connected with the same environment, and therefore the reasons for their unification are quite clear. Sergey Shoigu, who is the Minister of Defense of our country, also spoke about this. He argued that if the aerospace forces were organized, it would be possible to improve the overall defense system of the state. First, the responsibility for the formation of both military and technical policies will be concentrated in one hand. Secondly, by combining several structures together, it will be possible to significantly increase their effectiveness. And, thanks to all of the above, the aerospace forces will develop more dynamically. So the prerequisites are quite clear and logical.

Interestingly, less than two months have passed sincethe moment the VCS was created, as the troops of the new structure had already been sent to Syria for a military operation. It was the last day of September 2015. Not only ground-attack planes and bombers took part in the operation, but also strategic planes.

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The air and space forces of Russia carry outvery important activity. One of the main tasks is to detect the launches of ballistic missiles and the enemy's planned attack. The Russian aerospace forces should notify the highest levels of government about this.

They can also hit the enemy's ballistic missile headers if it intends to attack an important state facility and provide protection to control points.

More peaceful tasks include the implementation oflaunches of aircraft and satellites into orbits. Still, the structures of the VKS are obliged to ensure that Russia is not threatened by the threat emanating from air and outer space.

One more task is carried out by a new kindarmed forces. Aerospace structures are obliged to maintain all equipment in full readiness, so that at any time in case of the threat of its launch and use in action.

 creation of aerospace forces


The air and space forces of the Russian Federation have a verybranched structure and a considerable range of tasks, which they are obliged to fulfill. This could already be understood from the above. And the management staff, respectively, is also big. The commander-in-chief of the VKS is Colonel General Bondarev Viktor Nikolaevich. About him will be discussed in more detail a little later.

The chief staff is commanded by the First DeputyViktor Nikolaevich - Lieutenant General Kurachenko Pavel Pavlovich. Dronov Sergey Vladimirovich is the same. He is the second deputy commander in chief of the VKS. Strictly speaking, the entire command structure, which has aerospace forces of the Russian Federation - is a lieutenant-general, there are no other ranks. In the composition not yet listed, Yudin AV, Gumenny VV and Golovko AV also enter.

Head of structure

So, now it is more worthwhile to tell aboutVictor Nikolayevich Bondarev. He is the chief commander of the Aerospace Forces. Was born in 1959, on December, 7th, in the Voronezh area. Since 2012 he was the commander-in-chief of the Air Force. After the creation of aerospace forces was implemented, Vladimir Putin appointed the colonel-general the head of the new structure. On March 16 of this year, the President of the Russian Federation awarded VN Bondarev with the Combat Flag Flag.

It is worth noting that in 2000 VictorNikolayevich was awarded the title of Hero of the Russian Federation. Bondarev is also a participant in the first and second Chechen wars. He carried out more than 400 sorties. Also it must be said that Bondarev is a deserved military pilot of Russia and has the qualification of a sniper pilot.

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What is the future

It can be stated with certainty that the structure of the VCSwill develop in Russia and beyond. Now there are several specialized educational institutions, where you can get the appropriate specialty. They are in Voronezh, St. Petersburg, Krasnodar, Yaroslavl and Tver. In 2017, it is planned to open a presidential school (in the Russian capital). Certainly educational institutions of this direction will also be established in other places of our state.

And, of course, for different Russian citiesThere are training units where conscripts are sent to serve in the army, from there they are transferred to combat. Previously, all parts belonged to the Air Force, but after 2015 they, of course, renamed.

By the way, VKS is a kind of troops in whichrecruits will not only have a lot of training and exercise, in these parts, you still need to exercise mental activity. After all, everything is connected with aircraft and other devices. Therefore, once in the VCS, the recruit should be ready to learn a lot of very important and necessary material.

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